Smile Inducing Spring

As the month of March quietly passes through, we experience cooler temperatures again, powerful winds, and even an unexpected snow storm! We’ve endured four seasons within this one month. Life is not boring in this climate. As the weather acts up and dances through the month, signs of the awakening from the dormancy of Winter begin to poke through the ground. Plants eager to sprout, baby animals coming out of hibernation, and birds of all kinds, including the Robin, which I have seen have returned to their New England roost. We welcome longer and brighter days with open arms.

The month of March is the link between winter and spring. We think about fluffy little chicks, delicate pale colored tulips and how about after dinner mints! We begin shopping for lighter tones, in contrast to the Fall and Winter months when we gravitate towards deeper saturated ones, as well as jewel tones. These darker colors seem to provide a blanket of protection on our bodies. Spring, on the other hand, presents all sorts of colors that resemble the spring awakening of Earth. The newly sprouted fresh greens, baby birds hatching out from their shells. A Pastel palette begins to shed soft tones as we welcome the arrival of Spring.  Pale mint, pinks, yellows and greens are all examples of these tones.  The palette is soft, feminine and pleasant to the eye, opening our hearts for the new season embarking upon with the promise of warmer days ahead.

Color is light, and light is energy.  Color can stimulate, and excite us. It can also have a tranquil, calming peaceful effect.  The softer hues of pastels bring forth freshness and emerging energy from earth. These colors combined with neutrals create a feeling of sophistication and earthiness. You can’t help but feel happy. This is the time of the year for rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation.  There is also something very child inducing to these beautiful tones. Pick up a piece of chalk, and feel the sensation in your fingers. The results of playing with pastels either on textured paper or even a random sidewalk is freeing.  In allowing your fingers to move effortless, you are tapping  into your inner child. The sensations provoked are worth the experiment!


Updating your wardrobe once Spring hints can be a daunting task. Never mind the cost of replacing your fall-winter attire for lighter fabrics, there is this sudden urge to don lighter tones as well. All is not lost. Don’t fret! Introducing shots of pastels into your palette is easy. It can be done via scarves, clothing and even jewelry. Developing a collection within your wardrobe can create a fascinating and updated look. Majestic Filatures is a great label that offers just that. As the brand Ambassador in shop at Bloomingdale’s, I thought a descriptive was in order.  The Majestic  linens and lighter weight fabrics are offered in a bevy of tones that can easily be incorporated into your existing wardrobe for day and night. I can show you how. I am in Bloomingdale’s 4 days a week. My contact information is always available to you. The new Spring collection is scheduled to arrive this coming week. Take a peek below. You can see some neutrals, gentle brush stroke stripes and pops of color. This is a perfect example of how to incorporate these softer tones into your wardrobe now.  I suggest that you consciously begin to allow the ever so popular and over worn “color” black to fade from your daily wardrobe. Yes it is easy, but it’s not only boring if not worn with textures to create interest. Black also absorbs all sorts of energies you come in contact with. The feeling may be subtle or you may hardly notice, but hark… it’s there and can be draining from your own entire energy source. Hence, wearing pastels with other tones can begin to alter your seasonal wardrobe.  If you’re still uncertain how, I invite you to come into Bloomingdales, and I can help. Alternatively, we can set up a one-on-one private session. It is liberating and a very sensible investment. Working with your existing wardrobe first is a great place to start! No time like NOW.


If you wish to experience the energy of pastels, another option is through gemstones. I’ve just completed a unique one of a kind Talisman necklace using a fairly large Rose Quartz druzy stone, surrounded by a halo of diamonds, all of which are suspended from a hefty rustic looking sterling silver cable link chain.

An instant click will bring you to the page with complete descriptions, pricing and ordering ability. This could the moment I announce Aquamarine, the birthstone of March, instead however, I prefer to share with you another new piece of jewelry which reminds me of tiny fluffy chicks. Although I am referring to a brilliant yet subtle colored stone, this Rutilated Quartz necklace is perfect for Spring as an accent for your wardrobe. This piece is versatile enough to wear all year round, but exudes freshness to me.  The brilliant accent stones muted in the back ground remind me of Easter eggs. Love this piece!

Before I embark on food, I wanted to share another piece that I simply love. The Baroque pearl is upfront, and the whispering tourmalines are but an echo lying quietly in the background. How utterly romantic! Take a look below.  Pure, demure and shy. Pearls are wonderful to bring about new beginnings, as are diamonds. Spring exudes exactly this! As nature begins to sprout, color becomes more important in our lives. The dormancy of winter is dissipating, as the pastels begin to shoot up. You’ve heard me time and time again discuss the life that stones carry from earth. This is why they are healing when worn or held. The outcome can be profound. I love creating these pieces of healing art adornments for the body.


In keeping this blog post on the lighter side, here are a few creative concepts in which one can ingest pastel foods.  These foods are whimsical, enchanting and fun! First up in keeping with the season..

Easter Eggs:

Mint Ice Cream:

Subtle Seduction- French Macarrons:

Cotton Candy Classic: 

Oreo Cookie Finale:

How can you not smile? Hence, my smile inducing and joy inspiring blog post for March. It was fun. I hope you enjoyed it too. The longer and lighter days have just begun. As nature awakens, I hope it will inspire you to listen to your heart and soul. There is a bounty about to Spring out there. What will you do to celebrate?

