Citrines, stones the beach and bells

For the first time, it seems in my adult life, I have taken a non work related vacation. Relax, refresh, replenish, decompress. Where is there a better place, conducive to this than the beach ?

My eyes were soothed everywhere I looked, with everything I saw. The sun was minimal, but I found these amazing spheres of citrine (yellow quartz). It carries the healing properites of the sun. It expands the auric field, filling it with light and lcearing away any lingering etheric toxins. Citrine is also a wonderful manifestation crystal by motivating you into taking action. It brings optimism, and cheerfulness. This stone focuses on balancing the soalr plexus chakra, which in turn integrates the lower and  the higher chakras. IMG_6374

I have shown here my spheres. When I found them, or better yet.. when they found me, I just could not take my eyes off of them. I have collected spheres for many years. Primarily clear crystal balls. Definately always transparent. Nothing dense, like jasper etc. The energy there is too dark and heavy for my persona and spirit.

I work with citrines quite often in the work I create through Nymph. Here I show a chunky citrine necklace that measures about 30". The stones here are a deep golden color. The tones of citrines can vary from very tranparent such as the bracelets you see, to more translucent such as the spheres shown here. In either case, the energy is sunny, with a focus on brightening the heart and outlook on things. IMG_6067

In the realm of spheres, these antique bells caught my eye, but there sound sung to my ears.

The sounds of these little critters, just warmed my ears. The sounds all vary, and at this point my thoughts other than to hang them, is to sell them and better yet, incorporate them in my jewelry. At least the small ones. ! We shall see about that. IMG_6371

 There were many finds while I was away. I saw things with a freshness, and was exposed to sights that I don't come across on a daily basis.  Like these crazy antique bottles that once held opium ! As I approached the box of them, I rubbed them back and forth. They gave off the sound of a musical intrument. ( the owner scolded me for even thinking to touch them !.. oops too late ) I heard the sounds and wanted to covet these bottles. What was I to do with them ?? No idea, I didn't buy them.. but was delighted to have found them at this random flee market that I attended. Aren't they devilishly beautiful ? IMG_6321

 See ? the raised lettering indicates elixir of Opium. not sure what year, but to think that this was probably taken like we take aspirin.. of what ever kind these days, without batting an eyelash… More magic, for the week, as I then stumbled up this deck of cards at this flea market. I am sorry, I wanted them .. just for the graphics, but thought a $28 price tag was a bit over board. Didn't see the purpose at that point, therefore just simply took a photo. IMG_6323

 I won't bore you with the beach scenes right now, as I will use it as my header for the release of this short and sweet blog post.

It is easy to see that I am struggling a great deal with the size of the photos, as I manuever between my new Mac and my old PC. It took me years to get the knack of the PC. BUT I love my Mac. I wasn't able to upload the photos and insert between my words for some reason. It is clearly time for another one on one lesson at the Apple store ! That's for sure.

I am just finding my way through the end of June into July, as my daughter settles herself into her groove in the Los Angeles scene. I thought I would absolutely die when I saw her address status revise on Face Book the other night. It was like a dagger went right through my heart ! Gulp. But, after all, aren't we supposed to bask in delight of our children growing and morphing into the beauty of their own journey ? Aren't we ???  Whew. Not easy ! I miss her.  Hope to see her in July, maybe it's time I take a jaunt out to the West Coast. Not sure when I was even last there ,but it has indeed been a while. Time for another change of scenery. We shall see. IMG_6314

 I lied, I posted the beach shot. Will use the beach pines for the header, yeah ! That's it.

So, enjoy the summer months ahead, and I will keep my posts coming. Feel free to comment, suggest and respond. You can always find me at Matsu too !

Yours in joy,


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