A Trio of Inspiring Journeys

What winter? This season has definitely made it easy for us to move around  in an uninhibited fashion. This rare weather has cooperated with us resulting in less fear around falling icicles or black ice, just to name a few. As a result of this mild winter I’ve been fortunate to experience the ease in traveling. No storms brewing to delay flights etc. The first journey, begins with the New York Gift Show Accent on Design, held in early February. People shop and scout replenishing their empty stores as a result of the Holiday mayhem. They are creating while re inventing their look for the season upcoming. The same holds true for those with e-commerce sites. It’s always a thrill to help these buyers and possibly inspire them to purchase items they may not have known existed before! This is a very creative period for us.

For this season,  we went with a malachite effect on the walls.  The deep green hues were applied in a way that gave the walls an authentic gemstone like effect.  This could  very well become our new signature color. We basically created a 4 day Pop Up shop. Then the tear down. The complete process is a lot of work, but very fun, stimulating  and inspiring – especially seeing  the buyer’s positive feedback. Our wares include hand-made brass table top utensils, seen below, several candle collections, skillfully crafted make up brushes, porcelain cell plates as seen on the top shelf in the rear of the booth, to name a few. I begin to wind down, and travel back to the Boston area once the show is over. Then the processing order time frame begins.
IMG_3587Three days later, I wind up in a place I have promised myself for years to attend. This year I did.

I found myself in 87 degree dry heat amidst the mystical gems of the Tucson Gem Show. The vibration and frequency from this show continues to resonate within me.  I think the crystals were performing their magic! I know I felt it! How could one not?

The single terminated crystal quartz  display below is one of millions shown. These are the most common type of crystal, with a single six-sided point at one end. They are used to charge the chakras or to disperse negative energy. Crystals remain extremely popular for their beauty and therapeutic healing properties. Clear quartz crystals hold the vibration of White Light. As we open our higher chakras we become receptive to that Light and to the crystals that embody it.

IMG_1130On my journey, the next discovery was such an unexpected find. As many of you may know, I have been incorporating Herkimer Diamonds into my collection of Nymph. They are diamond like, due to their natural facets and their clarity. How do they grow? I wondered. What does it look like?

IMG_1077Here, above you can see a large chunk of Earth. The Herkimers have lodged themselves into the crevices of this mass. They are discreetly suspended within the crevice. I have an example of this at MATSU so you can actually see it with your own eyes. Herkimer Diamonds are raw quartz crystals mined in Herkimer, New York. Believed to be nearly 500 million years old, each stone naturally formed with eighteen facets, six sides and two points. The diverse crystal appears with a number of mystical inclusions, adding to their value and character. These stones are ascension stones. They can take you to the highest spiritual vibration possible while still being in your physical body. This stone energizes, enlivens and promotes creativity. Below I show a finished piece of jewelry as an example. From Earth to  body adornment. These beauties swing from 18k gold ear wires. They catch the light with every movement. These are available with many more styles on their way. If interested please contact me!


The grand finale for me was my acquaintance with this enormous gemstone. Cool to the touch, feeling a sense of security and magic all at the same time, as I hugged this beautiful rock.

IMG_1187Time to go. Heading North by car, it was impossible not to gain sight of the terrain. So different from the East Coast. Dryness, cacti and arid vegetation all over and forever it appeared.  I had the sense that John Wayne or Clint Eastwood were about to gallop out in front of my car on a horse being chased.  To my disappointment, this did not occur. Instead I feasted my eyes on all of the  new scenery and simply enveloped the vegetation. I knew Sedona was near, but it wasn’t until the car seriously approached these majestic mountains that I was completely awestruck. Looking like an oil painting, I had to pinch myself into reality. And, yes it was indeed real. This trip was so inspiring on many fronts. So much beauty, right here in the USA. Before I take you back to

IMG_1332           East Coast reality, please allow me to share this unique dining experience in Sedona. Driving by, my eye caught this amazing rustic structure. It sits high up on a mountain and if that isn’t enough.. the spectacular views from the veranda and dining room makes a creative canvass for the unusual them and menu. MARIPOSA;  A Latin inspired grill captivating nature surrounding the grounds as it also entices the stomach. It was truly a delicious experience. I strongly suggest you visit this or any of Lisa Dahl’s other dining establishments when in Sedona. You may click on the link http://mariposasedona.com for additional information. The food, views, service and hospitality was spectacular. I grew very fond of JB Mariposa’s Maître d’ rather quickly. His gracious demeanor and charm was just enough to inspire me to share this with you. Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.58.24 AM

And the view from the veranda.. Simply breathtaking!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 8.03.08 AM

Next up: Fashion Coterie. Market for Autumn/Winter 2017. Back to East Coast fun.