Thank you for taking this journey with me. You all inspire me to write. That alone, is enough for me to be grateful for.

Thank you!

Yours in joy,



The Season of Vibrancy and the Great Pumpkin

Summer, I’m so sorry to see you leave! Actually, I lied. I am thrilled to see you fade. Your presence, these past several months, conjured way too much havoc on my soul. Too much heat. Too much fire. Not enough water. “Completely out of balance,” said my soul. I love you Summer, but am happy you’ve disappeared. For now. Sun, you are beautiful, especially during your sunrises and sets. You offer such pleasantries morning, noon and night.  The sunset below was on  the Fourth of July glowing over the Boston skyline.


Autumn, you are more than welcome!  Nothing stagnant about you. You are feisty as you move and change. You’re air brings a sense of crispness and finite freshness every day. You’re offering of such radiant colors  appear to be overflowing from a cornucopia.  The Autumnal palette is  captivating and  visually addicting. Everywhere you look this time of year, there is a promise of vibrancy and intesity. A visionary or artist’s most desired dream.img_3486

I am in love with you, Autumn. You offer so many different elements which enamour me. You are easy to embrace. You’re knack for titillating the senses, despite the time of day inspires me. Early morning- crack of dawn beauty the most subtly obvious. With it, comes  Dew. Fog. Clouds. Haze. Mist. The photo of the candles below portray our newest addition to our candle series. This collection is entitled VAPOR.  They are $30 each. 60 hour burn time. Beautifully packaged, and poured here in the US. These soy candles have a cotton wick, offered in 4 different scents.  Each one more delicious than the next. Here are the titles, their tag line and scents.

Dew- Glimmers of Promise- olive, lavender, eucalyptus, hayacinth

Fog- The Mystery of what’s Hidden – cassis, citrus peel, fir

Cloud- a hint from the Sky- lavender

Haze- Before Clarity Comes- cedar, jasmine, fig

Mist- A light kiss at Dusk – A light kiss at Dawn- cucumber, watercress, mint


In keeping with this season’s tricks are not only the great Pumpkin, but also some beautiful specimens of Squash. And so the story begins. Pumpkins and Squash are a fruit. They are nutritious, and versatile. They offer seeds, flesh and flowers all of which are edible and rich in vitamins. The notion of carving pumpkins into jack o’ lanterns  originated in Ireland hundreds of years ago. Back then, potatoes and turnips were used to carve them. When the Irish immigrants arrived in America and discovered pumpkins, the Halloween ritual was born. The photo below shows all sorts of squash and pumpkins. All are edible.


Pumpkins and squash are low in fat and sodium, high in fiber. They are good sources of Vitamin A, B, iron, protein and potassium. The varieties of these fruits seem to have increased in recent years. Each year, they seem to become more and more elaborate. Who knew?  Cinderella Pumpkins, Cinderella Squash, Blue Doll Pumpkins, Fairytale Squash to name a few. All unique in character.


The tonal offerings during this wonderful season never cease to amaze. Down below are what is known as Porcelain Blue Doll pumpkins. These exotic, eye-catching beauties are a haunting shade of blue with deep-set crevices distinguishing their personality.


My favorite recipe is roasting these fruits. Either butternut squash, or pumpkin diced small, piled onto a foil lined cookie sheet. Add diced eggplant, sliced fennel, mushroom medley, tomatoes, garlic and shallots minced. Sprinkle a generous amount of olive oil over the mixture, along with basil, oregano and parsley, French salt, black pepper.  Roast at 350 degrees. The flavors will meld together. While they are all roasting, be sure to turn gingerly with a very large spatula in order for the flavors to become dispersed evenly. Voila. I made this the other night, and a few days later added cooked long grain wild rice to the vegetables. The texture took on a new presence, and the flavors got sent into another dimension. Absolutely delicious!  Try it! The photo below shows butternut squash medley mixed with wild rice, boasting flavor and texture.


OCTOBER BIRTHSTONE… You lucky Librans! You get to choose between the traditional Opal and the alternate Tourmaline. Opals are beautiful because each gemstone is adorned with a one-of-a kind color combinations. Tourmaline is one of the most radiant gems in the market. It is a bit more contemporary with out the old lore as many other gemstones carry. Tourmaline is known as the peace stone. It is known to dispel fear and create a calmness for the wearer. It promotes inspiration, happiness and builds confidence. Available in a myriad of colors and various tones of greens, brown, aqua, deep teal, and rose-pink, red, violet, orange yellow and black.

img_0538 Fresh off the press, may I introduce you to Delilah.  18k gold, tourmaline briolettes and a large rutilated quartz creates this beauty. This Nymph piece will delight your eyes and adorn your neckline. The various tones of these faceted  gemstones dance around and in between each golden bead. The clasp in the back is also 18k gold. There is something so magnetic about this necklace. It is 16″long, and has the fluidity of a knotted strand of pearls.

img_0564I leave you with the following thought. Thank you, Mr. Rumi for your inner kindness and wisdom.

