Labradorite; Spiritual healing & Physical appeal

I just returned from New York City. I doubled the purpose of my trip to pick up Aya from completion of her 3 week dance intensive at Steps, located on Broadway on the upper West Side.

I was invited to revisit the collections of Lena Skadegard. I discovered this designer a couple years ago. This adventure widened my imagination and fantasy of digging jewels, stones, beads up out of the dirt, the ground or a tomb. The feeling I had  still remains. As what I think it would be like visiting Egypt or India and foraging through the tombs. Kind of like discovering gold.

WIthin the week, I will be exhibiting her jewelry at Matsu. Many styles of necklaces using no hardware. The stones are the focus, and the style of creating her necklaces is very organic. Her earrings, however are the most brilliant of colors and are set in 18k gold. I have chosen to name a few for the sake of a tease ; Chrisicolla ( looks like Turquoise), Peruvian Opal; a milky sea foam tone, and faceted Green Garnet.

In this entry, however I wish to share the discovered qualities of Labradorite.

Physical Qualities:     Labradorite is a gray feldspar mineral with occasional brilliant flashes of color that are suggestive of the Aurora Borealis. The flashes tend to be blue, green and yellowish. These colors can be seen when the stone is tipped or moved  to catch the correct angle in the light.

History:  Labradorite was first discovered by Moravian Missionaries in 1770. The stone was said to originally be found in Finland, but Canada now remains the center for production of quality labordorite gem stones.

Effects: Labradorite is said to reduce anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness. It cleanses the psyche of negative thoughts and emotions. The primary attribute generally given to Labradorite is it's ability to calm, center and ground the person wearing or holding the stone. It is a natural shield against negativity from people or circumstances, acting as a protection from these unnecessary emotional obstacles. Labradorite also allows the individual to displace anxiety-producing thinking with pragmatic and reasoned cognition.

Results: The calming effect of this stone allows the individual to retain control and not be drawn into into reactionary or inappropriate responses.

Design: Sharing this information gives the stone a foundation generally not known when shopping, or choosing a piece of jewelry. The energy portrayed as a result of the healing qualities is indeed a trait I consider when choosing for the collections at Matsu. The untrained mind and eye would not naturally know the fact shared above. I am increasing the depth of retain, so to speak in delivering this message.

What is amazing to me is the broad appeal of the stone to nearly everyone, despite the color of their skin, or the color of the clothing.  The following colors compliment the stone, and vice versa. Black, aubergine, charcoal, deep espresso, midnight blue, olive, pinks.  The list is vast, but I can not forge to mention the reds;the color of passion;.  The varying colors in the stone can look warm and cool with the overcasting gray tones.

Photo: The necklace here was designed by Lena Skadegard who has enhanced these rich, calming stones with 3 large18k gold beads from India, adding an elegant twist to this otherwise powerful straight forward necklace. Available in 2 longer lengths measuring  approx. 28" ~33" for a beautiful layering effect.

Ilook forward to merchandising these new pieces in the shop this week, and sharing with you how a simple piece can dazzle your mind, body and heart.


Enjoy the summer. I can feel the change in the air, position of the sun, and the shorter days. Autumn offerings in abundance. But let's enjoy the moment in the remaining month of Summer.

See you soon !

Spiritually yours,

Dava Muramatsu

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  1. great article on healing stones. thanks

  2. What a fun pattern! It’s great to hear from you and see what you’ve sent up to. All of the projects look great! You make it so simple to this.Thanks!

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