Harvesting the Journey

Matsu in the physical term has closed.  The essence of Matsu, however is wide open !

That's me and I am here.


Autumn provides a change in the air with a climate that is  conducive to purging and motivation towards  new chapters that await. Prior to Matsu's closing, I signed up for creative writing and water color classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education.  Commitment, but not too much.  I knew these classes would ease the shift in my life structure. I was right.  Following my intro here, I am sharing a short story I wrote for one of the writing assignments. 


I also am working on new pieces of Nymph. One of my sources flew me to his warehouse last Thursday, where I was knee deep in stones, artifacts and all sorts of kilim. It must be what a 3 year old feels like in a candy store for the first time ! I was so happy and content. On the way back to the airport- in the rain with sun shining, I see the most amazing rainbow ! Must be an omen of good luck.  I am just briefing you all right now on what I am up to. Still in the early stages. 


Thank you all for the good wishes and hugs the last weeks at the store. Chapter closed. New ones follow.  Just remember, I want to hear from you too. Feel free to leave a comment.

Yours in joy,
Dava Muramatsu



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