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-11-53-04-am I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey. If you are interested in purchasing any candles, or gems, please feel free to contact me! I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in joy,


The Cornucopia of Life

Late Autumn is here; nearly over. The golden, brick and brown hues of the leaves fallen to the ground and crisp sounds of the dried leaves underfoot, triggers childhood memories. The distinct scent of autumn satiate my senses as I stroll outdoors soaking up the invigorating air, enjoying my environment. Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.30.31 PM

The focus this month are appreciation and gratitude as we prepare for our Thanksgiving Holiday.           The word, humble stirs within. This is one of the most reflective holidays, planning our time with family and friends. Gathering, cooking, eating and playing, the day is filled with bounty. This is the true Cornucopia of life. This beautiful word is derived from Greek Mythology. It is the goat that suckled Zeus, and broke off becoming filled with fruit. Eventually, folklore wise, this horn would be filled with what ever the owner wished. The other term it came into being known as is a Horn of Plenty.Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.19.55 PM

I rarely have the pleasure of actually seeing a Cornucopia any more. The art of this centerpiece can easily be created, with little imagination, time and treats of the season. A bevy of seasonal food pouring out from the horn. A feast for the eyes, heart and stomach.

The two foods I find essential for creating a unique meal, with depth and meaning are figs and olives. The two were discovered in ancient times, with much presence and symbolism. Olives
Image-2  are regarded as a symbol of peace and wisdom. The olive is associated in spiritual workings with bringing happiness, purity and harmony. Olive trees provide food, nutrition, timber and  medicine since ancient times. Moses referred to it as “the tree of life”. Italians have been known to hang an olive branch over the doors of their homes to ward off evil spirits.

Olives are rich in Omega 9 monounsaturated fats, minerals, such as potassium, calcium, zinc and phosphorous. They are also rich in vitamins E,D & K.  I’ve been enjoying cooking with them in combination with both African spices as well as Italian herbs. Chicken dishes are the best with them as an added pop of surprise. By adding them to dishes, they create another dimension to the food, and my absolute favorite this time of year is bringing fresh figs into the mix.  Figs. Aren’t they beautiful? Design by nature.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 4.42.17 PM

Figs are a symbol of peace, plenty, and prosperity. They are an ancient fruit, cultivated for centuries and celebrated for their intense nourishment. Full of fiber, copper, vitamin B6 and potassium, they are  regarded as a sacred symbol. Allow me to dissect. The seeds are delicate, edible and abundant. Fig seeds signify universal understanding, unity and truth. Just think about those tiny little jewel toned specks unified in their purpose of creating more life. The tear drop shape body of the fruit itself, fills the hand with softness and subtle sensuality. The photos below reflect before and after. They are in their natural state, then I’ve sliced them drizzling olive oil and cracked pepper. They now can roast for about 20 minutes at 350. Wonderful accompaniment to salads, the deep pot chicken I referenced above along with the olives. Just luscious!Image-3The season brings us joy, and appreciation. It is the beginning of gift giving season. I am so happy to present some new products in MATSU now. More to enjoy, and enhance your meals. A great alternative to gift giving. Aged for 10 years, Balsamic Vinegar imported from Italy. $36. I suggest putting it to the creative test by chopping shallots and placing them in olive oil, heating until they pop. Add several tablespoons of Balsamic to it, with some herbs and whip as the heated olive oil mixture combines with the vinegar. Makes a great marinade and vinaigrette.
Limited Selection of delectable Olive Oil:Limited Selection Olive Oil imported from Italy $46.Use for dipping as is, or to enhance any meal.
Butcher Salt, with herbs laced through the heft grains of French Salt.Flavor packed Butcher Salt $24.Use on meats, fish, vegetables. Roasted or saute’. This salt is packaged in an industrial wood and metal 4″box. Included with the sea salt are rosemary, thyme, sage and marjoram.  These items are true enhancements to any meal, as well, as for your health.


Apropos to Thanksgiving week, and prelude to the Holiday Season, allow me to introduce a few pieces from the Cornucopia Nymph Collection! Here I’ve used pearls with delicate brass strands, citrine chunks and Tahitian pearls, knotted Tahitian pearls, green garnet, Tahitian pearls and garnet accents, lastly a Medieval Diamond Sphere on 30″ chain, again garnet accent. All rich with healing properties, and characteristics determined to adorn not only your body, but your soul and spirit.Image-7

In addition to the jewelry above, I have embarked upon a new form of designing, using natural gemstones right from Earth. These are naturally terminated – meaning uncut, not dyed, appearing in their natural state. Organic beauty. These are pendants, worn on a short or long chain. The yellow stone up front is Apatite, the fireball sphere is Hessionite Garnet, the Peacock colored stone is fluorite, and the other two which look like ruby, are in fact, raspberry Garnets.                      Cornucopia at its best!IMG_0376

News Break: TRUNK SHOW at Exhale Spa, 28 Arlington St. Boston will be held Friday, December 4, Saturday, December 5 and Sunday, December 6!.  I am thrilled to revist. It was an unfortunate set of uncontrollable circumstances due to severe flooding this past weekend that they had to shut down the entire facility. Stay Tuned for emailed invitation. And so until then, I will hold a Trunk Show at MATSU. Can’t wait to see you in either or both locations.

