Greeting the enchantment of Spring’s Rhapsodic Melody!


Spring : emerging from confinement through an outlet.;suggestion of abundance or ease of inception.

The season linking the transition of Winter and Summer.. as the temperature gradually climbs during the months of March, April and May. We wake to longer days of light, nearly 12 hours to be exact during this transition from hibernation to the awakening of our souls, and our lives. There is something to be said for darkness as it should soothe your souls, replenishing our inner well, but with the severity we all in New England have just persevered, I am certain we are now ready to celebrate the birth of this new season.


Rhapsody : an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm

Divine, I say ! All things pretty, fresh and free . That is the liberation that this season brings to me.

Sort of similar to the collection that Lily Bareth aka Lilith has portrayed in her current Spring/Summer Collection 2011.  Poetic, lyrical, dream like and fresh. Referencing the liberation of the 1930's era, Paris. the colorful collection is inspired by the Annees Folles era of Josephine Baker, as you can see her in the ad. I also shot the racks holding the collection at Matsu now. Very feminine and romantic, Lililth is easily adaptable to your existing wardrobe.. For a special occasion, or just simply to celebrate the welcoming of Spring celebration every day. Either way, you will feel rejuvinated and liberated by the pallet. Guaranteed.

As the winter months wane the anticipation of Spring is reflected through my creations of  newly designed Nymph.


The Etruscan influence is rather prominent for these current pieces. My heritage. The feeling of having been discovered in a mine, or underground and simply dug up from a clay like earth matter. The bracelets shown here are combinations of old world influencing my mind, and soul.  Unexpected combinations are created to design these fine wrist adornments. I have used rare stones, such as faceted deep jade combined with emeralds and gold, old bone used in conjunction with baroque pearls,  and antique gold accents. The diamond accents add richness and royalty to the bracelets. All are limited quantity if not one of a kind.


I felt like Peridot and Whiskey quartz, also known as bear quartz lent themselves to the pallet of the season. They accent anything with verve.

Peridot, a bit more common than the whiskey quartz, as most of us know is the Birthstone for August. The tones vary from fresh green with a little yellow tint, bottle green, and olive green. This stone emits a warm, friendly and happy energy bringing openess and acceptance.


The triple strand necklace has antique silver bead accents. One of a kind, I think it is slightly ethnic, but can be easily incorporated in any wardrobe. These tiny chips create an elegantly wearable  and comfortable piece.

The Whiskey quartz necklace has an accent strand of warm toned garnets. It being the smallest millimeter on the necklace. The unusual diamond focal bead is an unexpected combination, which I though brought uniqueness to this necklace. The antique silver clasp is my trademark, as are the little stones that dangle in the back of the neck at closure.  In some cases, the clasp can be turned around and visible from the front, or side as the stones that dangle add and ease of elegance.

Whiskey quartz brings clarity, balances energy and enhances self esteem. The rich hue obviously resembles the tone of fine whiskey.

Love is in the Earth. Love is in the air. This is the season to embrace more light, more warmth and the re birthing of nature. Watching it unfurl makes us slow down and smell, see and feel.


Inviting you all in to see the shifts my soul and mind has created  inside Matsu a new, and to play with me at 264 Newbury St. I welcome you in to see the new collections with different flavors than those of seasons past. Promise ! I look forward to see you all.

Yours in joy,


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  1. i love the jewellery 🙂 especially the pictures 🙂 thanks for sharing.

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