Enjoying the abundance of Autumn


Summer is winding down. As a matter of fact, yesterday was the last day of summer. Indian summer is here. The hustle and bustle of the sound of the traffic, the New York City lights, and the wonderful energy swirling around both night and day. The dark skies of September sprinkled with stars gleaming over the vast space above. Bigger than me. It makes me feel so alive.





This trip to New York is triple fold.  My "baby" now lives here, so coming to New York has taken on a new meaning. Another dimension. This trip's purpose also is a buying trip. The Coterie is here, scouting, and seeking new designs for Spring 2010. Inspired by all of the colors for spring.  Everyone seems to be celebrating the darkness the economy has set upon us. The overall feeling of dread has spread through out psyche like a disease and it HAS to stop! Yea, that's it! Color will definately help. Why not start now ???





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