Morning after the full moon .July 16. Things I love, see and read

Good morning !

It is now the midpoint through July ! The moon last night was huge and orange ! What a feast through the eyes right down to the soul.

I spent the day in Brimfield, Ma. The Antique Fair was stimulating as usual. It was difficult at first. Why ? you ask ? because I went into it with expectations of searching for the " new product" for my life, /Matsu.

Once i dropped the expectation I was able to really be open to what was being offered around me.   These glorious antique bottles below simply sang to me. They reminded me of the  keys on a piano.. All perfectly lined up, yet with history. The hues of the bottles were so pretty. I didn't buy any, because I have been down this road before and stocked them at Matsu. I am not really a fan of repeat merchandise. At least not in this case. IMG_6440
 I I am strolling along, and then see the collection of porcelain hands all standing as though they were saluting, and I suppose they were ! They attracted my attention. If I didn't already own some of these porcelain hand forms, I would definately have purchased a few. I tried to use them for jewelry displays, years ago and somehow they just weren't conducive to that notion.  They were too "stiff "  to my eye. Here, however I delight in looking at them. IMG_6447

What a glorious day in Brimfield. The weather was crystal clear and a joy to be walking around searching for a discovery. IMG_6448

This photo just blows me away. I found a shopping cart filled with these porcelain "body parts". Erie, creepy and cool. I don't know why but I was fascinated with this pile of porcelain. We both know these are forms used for dolls. But, it sort of looks like something out of a horror flick. I suppose the head could be a vase, providing the bottom sealed.. ? just a thought.  I am now strolling some what towards the endless rows of glorified junk.   IMG_6450

I KNOW , you say what's the big deal ? Well honestly, these old very rusted decorative sheets of metal where beautiful . You could feel age, and history here. It takes years to achieve this tone, and quite honestly, the depth of it just really turned me on ! IMG_6453

 Here, we have what I consider to be an array of shapes all speaking to me in the tone of VINTAGE green. What are they ?  A pile of fences stacked up against weathered barn wood, and in the foreground is the tip of a cross that may have come from the outside of a church or religious structure. It has a beautiful patina finish, which replicates the colors of the gutters in Back Bay that have aged with time and weather. Just look up at a building and really pay attention to the details that we often neglect to notice on a daily bases.

This green for some reason just really resonates with my eyes, and my heart. ( of course green is the color of the heart Chakra ).. I find stones for my jewelry and just knew I had to use them in my collection. It feels like an antique coming into modern day fruition.  Sort of like digging up an old tomb, and the sense of being transported into another era, is something that I feel is achieved each time I complete a piece of Nymph. Look at the pieces below !  IMG_6418

 This 5 strand amazonite/gold necklace reminds me of Egypt. Old world. Beautifully carved amazonite pieces. nearly looking as though they were put together like a puzzle ! This stone is known to have a balancing effect on en's moods, and with it bringing calm. It encourages self~determination.  The color green comes from the copper present in the stone. IMG_6078

This is another piece I created. Rather heavy to the eye, and also on the neck, but for the right person ? it brings the sense of ancient time. The little antique silver "bells" add another dimension to this beautifully honed necklace. The citrine drop brings the energy of the sun to this amazonite necklace . Both pieces are at Matsu now. They both feel very old to me, and I consider the tone to echo the feeling of ancient times. Egypt, Rome, who knows.  

I count the days right now as I realize my scheduled trip to the West Coast comes closer.

I will visit my daughter and get a taste of the other side of the US. I have not been in Los Angeles in about 17 years. This ought to be of interest. I am excited to see Aya in her newly formed environment, scout retail stores and see what just goes on out there.. For my trip, I purchased some reading material.  It is no coincidence the book that jumped out is nothing more than ???

I am about to read the story about the life of the Queen. I can tell you that she married twice, both times to her brothers. Had children from other married men, and love jewels…… What a trip this will be !

I hope to see you all soon at Matsu, and also hope you enjoy this blog post.

You will hear from me as soon as I return from the City of Angels….

Until then, I remain

Yours in joy,


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