With arrivals beginning in late July, I chose the hues, shapes, textures and styles for the next season. Ordering 6 months out. I was so excited about the tones I saw. It’s been a while that deep midnight blue has appeared  in fashion. I was delighted to see it in the collections done  by most of the designers I was attracted to. You can expect seeing that tone again at MATSU, in combination with Ochre, Deep Green, Bordeaux, some bright shots of deep Pinks, and finally harmonizing all the tones a deep Charcoal Grey appears. Harmony! Look at the bevy of color below. These scarves are all designed in Paris, made in India. They each tell their own story.ImageOn the Nymph front, I would love to share one of my newest pieces. It’s a locket filled with diamonds! I’ve paired it on a simple sterling silver oxidized chain. The choices are 18 or 32″. A small garnet briolette is the “garnish” accent for this piece. It’s brand new, as I’ve just turned out another collection. Most of it is complete, just waiting for the weather to break so I can shoot outdoors. Do you like it ? It’s royal, rich and brings creativity and enhancing the new directions your goals are to take you.

IMG_8670What would my blog posts be if I didn’t add some nutrition? I made this last night. Salmon in Parchment. The flavors simply melded inside the parchment. Cooked at 375 for about 45 minutes. The original recipe from Martha called for leeks. I thinly sliced leeks, tiny red tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, added fresh tarragon, black Moroccan olives, salt, pepper , olive oil, drizzled white wine, sealed the paper with – staples, and voila! Delicious. All the flavors permeated together and the end result was simply amazing! Served with sautéed okra with garlic and shallots accompanied by wild rice. Yum!

IMG_1609 I started out with a shorter concept, but it kept growing. How can I leave anything out ? I can’t! My goal was to share my experiences with you, and I hope you enjoyed them. I look forward to hearing from you all!

Can’t wait to see you again in my shop once my abbreviated hours are revised. Until then feel free always to give me a call. I am happy to meet you at 92 Boston Post Road, in Sudbury. Here is my number. 617.510.6369

Yours in joy and style,


Glory of the Garnet & Beauty of the Beet

Here we are, January 2015! How did this happen? Filled with new ideas, new goals and bucket lists of wishes we’d be thrilled to accomplish in order to move ourselves ahead in a positive direction. New recipes, perhaps, joining a new gym or yoga studio, maybe travel is in the cards. The fleeting envy is sometimes tough to shake, when I see my friends and acquaintances in photos in far away places with nothing but aqua waters and blue skies as a backdrop.  I realize it’s not the time for me to have this escape from the bitter cold. Not yet anyway. Resultingly, I redirect my energy to generate and create a haven within my home, boutique and life  as I prepare a positive spin for the year ahead.

Candles and their warm moving glow are my recipe for love and life. They soothe and calm the psyche. The candle’s radiance and flames can transform the ambience in any room. These mercury crown votives are one example of lighting up your life. $27.00 for the set.IMG_6989

Another notion and concept in lighting up your life, is with our Celestial Candles. 60 hour burn time, soy base and delectible to the nose! Sun, Star, Full Moon, and Crescent Moon.

These beauties are hand poured, packaged and include a beautiful Rumi poem in each box. The candles are $30 each, available at MATSU.


It’s no mistake that the appropriate birthstone of the month, Garnet, basks in its own glory of deep warm hues of red. This powerful, reinvigorating and regenerating stone cleanses and reenergizes the Chakras. Isn’t that really what January is about?  Replenishing our  inner well? Garnet revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity and passion. Yes, Garnet inspires devotion and love. It balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony. Red Garnet indeed aids sexual potency. This stone brings courage, creative energy, vitality, abundance,flow and awareness. Below you will see a bevy of gemstones from my NYMPH collection, portraying different colors of the Garnet. Ranging from the color of a pomegranate seed, to a rich glass of bordeaux. These necklaces are available now at MATSU.