Wishing you all a Cornucopia of happiness, joy, peace and appreciation for this holiday season and into the new year!

Yours in joy and style,


The Treasures of Autumn

The light of day has altered considerably this month. I see darkness dip into the evening earlier and earlier. The true onset of autumn, begins, exposing what the following months will portray.IMG_0088 Crisper days approach, as we begin to notice the vivid reds, oranges, and golds of autumn and how they naturally paint the lingering trees. The leaves begin to fall on the ground, leaving trails of intense colors behind. The sounds of walking through the leaves is so reminiscent of child hood, sparking a sense of freedom from within.  Having the privilege of enjoying these nuances the treasures found and discovered during this season  can be inspiring and invigorating. These are places where creativity has the opportunity to emerge. The photo above and below are a real place, taken as the sun begins to set. The little white shape barely visible beneath is a swan. Her white feathers creating such a graceful contrast to the vivid tones in nature.IMG_0107Color is always around us. It has many psychological effects on our moods, emotions, attitude and behavior. Two main  categories of how this works is simple. Warm and cool colors.  The tones you see in the photo above can spark emotions ranging from warmth and passion, to possible hostility and anger. These warm tones of oranges, reds, yellows and gold are stimulating colors.IMG_0094 These colors are often associated with food and have the ability to enhance your appetite. The colors of fall, as intense as they can be, are so welcoming as the temperatures drop. Wearing these tones also help us to mentally stay warm despite waking to 41 degree temperatures in the morning. Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 12.05.50 PMAs I mentioned wearing these colors, the similarity in nature and my necklace are obvious!  I created this multi strand necklace using  hessionite garnet strands  and contrasted it with rich olive wood. Sort of like the bark from the trees and the leaves dangling gracefully as they await their turn to drop to the ground, covering what previously lies there. See the combination below. Earthy, with a touch of glamour and warmth.IMG_7152Triple strand necklace with 2 Hessionite Garnet strands, ranging from deep brick, to  golden-yellow tones. The olive wood off sets the gemstones by adding density, earth and grounding to this piece. Sterling silver vintage beads are dispersed throughout the deep rich wood. This marvelous oval pendant culminates all of the tones in this necklace. Measuring about 2″ in length, the healing properties of this Pietersite stone pendant connects you to your own internal guidance system, aiding in life’s changes.IMG_7149Pietersite. Tempest stone holding the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven by linking the spiritual realm with everyday living, dispelling illusion and assisting in the recognition of the beauty of the soul. Pietersite offers a mixture of both warm as well as cooler tones within the stone, and this one above is clearly the warmer version, keeping on trend with the subject in this blog journey; Autumnal tones. The necklace is  available at my shop, MATSU. Come on in and try it on!

Transitioning into my next topic, please allow me to  present another autumnal vision. Starshaped moss as the bed, with  vivid leaves lying on top of a natural state of beauty. Those brightly colored leaves are dancing on the moss.



Yes, you wanted me to replicate my perfume, but instead, after a 4.5 month study, research and experimenting, I am proud and pleased to present:  ‘d a v a ‘.  the Candle.  See the freshly poured production in the photo directly below. Next step: packaging. Can not wait to share the end product with you!IMG_0915This project has been one  major creative feat. From the unusual mixture,  balancing the layers of these components,  deciding on the color of the end product, and the packaging. Distributed through Eastern Accent, available in fine boutiques and salons throughout the United States, available for shipping to you directly from MATSU. $58.00 each, 60 hour burn time. Pure soy candle. They will be in store in time for late Autumn and the Holidays. Just another treasure in the day of the life of beauty.

I will be hosting a special Tarot Event next Sunday, October 18. See invite below. This is a unique opportunity which I am happy to share, and yes it too is an Autumnal treasure.Please contact me with any questions, or Diane Fraser to set up an appointment.     Matsu.TarotCardReading2Matsu.TarotCardReading2

It’s the little treasures in life that keep sparks in our heart, and vigor in our step.Please enjoy this  colorful season as nature offers her warm palette of  hues and scents.

Lastly,  are you feeling like you have nothing to wear? Closet filled with items but nothing seems to feel good on, or goes with anything else?Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 2.59.05 PM

The best way to really prepare yourself and your  wardrobe for this and the upcoming season is by having your wardrobe and closet edited. Yes, it’s confronting. Yes it’s tedious. Yes it is necessary. Yes, it is liberating. Once you decide, you won’t understand why you waited so long! Best money invested ever. I guarantee it. No job is too big. Please contact me for further information. My cell is 617.510.6369. or simply email me.

Enjoy this colorful season while nature performs.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at MATSU soon.

Yours in warmth & joy,


Beyond the Diminishing Hues of Autumnal Bliss

Yes, it’s really here!  Turning back the clocks early in the month was the first hint of the last days of Autumn. Pumpkin pies, Thanksgiving and visitors from afar all flocking to be with family and friends. This time of year is peaceful and unpretentious. I personally feel few expectations through Thanksgiving. As long as I don’t strive for utter perfection, the season can be very tranquil and calm. It is a rich season, visually and nutritionally. The days are also as simple as November’s birthstones: Citrine and Topaz. Both are very warm colors, just like the foods we cook, serve and eat for ourselves and loved ones.

