Moving through the Spheres of Life.


The life we were given, and born into has somewhat got it's map. We are able to guide ourselves on the map, but take necessary turns and veering off when we wish. This often can lead us toward surprises and new beginnings. It is about taking a chance, and listening to your inner child, guardian angel, the devil, the divine spirit within, or just simple adventure. It is here where we learn and experience the unknown. It is also here where growth develops.

My journeys in life were rather predictable when I was running Eastern Accent – the store and then into Matsu. Each day was a delight, but still within a realm of what was occurring in that time span. Upon closing the store, so much weight was lifted from my shoulders, my heart and mind. More weight than I care to discuss in my blog journey, but trust me- it was still rather frightening. Not really having a plan in place, I had to find a way to welcome this period and surrender to the process that seeds were silently growing.


This was a time in my life that I had to completely turn it all over to the heavens, and just surrender. The period betwix and between closing doors and then waiting for others open, was the most difficult time of my life. It was like mourning the loss of something that you created from birth. That run was complete and done, though. No looking back. Just kept on placing one foot in front of the other. Self employment always keeps you alert and on your toes. Seeking opportunities and being steadfast in doing so, built stamina, life experience and knowledge. Searching for the tools in order to cope was frustrating at the time- but in retrospect, truly a place where I grew. Inspiration was medicine for me. 


Cooking, painting, yoga and traveling helped aid the weaknesses I felt during these months. My body collapsed, my mental state was week and simple frustration were delt with more often than I care to admit.

I practiced using the tools above to keep my heart out of the dark, and sometimes more ease with it than at other times, I just kept on placing one foot in front of another. Interesting products, designing and creating more Nymph pieces and lots of reading helped. Marketing and sales at Eastern Accent International gave me a voice , as does writing on my blog.

The company run by Masayuki Muramatsu is something that I am most familiar with, but my goal was to elevate it to the next level. Reaching more clientele on a National level was my personal challenge. I loved it. Now working on upgrading the website; we will be able to expand the audience. This will be my on going project and   We will be adding  new products,company profile and FaceBook Page.  One concern is that Eastern Accent International is for the trade- and  our goal and  wish is for  all of you to have access to these wonderfully edited and carefully chosen exquisite goods  that  have been imported.  ÉoÅ[ÉfÉBÅ[ÉyÅ[ÉpÅ[ÉiÉCÉtÅQ1


Birdie Paper knife is a sculpture for the desk top and also is a functional letter opener. Encourage the loosing art of writing as communication. This was the designer's mission in creating it. It also comes in Silver. $110. The colored variety are of plastic and are $12. each.     OR just contact me!

Life has taken a turn, and now that the sun is finally shining and the month of May has had it's nurturing from Mother Nature, the foliage is lush and green. The flowers are blooming. The birth of Spring is here.

Inspiration comes in all forms, and recognizing it is key. Brimfield is one place that I go to in search of something odd, something old, history and fun. This is inspiration. The item, the colors, the tones… one just never knows what lurks around the corner! IMG_2148

I found this item above. It has life.. to me. Time goes by. The photo below, I fell in love with, due to the saturated tones and the hand made feel of these yarns. I really love them. I see a sweater, fashion and then realized how much I honestly do miss what I did for 31 years. Retail. Inspiring people in their lives and the way they dress. First let's look at the tones here in these hand made yarns. IMG_2117 The one other thing I must show you is a before photo of the bone. As you can see, I am swinging myself towards jewels, clothing and accessories here, and about to make an announcement- if I could stop expressing long enough! Look at this pile of bone from Ethiopia ! Soon to be in the Nymph Collection.IMG_2132

Consequent to my retail absence and new developments during the aftermath of closing Matsu.. my creative mind led me back to do what I love the most… and that involves all of you. I am now styling the best way I know how- at Neiman Marcus, Boston. We can all play together again!

 I share with you, the excitement and fresh discovery of this  community of fashion, ready to wear, Couture, home accessories, mens , and a most vast variety of shoe collections ever.  

The jewelry department is beyond exquisite.-  We get to play and covet, sell and consume these gorgeous wares through out the entire store. Let's face it. I have a lot to learn. Understanding the nature of the beast, each secret that lies within each department I yearn to learn all about !

Come play… On your way to lunch, or home or just play hookie!

I look forward to seeing you at Neimans, Copley.

Yours in joy,



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  1. Dava, your photos are exquisite! I am so excited for you and your new journey, you sound so content and peaceful.

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