Inevitable Change

Change…. to make form, nature , content, future course etc. different from what is or what it would be if left alone. 2. to transform or convert 3. to become different.

Friends, clients, and fans !  The Harvest season brings abundance. The last splattering of warmth from the summer appears as an undertone as the past season disappears.

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 150

It bows out gracefully allowing for the depth of the Autumn season to appear. During this time, we experience the Harvest Moon, as we did on September 22, 2010. This night was the turning point of the seasons. Summer becomes Fall. We anticipate the golden browns, reds and oranges of the leaves turning once the chill finally hits the air at night. We welcome sweaters. We can't wait. Seasonal change is inevitable. In honor of such, we created a party.

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 031

The Magic of Matsu celebration held on September 26, 2010 had it's begining stages planned back in June. We decided it would be a great celebration and acknowlegement of our presence at 259 Newbury St. for years. ( Yesterday, I learn that it was 12 years………… not 15 as I was lead to believe. ) and so we celebrated 12 Years of Style, in reality. The evening was filled with fashion, libations, balloons, Chris Yerlig the Mime, Jordan the DJ ( also known as my HYP yoga instructor) Ginger de Vegh,"my" photograher, oodles of cases of Pop Chips, and the focus on the Women's Lunch Place . All in all, the crowd was pleased, we were graced with some very iconic people such as the presence of Marilyn Reisman. I was honored to have all of you here at Matsu.

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 110

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 126

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 188

The night came with charm, ambience , enchantment and " The Announcement".

I thought about this long and hard. I had an inkling last summer when my current landlord mentioned that he was toying with the idea of opening a breakfast space for his Guest House where Matsu is currently housed. I was shocked, and dismissed the notion all in that one afternoon. That was early last July. I carried around the idea sub conciously, I suppose. Went about my business as usual, with my at that time "magical manager" whom to this day I respect for all he brought to my business, Christopher.

However, the climate of the street changed. the climate of the customers changed. The expectations needed to change … everything needed to change, but I tried to hold on. I felt that the evening of our 12 year celebration ( again a mistake announcing it 15 years.. my apologies)  would be a pivot point in the season.

It wasn't. Reality set in. I was relieved after telling the crowd that I was going to loose my space. My manager didn't even know until days before. No wonder he was dealing with me as such a freak. I was.

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 190

Disturbed by it all.  Scared. Something uncontrollable. Very disarming. Very challenging. I realized that retail is not what it was back in 1980 when I first opened Eastern Accent, housed on the corner of Fairfield and Newbury St.  I also came to reality with what is right now, and that everything differs from when I agreed to hire him. Everything was different back in 2006. What I regret the most is, that I didn't keep my own finger on the pulse of the business in a manner that the climax could be avoided.

.The Change was inevitable. We all saw it. We just didn't speak it. I had to process wrapping my mind around the task at hand. It took a long while, and I questioned myself each and every step of the way. I approached the situation as gracefully as my nerves allowed. Letting something go in one's life is the most difficult thing in the world. I was scared  but with courage and placing one foot in front of the other, faith sets in. .and pray we all flourish as a result. 

  I had to make a change, not only for me, but for everyone.. I surrender to my own life and the beauty in it. I will become my own leader once again. Things will change. I must welcome what comes this direction. Consequently, Matsu will move forward.

I have decided to remain open. I will change many strategies within Matsu. The lesson in all of this is for us all to keep our minds and hearts open. See the subtle signs or warnings. Little clues. They are there. It is matter of learning to decipher. It can take a while, especially if hidden by fog. Nevermind… especially if one is in denial. It is a seemingly safe place to land your mind, but definately not realistic. That is the difference. I have had to get so real with everything and ride this wave. See the wave, welcome the wave." Just get light, Dava ,and let it flow. " That is my new mantra. Welcome what is inevitable with arms and eyes wide open. Ride the wave. Let it take you. I know, easy to say, but I have to hear the words, feel the words, be the words and just know that was seems really difficult right now , too shall change.  Surrender to it. Just be. Breathe.

The annoucement of my new location will come in time. But right now, I am planning strategies for today.

Let's not forget the holiday season is next, and we all want to acknowlege the people in our lives. Some we love, some we don't but just remember.. there will always be a lesson learned with each and every acquaintance. Often also a relfection of one's self. Whether we like it or not.

 Change is inevitable.

We might as well embrace it !

I thank you all who showed their support at our Magic of Matsu Celebration and congratulate all of the winners of the raffle. The women representing the Women's lunch place were very honored and delighted by the outcome of the donations and the raffles for the evening.

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 019

Below, I offer the list of winners before I sign off from this post. I also wish to take the time to thank my beautiful models who donated their services and charm for this wonderful evening. Cathleen , Lisa and Victoria. Thank you for gracing our party with your beauty and our clothing ! I would also like to express my appreciation for all of the business that have donated in honor of our event.
The list of donators and winners are as follows.:

LA VOILE $50 Gift Certificate ( 2) Tracey Aguier and Ka Wong

SOUTH END FORMAGGIO $100 Gift Certificate : Gabriel G.


HYP STUDIO 10 class pass : Natalie Green

ZAFTIG'S DELI $50 Gift Certifiate ;Liz Carafian

BOSTON CENTER $300 Gift Certificate : Sarah Wong

SWEET Dozen Cupcakes: Meg Young

POST ROAD LIQUORS 2 bottles of wine : Syblilla Smith

BOSTON OLIVE OIL CO. GIft Basket : Jim Hannon

BARNES AND NOBLE 3 Coffee table books : Lisa L, Holly Shuman, Terry Mann


 IRON FAIRIES Gift Grouping (2) Betty Riaz, Jenn Squires

M0851 Leather Messenger bag Vivian Li


NYMPH NECKLACE PAIR : Kristen Yarranton

Congratulations to all of you winners !

See you all soon, I hope. Invite change. Do not resist it. It is inevtiable !

Yours in joy and style,



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