February 2010


The holidays are over. The new year is here. The amount of light grows in the sky daily. Optimism. Glee. Joy. Valentine's day on the way.

Our bodies and minds still in hibernation mode. Just a glimpse of Spring poking through the clouds. Quince fills the front window at Matsu. The little baby blossoms seemingly so happy to be popping out of their bud stage. This shows positivity and hope for the next season to be creeping into our sub concious slowly, but surely.


The first collections to arrive are from Comme des Garcons. The collection the season showing up style by style are a reflection of fabrics that have been drenched in the richest tones of deep ink. Not blue, not black… an intense combination of both !  Rei Kawakabo does it again. Her fabric choices, though not inexpensive by any means, are cut like a boy, but the feminine quality of the textures shouts out with the juxtaposition of her style. In all senses of the word. See here 2 looks with the same blouse, evoking femininity for sure; paired with a pair of pants and also a very sculptural skirt. It is all in the cut, the shape and the form. This is what you pay for when purchasing a piece from Comme des Garcons.  The colors are mostly ink this season. A rich mixture of blue and black.


Lilith and Elm are a bit shy in showing up delivery wise this season but knowing that the frivolity and flirtiness of both collections that are on their way, will be welcomed and received with excitement… Hopefully before I return to New York City the end of the month, and Paris in early March to buy, select and choose for the next season to arrive.  Fall/Winter 2010.  Seems like it is so far away, as we are just beginning to flirt with the notion of Spring/Summer 2010.  First things first ! Until then, we play with the happenings in the store, with the new jewelry from Nymph, and the luxury of the affordable sweaters from Inhabit. Many styles slightly reminiscent of 1980's shapes with a contemporary flair.


On a side note, I just finished shooting my Nymph collection on Tuesday. I will be publishing photos of the pieces, but not until the next blog posting. I am working on the press release with photos first. ( with the exception of 2 necklaces reflected here).

NYMPH white necklace

However, to pacify you for the time being, I have found a cluster of bangles…. very much in feel like the bakelight from years past. These, however, very rich in color are very affordable. They are $45 each, and each one creates such a bold statement. My jewelry collection, for Spring/Summer still has pieces with some delicacy to them, but primarily they appear bolder, chunkier and brighter. A true accessory. Actually, I will show you the bracelets here and 2 necklaces that are very bold, nearly unlike anything I have executed, but I find the white jade extremely fresh, and with the touches of turquoise in there with them, the visual makes me think of the sea.


February is the month of Aquarius.  This is a good month to dream. Dreaming is healthy and inspires actions that come from our hidden psyche. I am dreaming of a farm house near Tuscany right now, with a 60 minute drive to the sea.  Sounds out of the question, but we all know to be careful what one wishes for as the Universe just might provide that dream come true !

Keep dreaming. See you soon.

Yours in joy,


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