I love integrating colors through lifestyle. Gemstones are alive. Little jewels from Earth, each with a story of their own. Foods also hold the power to heal and prevent negative things from entering the body. A compliment to the sassy garnets, are beets. One of the richest red foods that exist. The deeper the color of food, the stronger the antioxidants they  hold.  Beets cleanse the body, are high in many vitamins such as A, B & C. Beets are a high source of energy. They are the highest sugar source after cane sugar. In this case, the sugar is released into the system gradually, as opposed to chocolate. Beets help your mental health state. Betaine is a substance that beets hold, used in treating certain treatments in depression. Beets can lower blood pressure. This is my favorite- I have just learned in researching for this post that Beets are nature’s Viagra! The ancient Romans used them medicinally as an aphrodisiac. Beets contain a high amount of Boron, which is directly related to the production of human sex hormones. What a discovery! Wait till you see the pictures.. Oh, and by the way, do not ignore the beet’s rich green tops. Eat them too.

IMG_0792The photos above reflect several different ways beets can be prepared. The top left photo is beet infused pasta, the photo below with recipe to follow; beet bloody marys, under that are roasted beets, then chilled into a sald of pistachios and arugula with a light vinagarette. Top, beets basking in their glory, and the lower right photo is of roasted beets with orange zest. Here lies the recipe from http://www.cocokelley.com

Turn Up the Beet Bloody Mary // serves 2
4 oz chilled Hangar 1 Straight Vodka
1 ½ cups spicy tomato juice
½ cup pure beet juice
1 tbsp pepperoncini juice
½ small lemon (squeezed for juice)
1½ tsp freshly ground pepper
½ tsp horseradish
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
¼ teaspoon ground garlic
your preference for hot sauce (to taste)
Bacon salt and smoked paprika for rim
Your choice of garnish (we went with pickled asparagus, kosher pickles, rosemary, celery, peppered bacon, small beets, pimento olives and pepperoncini)

These colors leave me jazzed and rejuvinated, just looking at them. I am wearing a scarf today from Italy exactly the same color as the vegetable I speak of above. Very invigorating.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy new year 2015! Feel free to connect with me and share your views and comments!I look forward to seeing you at MATSU very soon.

Yours in joy & style,




Diversified elements inspire life enriching style.


In this bustling world, and this frigid Boston climate we have all endeavored, I wish to share with you elements of diversity that can help cope with the challenging elements outdoors.

Recapturing faint sensations of our past, and fond memories that reflect  the bright and simple pleasures we often can forget.  I offer you in this post, a tinge of antiquity, charm and fine craftstmanship provided through the new environment and product at Matsu.

Life Enriching Style brought to you through the carefully edited collections arriving at our doorsteps gearing up for the well anticipated up coming season. Spring. 2011.

I have chosen products that  speak to my  heart, mind, body and soul, in hopes you will feel the same.



The products from Cote Bastide are organic, soft and soothing. This means that all of the products I have chosen for Matsu from the vast collection created in South of France will set the tone in my environment, as I assure it will do the same for yours.

 Argan Bath Collection : What is it ? Argan is a yellow nutty flavored oil extracted from the ripe green like olive fruit from the Argan tree. It is a thorny evergreen native to Morocco. It's unique scent culminates the feminine as well as masculine all in one place.  I was attracted to it by it uniqueness, and rarity. I found it mystical and soothing. Bringing my mind to a place of relaxation and peace.


The bath gel, body salts, body cream and hand soap can generate a calm yet stimulating energy as it suds and you bask in it. Imported exclusively from France. I 'm slightly challenged in describing the scent, other than it provokes mystery to me. 

I went rather light in the table top arena, although it was difficult to hold myself back. I was in this industry back in my first store in 1980, and honestly, loved the category of table top. Therefore, I created an order that would enhance the environment in Matsu, maintaining my focus in the clothing and the jewelry departments. I just thought that to offer a more diverse flavor within, the boutique would attract a broader customer base.

The dyed linens from Cote Bastide are reminiscent of a picnic in the country side. Add elegant Kikatsu glassware from Japan, and  you have a well rounded look that is stunning and very natural.   Ifind myself really drawn to the freshness and organic feel of this once "stale" fabric.

Linen is the fiber of the season. I seem to have it in all forms. For the body, the table , the home. There was a flashback at first when my eyes landed on the organic fabrics, then I felt a sense of true freshness. Back to nature. This time around the tones much more saturated than the pale tones of the 90's.


Shots of color.  The Dupatta scarves from Matta are hand spun and hand woven.  A blend of cotton and silk.    They measure 40"x80" boasting pom pom tassels on all four sides. They range in $170~$220 .

