Diversified elements inspire life enriching style.


In this bustling world, and this frigid Boston climate we have all endeavored, I wish to share with you elements of diversity that can help cope with the challenging elements outdoors.

Recapturing faint sensations of our past, and fond memories that reflect  the bright and simple pleasures we often can forget.  I offer you in this post, a tinge of antiquity, charm and fine craftstmanship provided through the new environment and product at Matsu.

Life Enriching Style brought to you through the carefully edited collections arriving at our doorsteps gearing up for the well anticipated up coming season. Spring. 2011.

I have chosen products that  speak to my  heart, mind, body and soul, in hopes you will feel the same.



The products from Cote Bastide are organic, soft and soothing. This means that all of the products I have chosen for Matsu from the vast collection created in South of France will set the tone in my environment, as I assure it will do the same for yours.

 Argan Bath Collection : What is it ? Argan is a yellow nutty flavored oil extracted from the ripe green like olive fruit from the Argan tree. It is a thorny evergreen native to Morocco. It's unique scent culminates the feminine as well as masculine all in one place.  I was attracted to it by it uniqueness, and rarity. I found it mystical and soothing. Bringing my mind to a place of relaxation and peace.


The bath gel, body salts, body cream and hand soap can generate a calm yet stimulating energy as it suds and you bask in it. Imported exclusively from France. I 'm slightly challenged in describing the scent, other than it provokes mystery to me. 

I went rather light in the table top arena, although it was difficult to hold myself back. I was in this industry back in my first store in 1980, and honestly, loved the category of table top. Therefore, I created an order that would enhance the environment in Matsu, maintaining my focus in the clothing and the jewelry departments. I just thought that to offer a more diverse flavor within, the boutique would attract a broader customer base.

The dyed linens from Cote Bastide are reminiscent of a picnic in the country side. Add elegant Kikatsu glassware from Japan, and  you have a well rounded look that is stunning and very natural.   Ifind myself really drawn to the freshness and organic feel of this once "stale" fabric.

Linen is the fiber of the season. I seem to have it in all forms. For the body, the table , the home. There was a flashback at first when my eyes landed on the organic fabrics, then I felt a sense of true freshness. Back to nature. This time around the tones much more saturated than the pale tones of the 90's.


Shots of color.  The Dupatta scarves from Matta are hand spun and hand woven.  A blend of cotton and silk.    They measure 40"x80" boasting pom pom tassels on all four sides. They range in $170~$220 .

 This blog is a quick presentation of what's in store now, and briefly describes the essence of what is to come.

I hope you all survive the chill, the ice and the snow safely, and take note to the light in the sky at 5:00 pm now.  Just a few more weeks, and we Spring ahead with our time !

Thank you for reading my blog. I welcome your comments or suggestions.

yours in joy,


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