There are so many places we can see richness in our lives – foods being several of them. As the seasons turn, the gourd family become much more available and popular. Below we see a lovely pumpkin pie. Other mouth watering options are pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin risotto, and pumpkin bread. This humble vegetable is an excellent source of carotenes, vitamins A, C and E. They also offer minerals, antioxidants and plenty of potassium.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 6.54.42 PM


One of my favorite seasonal foods is butternut squash. I love it roasted with garlic, herbs, and shallots. I’m a fan of savory flavors, rather than sweet. You can change the whole flavor by adding cumin, turmeric, and other Middle Eastern spices as well.  Look at these cute little cubed pieces of fruit. Yes, butternut squash is from the family of fruit. Rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants this “fruit” is so easy to prepare – especially when you can purchase them already cubed. Great time saver. Incorporating butternut squash into your diet can reduce inflammation-related disorders such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 11.55.17 AM

November is the last month we see of earthy colors, with the last of the golden brown leaves still attached to the bark on the trees before finally letting go. This fall was very rich, and I see a fair amount of these deeply hued leaves still hanging on. They don’t want autumn to end. We know what comes next. But not quite yet! This tree clearly is hanging on. I don’t blame her! She’s gorgeous. IMG_3219

As I’ve said, it is a rich season, visually and nutritionally. May I introduce to you the birthstones of November: Citrine and Topaz. Both very warm, golden colors, just like the foods of the season. I’ve used this stone of abundance in various fashions as you can see, below. I love it in contrast to rubies, love it with the warmth of olive wood and brass, and I cherish the unpolished deep honey hue stones when mixed with pyrite, sandalwood and Kali, the goddess of love.picstitch-2Citrine is a joyful stone with energy so bright lighting up many aspects of life for those who wear it. It’s unexpected luck can appear in your life. Citrine is known as a prosperity and success stone. It is said to promote and manifest success and abundance in all areas. Citrine combats negative energy, and brings positivity to the beholder. It can relieve depression, self doubt, anger and irrational mood swings. Who needs a pill? You can see these pieces on my Etsy Nymph Jewels site, for pricing, to purchase or for additional information.picstitch-4

Many have come to know the stone for the month of November called many things. Golden topaz, Madiera citrine and  Spanish topaz. The photos above reflect these tones. The top left photo is an adujustable necklace with huge honey tones citrine nuggets, along with a tiny cluster of Madiera citrines for contrast. The lower left photo are very lemony toned faceted citrines that are wire wrapped and have  black diamond accent bead. The necklace on the right is a combination of a large faceted topaz drop and a bevy of lighter toned citrines. I’ve added copper and a chizled emerald for more flavor. I elaborated on the nature and healing properties of citrine, because it’s one of my favorite stones to create with and to wear.

The key word that comes to my mind in November is gratitude. It’s an inward feeling of kindness received and an outward attitude of giving.IMG_4212

Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express this feeling. I try to remind myself to express this to all of those around me that have supported me. Beginning with my Mom and Dad who gave me this life. What I do with it is entirely up to me. The more conscious I am, the better quality of life I can live, and the more appreciated those surrounding me feel. Below, my 88 year old mother, a true creative inspiration, myself and my sister, whose patience in life is a lesson for me to strive for. I don’t like leaving out my other sibling, but have no photos of him- oh wait, I found one! He’s in he infant stage and I am not very far beyond it in this black and white family photo. I am very proud of his art, as a seasoned saxophonist, and dancer. Yes. We received these traits from my parents. Blessed, we are. Sometimes they are hidden and not so obvious, but grateful none-the-less, as the smallest of them are reason enough to be cherished.IMG_6798

I am so fortunate to have had a successful business on Newbury St for over 30 years. I am so fortunate to have had the experience in learning beyond what a boutique can teach you, which I acquired during my “reign” at Neiman Marcus. This was truly a full, head-on learning experience. I never knew how little knowledge I had within the corporate realm. I am truly grateful, for their patience and faith in me. I lived, learned and listened to my soul tell me it was time to move on down the road.

I then shifted gears towards what I thought would be more in line with what I knew and moved over to a smaller boutique in Newton, as many of you may know, Gilda’s. Although it resulted in my leaving after a very short period of time, I am very proud to have given it everything I had. In doing so, I learned more about me. My vision was very clear. It was not Gilda’s vision. My strengths appeared quietly but could not be applied in this environment. At first I was disappointed, but then realized this was a very clear sign that I was in the wrong place, as it was not serving my inner spirit. I am, however, very grateful for having been given the opportunity to shine there, but my light was unseen.  I move ahead, not looking back. IMG_6794

I am blessed, grateful and appreciative to all of those who believe in me and have supported me. What’s next? Listen very carefully.

I am relaunching MATSU. Yes, it’s true.

Details to follow.

