Funny how life is. Just listen, and it will speak.

 The trials and tribulations of the season upon us, or me at least.

I get hit with 4 torn lower back ligaments. Not able to walk. Nor sleep. Nor sneeze. Sound familiar to any of you ???

Just think, and plan and dream. This is the time for me to be patient. This task comes to me as a test for my stamina, and ease to surrender. Being a doer, I now must simply be. Allowing the tissue to heal, and staying put and listening for what could be next.- in the life phase, that is.

To ask for guidance and listen very very closely for answers. They may not appear as I expect. That is one trick in moving ahead. Not really a trick, but certainly a treat. There are lessons when things don't go as expected, or as we wish. I was near "crippled" last weekend. I thought I over stretched in a yoga class. I few to Los Angeles in this state. The plane does not cooperate. I had no idea how much worse the pain would get until I arrived at my destination. IMG_1826

So thoroughly excited to see my little 21 year old. All grown up and taking care of her Mom and Dad. Driving around the city of angels as though she always lived there. She has grown naturally accustomed to all of the nuances of the city, including being in the car for way too long. Another back hindrance for me- another test of my tolerance. IMG_1835

We managed to escape to Southern California and saw sights unseen by us. The beaches were beautiful. Even in the pain I was in, I managed to mentally escape. The air was brisk, the sound of the waves crashing was so soothing. What is it about the sea?  The vastness. The limitlessness. Just truly amazing. The most unusual thing were the noises were heard from the sea. Low and behold- we followed the sounds and wound up staring endlessly at the :  piles of sea lions, which we thought were adorable, but later learned that they were a complete menace and parked themselves also, on the Yacht Dock, creating a barrier for those boat owners to actually enter their boats. How unfortunate.  IMG_1849

This trip to LA was not as mentally invigorating as I anticipated- due to my condition, but none the less, the difference in terrain, climate and driving skills ha ha one endures out there clearly added to his adventure.

April brings Spring, the birds and new beginnings. This season as beautiful as it is, still has a chill in the air.

Not quite ready for 85 degree weather yet, although we had that tease a few weeks ago. I found myself inspired to shoot oodles of photos of Nymph jewels for my website and for Etsy. I love shooting when the sun is setting and the natural light is caught on the surface of the stones. I have posted many photos on Face Book, Pinterest and also the Etsy Site. The Birthstone for April is the Diamond. Those brilliant little "tears from the angels" above, an often used  reference.  Available in many forms, I portray 2 versions here of which are for sale through the Etsy site, or you may contact me through my blog. IMG_8016
 These little diamond slices are intricately placed in 18k gold settings. The ear wires are also 18k. Very sweet. the are about $585- from memory. I also have an emerald jade bracelet with a diamond focal bead. One of the first I ever created- I love the vintage tone of these green spheres mixed with the Victorian diamond bead setting. This bracelet is $485. IMG_8093
 Love this shot ! Love the bracelet. Diamond is the symbol for purity. It's pure white light can help you to bring your life into a cohesive whole. It bonds relationships. It also is an amplifier of energy. The diamond clears emotional and mental pain ( how about physical ??? haha). Reduces fear and brings about new beginnings. ( what this month's blog post is all about ) It is a highly creative stone, stimulating imagination and inventiveness. 

I sign off on this blog post wishing you all a wonderful Passover, Easter or which ever it is you celebrate and if neither- certainly, Happy Spring!

I welcome your comments, and also feel free to email me at with any questions, or queries.

Until I write and share again, I wish you all a wonderful Spring!


Yours in joy,


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