 This blog is a quick presentation of what's in store now, and briefly describes the essence of what is to come.

I hope you all survive the chill, the ice and the snow safely, and take note to the light in the sky at 5:00 pm now.  Just a few more weeks, and we Spring ahead with our time !

Thank you for reading my blog. I welcome your comments or suggestions.

yours in joy,


Radical Honesty, Radical Change

We all think we love and want change. Politically, you got it. Retail wise you got it. Question is, are we happy with the results?  I will not discuss politics, I was merely using it as an example. A radical one. The other, being Newbury Street. The similarity? Neither are helping our economy. We should be unified and living happily together as one unity, here in the US. Instead, I see and feel sub divide. It causes friction among us. Unspoken words. Fear. All negative. This change, is not positive. I thought our goal in life is harmony.

I took a walk down "my street" on Monday. Down towards the Boston Common, and back again to where Matsu resides. I have never, in my 30 years on Newbury Street seen or felt the emptiness and lack of hope from one place  The empty store fronts that exist blew me away. Lackluster, for what was once known as a destination street, known for it's charm. The survivors are few and far between. Most of the retail still standing are newer companies, designers and business with a dream. Hope. They have a positive attitude and are seriously anticipating nothing but to flourish.  I have news folks, I hope so too, otherwise "ghost town" will be the reputation of Newbury St. It is sad enough that many people that I knew no longer visit the street. This is harming our retail environment. I was truly saddened by the feeling experienced as I walked in between the pouring raindrops last Monday.  The fact of the matter is that this is the true reality.

MATSU 0710 291

Back in 1980, my partner and I had a dream. We chose Boston as a possibility to open a retail shop. We came up here to scout spaces and get a pulse on this city. We pounded the street and in retrospect, what we saw then is similar to what I experienced last Monday, taking a gander down the street. The difference being, in that era, we were embarking on the beginning of what Newbury Street's reputation grew into later in the years to come; prestige and glamour. However, back in 1980, we were pioneers. We landed a space on the Fairfield and Newbury Street corner. Learning shortly there after, that we were about to open a gift shop where prostitutes hung out shortly before we got there! This was how raw the street was back then.

 We felt as though we had just discovered a mini European city right in the heart of Boston.We also were romanced by the historical charm of the Back Bay. The roof tops and down spouts on these magnificent brownstones carried the most incredible patina as the copper exposed itself to the natural elements. We packed up our life, searched for a spot, and moved. We called it home. We lived upstairs from Eastern Accent for years. The shop opened in 1980 selling the most avant garde dinner ware and crystal, along with gifts of that time period. Our reputation grew, and we became known for our taste that was ahead of it's time. We kept going with it, and morphed Eastern Accent into a futon shop, and then higher end gifts and jewelry. Products from Japan. We were one of the only stores on the street.


Didn't matter to us back then how empty the street was. We were venturing into a realm unfamiliar with absolutely no fear. Overflowing with naive confidence. We just had a vision and exploited it.

We have seen the street wax and wan. Right now, in this year of 2010 is the saddest thing. Those there are all holding on… somehow in hopes that a new breed of buyers discover what is left of this charming street, as well as the last free standing Boutiques. This includes me. Hope. Eastern Accent transformed into what we all know as Matsu. Coming up on our 15th year at 259 Newbury Street. We will be "Celebrating the Magic of Matsu" on September 26, Sunday. This is the beginning of Fashion Week. We plan on partnering with our neighboring business, the restaurant below. La Voile. We plan a celebration, and fashion show this evening.

Our outlook is real. We live in the truth. The economy is suffering right now. Matsu is a way of life. We are there to produce beautiful things, and to inspire people to recognize their own beauty from within: Especially during this challenging period.

No one really realizes how difficult retail is. There are many entities that compile the soul, the ambiance and the serenity that is felt once entering the shop.

Radical honesty here… Feeling stuck, moving through it, and not really wanting the customers to know how it REALLY is. We all try to maintain a facade, so to speak. Keeping  things fresh, maintaining the pulse on fashion and beyond here in Boston. you know, Styles change, Style doesn't. This is what we are known for. It takes experience, knowledge and perseverity to be able to continue right now. However, this can not be maintained without you!