Until then, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours in joy,





Oddly October

No so odd, really but as my awareness becomes keen with crisp air abound, I embrace the vivid hues dominating the season. These brilliant colors are seen everywhere. In nature, foods, spirit and in fashion.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.35.29 AMOrange is a combination of passionate red, and cheery yellow. It is an uplifting, optimistic and rejuvenating color. It exudes enthusiasm and is in my opinion, under used. Orange is an extroverted color and brings smiles to all ages. The color is warm and inviting. It inspires fulfilling conversation and stimulates social situations. On a spiritual level, this color is seen in varying hues throughout Eastern culture and religion.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 6.03.53 PMI’ve always questioned the color worn by monks. What I discovered that there really wasn’t a spiritual answer, but a practical one. In the early days of the Buddhist movement, the robes were made from found rags, dyed the least expensive way possible. Saffron was one spice used in dying. It saturated the fabrics intensely. Tumeric was another. Both produced an orange hue. Contrary to using inexpensive dying methods-Saffron was hand picked from the center of the crocus flowers. Consequently gingerly used through out, it became the signature color worn by monks. Its presence exuded the spirituality we now know.

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 8.22.21 PM

Autumn is the season for beginning to nest, hibernate and prepare for the winter months ahead: lighting fires, dimming lights and bringing warmth into the home. These actions all account for creating a cozy environment, radiating happiness from within. As we slowly creep into the darker months, we share more time indoors with friends and family. This inspires new recipes, and cooking styles. As we leave the abundance from late summer behind, the taste of heirloom tomatoes and their sweetness lingers. Time to invite the newly harvested foods of the season.

We all know eating rich colored fruits and vegetables fills your diet with antioxidants and other wonderful nutrients. Vitamins A and C are the most popular nutrients in these brightly hued foods, such as oranges, butternut squash, carrots, orange peppers, pumpkin, peaches, papaya, persimmon, and mangoes to name a few .


Orange foods help release the toxins and stress from the body by encouraging the system to become more efficient in the natural elimination process. This aids in relaxation and the release of unwanted waste products. Orange foods contain nutrients that support and maintain the reproductive systems. Lack of orange foods can be very obvious in physical constipation and other areas of stagnation. Writers block, joint and muscle stiffness being a few examples.

picstitchThe photos above all reflect tastes of the season. The top photo offers three stages of carrots. Raw, roasted and in soup. The same goes for the photo directly above starting with the pumpin still on the vine. Vitamin C and zinc in raw carrots provide an excellent combination to helap the body detoxify. Splendid! Eat your colors, everyone!

Opals represent the birthstone of the month. Available in varying colors, such as white, pink, black, blue and the 3 colors beneath. They appear both clear or milky.

I happen to love fire opals most. Fire opals enhance personal power, awakening inner fire and protects against danger. They symbolize hope, amplifies traits and brings characteristics to the surface for transformation. Enhancing self-worth, and helps one understand their full potential. Opals encourage creativity and interests in the arts. This stone has always been associated with love and passion, desire and eroticism. It is a seductive stone, that intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions. These loose opals show the intensity of the tones.  Opals treat Parkinson’s disease, infections and fevers. They also help strengthen memory. The colors are vivid, the stone is powerful.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 7.01.24 PM

There are several gemstones in this orangey range, such as carnelian, and Madeira citrine. All hold the energy of the sun.IMG_9074

Carnelian grounds and anchors you into the present reality. A stabilizing stone with high energy, restoring vitality and motivation.  This stone stimulates creativity, and is used for dramatic pursuits. This stone influences the female reproductive organs and will increase fertility.  A wonderful healing stone, clearing perception and strengthening the lower back.

October’s rich hues cover the earth, as the leaves fall and morph pre winter state. Before everything turns brown, and gold predictably, as they do in late autumn, it is time to embrace nature’s beauty once again. Don’t take it for granted because before we know it, the ground will be covered in white and even the faint tones of late autumn will fade.

October is a feisty month offering tricks and treats. I love Halloween-there’s no pretense, little expectation, and just plain fun. It’s when we can hide behind a mask and pretend. No questions asked. That’s when the inner child can come out and play without any hesitation! BOO!picstitch-2Enjoy the flavors, tricks, treats and colors of the season. Take nothing for granted and celebrate the life you were born to live everyday. It is precious and short. Let yourself radiate with the warm hues of October and please Save the Date ~ Sunday, November 16th, 1-5 PM, for my next Salon Event. Bring a friend, forward to a friend. If you are not on my email list, please sign up!

Happy autumn!

Yours in joy,


New Year’s Resolution- going with the juice.

The holidays are like a double edged sword. They bring pleasure and pain. They are peaceful, yet stressful. They are not what they were when we were children. We are responsible for our own happiness and now that we are "mature adults"; should know, that pleasure stems from within. Not with out. Not with material things. IMG_1437

 Coming from a retail background, and selling luxury brands and goods for years and years, what once seemingly worked, now does not.

I am in limbo- better use of term actually would be transition. In between holidays, life positions, seasons. This is so hard, and staying in the present is another way to accept what is.  Old habits bring the past into the present. Old habits can also indicate that fast forwarding into the future is a guaranteed way not to be in the present-preventing the future to unfold. Being in the mystery and the dark is the place where the "seeds" of life and opportunity germinate. I want to squirm. Finding peace here, means patience. This is not something that is natural for me. Never was. Perhaps one day I may get better with it, but for now, the best I can do is to acknowledge, practice and pay attention to signs, like the Cardinal below. I was certain it was an omen. This photo was taken when we had the snow on the pumpkins in mid October, but peaceful, nonetheless. IMG_7255

What is meant by practicing is really awareness. Consistently reminding myself to drop the expectations. Go inside my heart and soul. Nurturing both. Practicing can also take place on the yoga mat- enough to realize that the physical form is only 1 limb of Yoga. Taking it off the mat into my life will insure awareness. 

