From France to Florida


Traveling amazes me. You never know what you will learn, experience or find. The sense of adventure is always a surprise. I like that. Traveling with your mind wide open enables this to happen.


I have just returned from Paris, buying scouting and searching for new trends, classics and staples such as music and wine. This was for the Spring 2010 fashion and accessory market.
Yellow door

My photos will explain some of my experiences and discoveries. I invite you to take a virtual stroll through my weekend in Paris ! I am thrilled to share this with all of you. It gives you some secret insights into what stimulates me and the origin of my frolic-ky mindset . Play. I sometimes don't know when to stop. Not a bad place to be when I think about how I allow myself this mental emotional and soulful freedom ! Think of the alternative. Being locked up inside.  NO !  Never !  Artichokes


I am between one trip and nearly ready for the next, being tomorrow. I am flying to Sarasota with my bags overstuffed with all sorts of finds such as stones, diamonds, wood and relics. These components are what will become the next edition of my jewelry line Nymph. Stay tuned folks. You will be seeing the next series of photos, and the jewelry will be available  by the weekend of October 16 Th. There will be a party kick off preview showing at Boldfacers studio at Fort Point Channel !  Check their website for details. Hat

Pink tightsgirl

I am altering my blog releases beginning this week. I will send out a tiny e mail blast announcing each release. I hope you enjoy reading  and receiving the news. This is a new strategy. I was asked to send an awareness e mail out to drive people to the blog since they would never know otherwise what is happening. 2botys

Many have asked me why I am no longer at Matsu full time, and anyone in business knows what kind of effort and energy, not to mention stamina it takes to run a business and keep it fresh all the time. My wonderful staff supports me, and this has given me an opportunity to generate other delightful things and projects, such as Nymph, for you. I am grateful to everyone supporting me in this.I hope you enjoy these photos. Stay tuned for what's next. Yours in joy and spirit, Dava

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