I have just recently been assigned a project by my good friend who has just completed her book. She asked me what it was like to feel stuck.  She asked me to describe it. Her mission is to empower people, and I have worked with her for several years along this realm. The feeling of being stuck  is honestly a physical and mental thing combined, for me. Squirming, discontent, stagnant energy. Sort of feeling paralyzed, and stale. This is what happens to me when the customers don't appear. There are all sorts of reasons that the traffic on Newbury Street is not what is was a few years back. Even last year, for that matter, and the econony is only part of it. I sense that others feel stuck simultaneously and use this E word which prevents them from moving forward.  The very interesting thing about all of this is where I find survival and how creatively resourceful I am in this trying period.

The state of economic affairs is one that I have done my best a keeping at bay. There comes a time when radical honesty is absolutely a necessity. The anecdote to all of this from a personal perspective is stimulation.Imagination. Creativity. all of these things are tools that I use to move forward. IF you stop spending completely, it constipates the soul.

MATSU 0710 258

I can close the doors of Matsu. That is easy. Very easy, and right now, in this climate, as I take mental notes, that I no longer  see the clientele who has supported us in our 15 years here in this location at 259 Newbury Street for what ever the reasons may be, we suffer by the results. What customers and people do not realize that it is them, who we rely on for support. They all want you to stay in business… so they say, don' they get it ????  It is usually too late, as I have seen with other acquaintances, and friends in this industry, that once the doors are closing, the customer says " Oh, no! we need you !" Where on earth will I find such unique jewelry, clothing& gifts, etc?"  I have also heard, "You better not go anywhere " Too late, I say. . This is a two way street. They want freshness, they want uniqueness, how do they think this little cycle runs ???  I honestly wonder! What are they really thinking ? Are they sleep walking ? Radical Honesty here. Radical Change..I am so perplexed by this dumbfounding mentality, that I realize it upsets me to the point that I churn some of my best creative outlets, and use them as positive tools.

I force myself to infuse freshness into Matsu. This where the tools of inspiration and stimulation come into play.  Self generating. Self motivation here. Must be the Virgo and stubbornness in me. So much so, that the ego drops ( if I even notice it's presence )  and I find myself  operating from my deep within my soul.

Doing what initially inspired this passion in the first place .This is one of the components that allows our doors to remain open, people. But we can not do it without your support .

MATSU 0710 143

Simultaneously, I have taken on an other creative project.Nymph. My line of jewelry inspired by my ancestory, ancient ruins of Italy and Greece. The tombs of Egypt. The spicey flavor of  Morocco, and the intricacy of India.  Nymph. Ancient inspired jewelry that will take you to far away places and other realms of the world. Creating this line of jewelry, has been theraputic, and very sacred. It speaks to my heart, or better yet, this is a reflection of my heart speaking to all of you! Keeping it healthy, and happy by inner expression. What an anecdote for what this social and economical climate is trying to dictate.

This blog post expresses radical honesty. Getting real with what is. I hope you all read of this and understand the message. There are more to things than what meet the eye. This is a terribly stressful time. One of my best friends in this industry has just closed her doors. I saw it coming. I could feel it. She is now free to do what speaks to her soul the most. I honestly respect her for doing so. Me? on the other hand. Matsu still speaks to my soul. It now has another friend that I hope will keep it company in the long haul back to a healthy environment, and that is my line of ancient inspired jewelry, Nymph. My new baby. Something else to love.

MATSU 0710 213

I hope you all understand the seriousness of retail, upon reading this blog. I have been in my truth. Let go of ego, and only speak with radical honestly ,which is where radical, healthy change can aspire.

I am posting new shots of the interior of Matsu, as well as some profile shots of me, in this emotional state, and a few of Nymph to come.

Thank you for your continued support and thank you for reading this deep and meaningful message.

 Please consider, that  with out you Matsu, nor any other retail, or restaurant establishment  will survive.

Yours in joy and style,

Dava Muramatsu

Nymph on the Nile


.. Mythological divinity: 1390  "class of semi~divine female beings" conceived as beautiful maidens inhabiting the sea, rivers, trees, mountains and meadows. A beautiful young woman chiefly poetic or playful.

I tell this to you again, as I did in my first post introducing my new creation and line of jewelry; Nymph. The first post was in early September. Now, nearly 2 months later, I am sharing with you the evolution of this extension of my creative being. I call the line Nymph just because it felt right. I personally relate to the meaning  and definition of the word. I can see these little maidens scurrying around, and relaxing very naturally in their habitat.


