Heather Moore

Upon Meeting this new designer, I was drawn to the concept, the bold shapes and the personalization of this line of Jewlery.  One can add, on at anytime, and create an individual look that becomes an extension of your personality, and another form of self expression, if you will.

I think this gives the customer an opportunity to "paint" or create a look that suits her or his lifestyle. Your choice of initials, names, or words, and the font as well as choosing the shape of the discs combined with the stones of your choice will definately create a statement that can be very inspirational. The looks you choose can be clean, traditional or Gypsy like..  Which ever look suits you, the whole process can be deleriously addicting.

Here, you will see some samples, and of course there are more at Matsu.  Mixing metals such as
Sterling Silver and yellow gold show variety and create a very exciting combination. 

The colors can be grouped in tones, or just all mixed up like the rainbow.. Tourmalines, Rubies, emeralds, Crystals, pearls,  just to name a few.

Just in time for Mother’s day, or any day.  Special orders are easy and quick. The turn around time about 2 weeks.

See you soon, come on in and play !



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