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The new year has begun. 2009. Imagine one year away from what at one time seemed so futuristic. This is a time when we can reflect on all the good in our life, and count the blessings we have. My New Year's Resolution has an alternative approach, this year. Be absolutely conscious of the abundance in my life. Not the lack.  Great attitude, right ?

I am on my way to New York City for the Accessory Circuit. Not that Matsu needs anything new, but with the up to 75% off all merchandise sale we have begun, I need to be able to feed new ideas to my staff, my clientele, and those surrounding me. A clever way to become inspired. When things are crisp, cold and every other word out of the mouths of the media is Economy, this instills a mind set for me in a rebellious manner. I refuse to give into all of the negativity. Instead, I see everything as new opportunities. Everything !

The other step to the New Year's resolution, that I highly recommend everyone try, are new opportunities. What do they look like ? how can you recognize them? Easy. Just practice this mantra, " Take Risks" , " Try Something New ", "Indulge yourself in something you never dared to taste, try or do ".  Fear of foods ? Fear to face the "bones" of your closet, and drawers ? Afraid to get on the scale ? Afraid to try green eyeshadow?  I bet there are a slew of things that  you can imagine.  Just remember we live only once. and in this current "Climate".. I don't mean the weather, the only way to survive with style is to confront yourself with your fears, and nurture yourself. This for me, looked like trying a food I was deathly afraid of . Foie Gras! I never ever dared to, and now did.  The tastiest thing ever.  Of course, chef Frank McCleland of 'l Espalier prepared it, who else ? I knew it was the best thing to try and the best place to experience it in.. His new restaurant is divine !   Back to the matter at hand, I also have said no, but this time being the new year, I took the dive and tasted this wonderful delicacy… Yum. Taking advantage of opportunities NOW, with out hesitation or excuses, will be very liberating and rewarding. I can promise you.

Just think about your 5 senses.  Do not deprive yourself any longer. This will be a healthy step for your life in being 100% fulfilled if you apply this technique everywhere. Experience, Taste, try something new. Wear something different. Change your exercise regime. Need help ? I can definitely guide you, and inspire you. We live only once. Why not now ?

This of course is all in preparation to satiate ourselves in this chilly , drab weather.  One step closer to Spring, and more light in the sky.

I am about to share a few photos with you from my recent New York trip, and you will see a few collections of jewelry that are a preview of what is to come. The 3 jewelry photos are of Chan Luu, most of us know. Very Bohemian and chock filled with color, Collections from Swallow, very different and a new addition for Matsu, as well as the more refined style from also, a new designer I discovered; Robin Haley. Somewhat religious, yet also classic. I chose to show the pearls. I loved them !  Hope you do too.



Happy New Year, to you all. Don't forget. Liberate yourself.  Please let me know what you decide to do first. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours, in Joy,

dava muramatsu

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