March; my heart connection. Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon

To me, March will always be special. I gave birth to Aya on the 7th of this wintery – spring like month back in 1991. A little Piscean child was born into this world. The intuition of the Pisces born is highly evolved. I always thought she was born at the age of 5, or considered that she was simply born with a mature soul. No coincidence. Selfless, fluid, easy going.  Pisces born alternate between yin and yang and are  mutable, compassionate and introspective. This is Aya to a T. My heart connection.  Such a peaceful baby. I was so lucky. She has taught me patience and calm. And here I reflect the many stages of happiness, tears and joy that we have endured with her. Through photos I share a visual.

photo-3Many people feel January and March are unnecessary, but you see every month has a purpose. This one being the last of the Zodiac cycle; harmonizing all characteristics of the months prior. This one slowly burning a bright light, lasting longer day by day. This one holding a glimpse of optimistic hope as we anxiously await the first Robin sighting and long awaited excitement at the thought of the first burst of life emerging from the frozen ground. A Crocus perhaps.

March is known for it’s swinging moods with  varying degrees of temperature and weather itself.”Beware the Ides of March”also comes to mind, a slight flashback to my history class. Poor Caesar. Too bad he wasn’t wearing Aquamarine. He could have been better protected! The birthstone of this mutable water sign is Aquamarine. Derived from the Latin word seawater. ( Aqua marina) Aqua is a combination of blue with a little yellow in it. It radiates peace, calm and tranquility. This is a color that recharges our spirits during times of mental stress. The color Aqua calms the nervous system and builds confidence. It heightens the levels of creativity and sensitivity as well. Aqua heightens our ability to open the door to spiritual growth. Below you will see some of the rarest stones of Aquamarine. The gemstones below; courtesy Nymph Jewels on Etsy. The photo of the sea; courtesy of Siesta Key’s famous beach in Sarasota. The necklaces are for sale and available for immediate ship.

photo 1-3


Aqua is the stone of courage. It soothes, calms and helps to alleviate fears. It is a natural form of anxiety release and also combats depression.It harmonizes its surrounding and protects against pollutants. In ancient times it was believed to contract the forces of darkness and acquire favor from the spirits of light. It was a talisman carried by sailors to protect against drowning. This stone gives support and encouragement to anyone overwhelmed by responsibility. It clears blocked communication as it promotes self-expression. Spiritually, Aquamarine sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance.

Wearing these stones, or living with the colors and tones on your walls, either way; presents a happy, friendly atmosphere and ease in communicating thoughts. It is wonderful to wear, soothing to stare at as in the ocean.  Nymph Jewlery and the gemstones simply heal and feel good.  You can see varying tones of the stones in the photos I shot and am providing here. The loose stones in the upper right are watery. The necklace directly below it is deep in color with a bit of variation and has vintage silver charms. The last necklace is matte aquamarine glowing in the sunlight. To the left, is a little humor, but for those that know me- know how much I love wearing tu tus of all lengths, and in many many colors. Some of them are straight from a Parisian Ballet Shoppe, others are vintage that I found here in the US, many of them are designed by Lilith, and the rest remain a mystery since I have been collecting them for many many years. Those who have never had one on seriously wonder; dare they ask me why?  They are liberating, enchanting, bringing out the inner child that never had one at the age of 3, I act out now! Yes, to work or anywhere. They allow the body to move so freely. I happen to have fun getting dressed, but more importantly,with confidence, I have an opportunity to self express through dress.

photo 2-4

I would like to take this moment to encourage you all to find your own inner TuTu! Believe me, your heart will sing, and you will become filled with glee when you discover what ever your version of one shall be. For now, I leave you with these wonderfully dreamy colors and invite you to send me feedback anytime.

On another note, I am planning another Nymph Cosmos Party at my salon. April 22nd. Earth Day. Save the date. RSVP a must. Invite will be posted soon. Space and times are limited. Would love to see you! Don’t forget to visit my Etsy Site also!

Springing for Joy,






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