Life after Florida with Spring approaching

Whew !!!   Just the break  I needed.  Well deserved, and grateful for it.

The visit to Sarasota, was an early in the season one, or late  depending on where you reside. For us New Englanders, late in the winter season, just when we begin to wake up from the long hybernation. Long dark cold days, nesting and nurturing the soul. Roasted foods, soups and stews. Comfort food. Soothing our lives indoors. That is what winter brings to my mind. 


The early part ?  That would be how the Floridians consider their climate at the moment. My  daughter and I … obviously from the North; few of the only ones on the beach. Who cares?  The visit was all about life cycles, my dad ailing, my mom struggling and Aya and I visiting.  My attempt to nurture my family came through by cooking for us all, and during the day trying to soak up the sun, sea, sand and sky. Ahh…    Such a relief from the winter we are all experiencing, and I know we are all done with it. !

 How do we prepare for this upcoming over due Spring ?  Think Spring ! Colors, lighter clothing, longer days. The food shifts to more greens, Seasonal  artichokes, asparagus, arugula, yum.


New pieces for our wardrobe. Adorning our bodies. Yes. The newly arrived Lilith  Spring collection pictured here. The clothing tones look like the buds in the spring on the trees, and their shapes like poetry on a page.  We welcome you to come into Matsu.  We know you're out there.  Slowly emerging from the winter slumber.  Enliven your soul, visit us soon.

yours, in joy,

dava muramatsu

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