My new remedy, which is something that I took for granted is designing jewelry and playing with the stones. Feeling the stones, feeling the energy of the stones. Feeling the warmth that grows from the essence of the stones. Nymph. Does it. IMG_7443

My heart dazzles in the moment of watching others jump for joy while choosing a new necklace, bracelet or earrings. I have one client that is attracted to Rubies. I thrive on her excitement when choosing them. This is a tender moment. I can not find them quickly enough to replenish that well, honestly,I rather enjoy the rareity  and uniqueness of it all.

This is very gratifying for my soul to see how Nymph can quickly touch another's heart. This is so rewarding to me. This is how I  continuemoving forward, by listening to my own rhythm in  following my heart's journey. Yes, a creative outlet- following the juice.  The juice can lie within many places.

Cooking does it also. I took it for granted. I thrive on cooking for family and friends. Cooking with the foods in season is like choosing paint colors for a Watercolor, or what have you.

In this case, prior to Christmas I could not get the Italian tradition out of my mind. The feast of the 7 fishes.  I decided to combine them all. Not generally my style to cook, I often create the dishes separately, but this just seemed more bountiful and robust. Here we go; IMG_1445

Halfpound of lobster meat, half lb of shrimp- tails on, 3 scallops the size of my palm cut in quarters, half a dozen clams in shell, crabmeat, anchovies, and a small amount of flounder.

Next: 6 cloves of garlic and 1 onion minced, chili pepper flakes. Sautee until soft, add 2 cans of San Marzano crushed tomatoes.  Salt and Pepper. Simmer for about 45 minutes; lid on.

Dump all of the seafood into the pot. Just like that! It was amazingly festive and healthy. 

What does one serve with this ??? I think I need to create a cookbook-regardless, but these roasted vegetables- I create about 2x per week using whatever vegetables inspire me.  IMG_1439

The photo above includes: 2 small eggplants, quartered, 1 bunch of asparagus cut in 4per stem, sliced crimini mushrooms, thinly sliced fennel, petit carrots, and tons of minced shallots and garlic, rosemary, thyme and parsley. Salt and Pepper. Roast for about 50 min @350 degrees.  Bingo. Done! a wonderful accompaniment to meat, chicken, fish or pasta.

After the main course, I like offering the salad. It cleanses the palate and treats the stomach with freshness.  I was delighted to find Black Mission Figs, which  adds a magical touch and flavor to arugula. For the dressing, my signature is usually infusing extra virgin olive oil with shallots over the flame until they pop. Remove. Add 3 tablespoons of high grade balsamic, and a little salt and pepper. Whisk. Done. Yum.


Nearly all of the photos have a common thread. Reds.  Passion. NewYear, and beginings.

Happy New Year to all of my friends, family and followers. Be well. Keep in Touch, and I hope you enjoy reading my journey.

Yours in joy,


Morning after the full moon .July 16. Things I love, see and read

Good morning !

It is now the midpoint through July ! The moon last night was huge and orange ! What a feast through the eyes right down to the soul.

I spent the day in Brimfield, Ma. The Antique Fair was stimulating as usual. It was difficult at first. Why ? you ask ? because I went into it with expectations of searching for the " new product" for my life, /Matsu.

Once i dropped the expectation I was able to really be open to what was being offered around me.   These glorious antique bottles below simply sang to me. They reminded me of the  keys on a piano.. All perfectly lined up, yet with history. The hues of the bottles were so pretty. I didn't buy any, because I have been down this road before and stocked them at Matsu. I am not really a fan of repeat merchandise. At least not in this case. IMG_6440
 I I am strolling along, and then see the collection of porcelain hands all standing as though they were saluting, and I suppose they were ! They attracted my attention. If I didn't already own some of these porcelain hand forms, I would definately have purchased a few. I tried to use them for jewelry displays, years ago and somehow they just weren't conducive to that notion.  They were too "stiff "  to my eye. Here, however I delight in looking at them. IMG_6447

What a glorious day in Brimfield. The weather was crystal clear and a joy to be walking around searching for a discovery. IMG_6448

This photo just blows me away. I found a shopping cart filled with these porcelain "body parts". Erie, creepy and cool. I don't know why but I was fascinated with this pile of porcelain. We both know these are forms used for dolls. But, it sort of looks like something out of a horror flick. I suppose the head could be a vase, providing the bottom sealed.. ? just a thought.  I am now strolling some what towards the endless rows of glorified junk.   IMG_6450

I KNOW , you say what's the big deal ? Well honestly, these old very rusted decorative sheets of metal where beautiful . You could feel age, and history here. It takes years to achieve this tone, and quite honestly, the depth of it just really turned me on ! IMG_6453

 Here, we have what I consider to be an array of shapes all speaking to me in the tone of VINTAGE green. What are they ?  A pile of fences stacked up against weathered barn wood, and in the foreground is the tip of a cross that may have come from the outside of a church or religious structure. It has a beautiful patina finish, which replicates the colors of the gutters in Back Bay that have aged with time and weather. Just look up at a building and really pay attention to the details that we often neglect to notice on a daily bases.

