Memorial Day Weekend May 2011 bringing inner Peace

Hi folks !  What on earth do I do with myself with this day. ? Working practically 7 days a week, all of a sudden I was able to schedule myself off.  Now what ? This 2 day weekend is a gift.

I am sitting in Sudbury right now with the day wide open, yet  I can't move. This has nothing to do with lack of motivation. It has to do with simply savoring the day and being. Not doing. Of course, it is still early, but I feel that I have been handed a treasure.  The next wonderful thing is the clouds. A natural removal of the pressure that the sunshine brings about. Mother nature knows. She balances us out. I am sitting here, writing and sharing as a strong scent moves through the screens, delivered by the wind. Above you will see a Korean Lilac bush. The perfume essence of these flowers are more potent than that of the lilacs that bloom prior to this species. Photo-10

  Talk about intensity !!! The drama of the size, of the peony the color, of it and the command it states for attention is incredible. I hand held the beauties and placed them inside the Lilacs. Their opposition created such a statement ! Gorgeous ! Then as they fade, each and every pedal drops to the ground. I have actually scooped them up, and placed the delicate petals in an earthy japanese bowl, and watch the next stage of their life, as they dry up. They become deeper and more saturated in color.  Photo-11

And what do we have here ?  Those that have been following my Face Book posts know exactly what they are. At this point, since I feel so personally attached to these little guys, I nearly want to say.. Who do we have here ??? These are the 4 little creatures, kisses of nature that have hatched right outside my kitchen window, in a bush that stands about as tall as me. The nest was embedded in it. There were 5 unnatural looking Robin's eggs to begin. The succession of their birth and hatching process was posted each day. 

Right now, they look like little mounds of feathers. Their mouths are open ,waiting for Mom and Dad to bring food. I watch it. I feel like I had them !… practically. This is all symbolic with life at this time of year. In my case, the re birth of Matsu, in it's new location also.  I think the mother knows I am taking pictures… no, really ! I even told her that her kids were featured on Face Book….. Just kidding. IF I can capture their new adventure in learning to fly, I will be so grateful. I hate being away from my home just because I fear of missing a stage of their lives that otherwise may not be covered by my lens. I was told that often, Robins re nest in the same location. It is not un common. 

At this point I would start to incorporate fashion, normally. But I am on holiday today, and leave this post to nature.. I will share with you, that my daughter… you remember her,  Speaking to my Heart post a while back, is also getting ready to fly. She has made a decision to "taste" the West Coast. We ( her Dad and I )feel compelled to let her go, and watch her grow. We planted all the seeds, watered them, gave them food. Taught her everything we could. There comes a time when the " caterpillar"becomes a butterfly, and her natural metamorphosis  is up to the universe, and her own mind, body and soul. I may be taking this rather lightly right now, one could observe.. but the countdown begins, and she and her Dad will travel by car out West within a few weeks. Let's see how I am weathering this morph then, right ??? Hopefully I will be grounded and realistic.; shedding only a tear or two, and knowing she is an extension of us out there in the world. Just more love to share and spread around.

Aya has begun her own blog journey. She asked me to share it with all of my readers. I invite you to do so.   There you have it.

Time for me to move along on this beautifully peaceful day. Enjoy it !  Happy Memorial Day !

Yours in joy,


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