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April 09 014
I took a big internal risk on Thursday. Huge. I wore Ivory. I felt like a frothy confection. I felt like a swan. I felt light and happy.  I seemed to have inspired smiles on anyone that walked by me. ( of course, with my modest nature, I didn't notice; my friend told me!)  We attended a Fashion Show at Nieman Marcus. In Natick. The venue is not that far for me, but to see all the familiar faces here was refreshing ! I thought the show was well executed. Not enough drama with the lighting, for my taste but I prefer theatrical productions. I just loved the energy here though.

April 09 011

I was inspired  to have a party !  a Matsu Spring Fling Party.  Yup. on May 5th, we shall celebrate the arrival of the long awaited season. Rebirth, New growth, new outlooks and a fresh start. The Matsu Spring Fling at 259 Newbury St. from 6~8.  We will be sending an Save the date e mail blast . Hope you can come, and be sure to RSVP.

I also would like to announce the re appearance of our Lapland Bracelet Collection. New colors, new designs and a very healthy presentation to choose from.. Back by popular requests ! See the photo below. Just a tease. We have designs for both men and women. The balance of our Faliero Sarti Scarves have also just arrived. Beautifully embroidery, colors and as usual, the organic texture. A wonderful staple and accent to enhance a stale feeling outfit, day or mood.

FLorida March 09 055

Hope to see you all very soon !

Yours in Spirit,


Dava Muramatsu

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