As for the Nile… On my last creating marathon down south, as I was creating and inventing the styles, designs and combinations of stones, I kept getting ;the word down loaded from above " my guardian angels" ? The feeling of Egypt kept coming up. I couldn't help but really pay attention to this. It was a very strong message. It kept coming.  The feeling of the components that I was combining just got more and more ethnic in this direction. 


The Nile is a major north~flowing river in Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world. The northern section of the river flows almost entirely through desert. from Sudan into Egypt, a country whose civilization has depended on the river since ancient times. Most of the population of Egypt and all of its cities, with the exception of those near the coast, lie along those parts of the Nile valley north of Aswan; and nearly all the cultural and historical sites of Ancient Egypt are found along the banks of the river. The Nile ends in a large delta that empties into the Mediterranean Sea.



The Etruscans were a tribe from Egypt that settled in Northern Italy. My ancestry. Hence, the innate feeling and the intuition that has guided me to using these stones in this manner and to apply them for adornment to the body. ie Jewelry. This was how I conjured up the title for The Second Edition of Nymph. Nymph on the the Nile.


The collection for the most part is presented as a limited edition. Many of the beads are no longer available giving it an exclusive feeling from the start. The limited availability creates a mystery and sense of strong desire to me. The beads are mined from far off lands, and that is the feeling that I have as I touch them all. My eyes actually see what I am feeling, and this connection guides my hands into what was created, how and why. The unique combinations using these beads, K gold nougats, diamonds, carved jade, olive wood, onyx, antique sterling filigree beads,. These materials pretty much describe the components of all of my bracelets, ranging from $65 ~ $145. The selection at this time since the production has just been completed, is rather vast, but as fore mentioned limited. This creates a sense of mystery, and desire to me.



The necklaces are made with Semi precious stones all with different healing qualities. Smoky Topaz, Citrines, Amethyst, Black Spinel, Whiskey Quartz, Black raw diamonds and  Moss Aquamarine. I have added a  diamond focal bead on many pieces all varying in size and shape.  I have  also juxtaposition ed these precious pyramid diamonds with wood, a very unexpected yet warm and rich combination. I have layered the tones just as in clothing. I have created a pallet that spoke to my soul, with all of you in mind. My desire is for you to wear it as it becomes a part of your own soul, and just part of you. The different tones will resonate with people all differently making it a personal creation that is adapted by you for you alone. 


I was blessed with the opportunity to work with a very talented and up and coming photographer. Her name is Ginger Devegh. She executed my vision  with such ease, and the most thrilling results were her use of natural light. No studio set ups., no back lights and reflectors. The whole experience was organic and natural. I highly recommend her and if you need a photographer for any reason, please call Matsu or visit her website: Gingerdeveghphotography.com.

As you can see, I have inserted images of my work. There are piles of stones, wood, carved jade, natural dyed olive woods, the list goes on, but the feeling is that of having been dug out from a tomb. Out of the dirt, out of the deep digs of the river banks of the Nile.  At least that is my image.

I hope you can feel this when seeing, touching and wearing my pieces. All made with passion, love and desire.  See you soon !

Yours in Joy and Spirit, Dava

slowly, but surely Spring is on the way

Writing on the evening  of an eclipse and full moon, the daylight is lingering longer each day. The air, still cold and the wind making it even worse.

The trickling in of clothing in lighter weight fabrics, as well as lighter in tones. The darkness is a place for all of us to grow, like a flower. But at this time of year I think we all look forward to the longer days and warmer weather.  There are a few " tricks" to introducing this feeling into the psche, and I am not going to suggest the electric beach, but……. hark ! A fresh haircut !  The time is right to experiment with a style that you may have secretly desired, but never dared before !  I speak from experience.  I am liberated as a result… I just cut mine off late this afternoon…. Not with out shedding a few tears,  what do we hold onto?  Very interesting. Did you get the key word here ?  Liberated with a capital L.   Try it . I dare you !!!

Should you prefer to wait till the sun is a bit warmer, then I dare you to come into Matsu and try a few pieces from the begining of the Spring 08 Collection of Comme des Garcons.  Absolutely wearable, NOW.

That would be a great way to introduce the lightness we are about to approach with Spring comming..  I also can clearly suggest purchasing a semi precious stone strung practically invisably on cord.. VERY simple… but light and just the right spark… You could even layer it with a Heather Moore necklace once you start that little addictive treat that I mentioned the other day…

Live a litte.  Spend a little and laugh alot. If it feels good, just do it.  I am just here for inspiration and guidance.

See you soon… let me know who sees the first Robin !