This green for some reason just really resonates with my eyes, and my heart. ( of course green is the color of the heart Chakra ).. I find stones for my jewelry and just knew I had to use them in my collection. It feels like an antique coming into modern day fruition.  Sort of like digging up an old tomb, and the sense of being transported into another era, is something that I feel is achieved each time I complete a piece of Nymph. Look at the pieces below !  IMG_6418

 This 5 strand amazonite/gold necklace reminds me of Egypt. Old world. Beautifully carved amazonite pieces. nearly looking as though they were put together like a puzzle ! This stone is known to have a balancing effect on en's moods, and with it bringing calm. It encourages self~determination.  The color green comes from the copper present in the stone. IMG_6078

This is another piece I created. Rather heavy to the eye, and also on the neck, but for the right person ? it brings the sense of ancient time. The little antique silver "bells" add another dimension to this beautifully honed necklace. The citrine drop brings the energy of the sun to this amazonite necklace . Both pieces are at Matsu now. They both feel very old to me, and I consider the tone to echo the feeling of ancient times. Egypt, Rome, who knows.  

I count the days right now as I realize my scheduled trip to the West Coast comes closer.

I will visit my daughter and get a taste of the other side of the US. I have not been in Los Angeles in about 17 years. This ought to be of interest. I am excited to see Aya in her newly formed environment, scout retail stores and see what just goes on out there.. For my trip, I purchased some reading material.  It is no coincidence the book that jumped out is nothing more than ???

I am about to read the story about the life of the Queen. I can tell you that she married twice, both times to her brothers. Had children from other married men, and love jewels…… What a trip this will be !

I hope to see you all soon at Matsu, and also hope you enjoy this blog post.

You will hear from me as soon as I return from the City of Angels….

Until then, I remain

Yours in joy,


Spring is in the air.


Tonight I am hosting an event off the beaten path. I know that retail word often carries a negative connotation. Negative, in that any one owning a retail store, in the financial and economic environment we now are enduring, are more or less so fulfilled to have people, potential customers enter their environment. I have commented several times about the shift in this industry, and how much more difficult it is now than say back in the 1980's, for sure and also the 90s. Even in the beginning of 2000, the flavor of the beast was much sweeter.


As most of you know, I was asked to leave my prior location of 12 years . My landlord wanted me to relinquish Matsu, as we all knew it at 259 Newbury St. I was initially devastated, but instead, I creatively decided to turn this negative .. or so I thought at the time.. situation around, into an opportunity. I should have recognized that the universe was supporting me right from the start. The charming space I now occupy at 264 Newbury Street was empty and waiting for me. How fortunate. Being open to this, even with the in opportune timing…. Christmas, to be exact… I had 2 choices. Close for good, or dive forward. Obviously, I am here to tell you, I am moving forward. Sometimes  briskly, sometimes gingerly. Nonetheless, I am open and now welcoming Spring on Newbury St.

I have created a series of events for you all to enjoy. Yes, my motive is driving traffic to the new sacred space. My temple. More feminine, more me.

What a better a subject than that to have an influence of Venus ? Each planet symbolizes a part of our personality. Venus is our expression of love, desire, beauty and our deepest feminine nature. Venus is how we relate and how we attract and what we adorn in order to do so. When the Venus part of you is fulfilled, your heart feels it and is also happy !

This event ( now 2 evenings ago ) was a bonding time. The discussion  we shared of this ecstatic part of our nature, showed us a way to emerge with a deeper understanding of our heart's  journey through these joyful realms.  I learned why, personally being surrounded by beauty is second nature to me, and my journey is really to open up my space and share what I have learned through the years with anyone that steps through the door of Matsu, at this new location. I promise that you will feel as though you , too, have stepped into a seemingly sacred space, gallery/salon like.. oriented.

The scent, the ambience and the merchandise all coincide with Venus. I am not shy in self expression, seemingly yet deep down, the modesty I hold and the actual demureness is indeed evident once you step a bit deeper in conversation with me.



I invite you to come in and see what I mean. I also wish to inform you that we are very proud of the new collections, and here I show off some of the fabulous pieces designed by Calleen Cordero. All make right here, in the US.. Los Angeles to be exact. Her bags and her sandals have a tinge of rock'n roll with a touch of sophistication and pizazz ~ 


We have 3 styles of sandals in house right now and more on the way… ONCE the weather breaks, our toes will be screaming to be let loose. Sort of a freeing once we see the sunshine. It is coming. this prolonged rain really, is just a form of inner well replenishment. Easier to deal with and accept at some times than others.


Everything is so lush right now, and the tulips are saluting the sky. The lilacs are begining to wan down, leaving space for the Iris to shine. The peonies are about to poke through their tight little buds. What a magnificent time of year ! Just to remind me of the rebirth that Spring symbolically represents, I have the splendid opportunity to observe a robin out side my door, sitting on her eggs. I would lOVE to see the little babies hatch. I captured her nest, as she departed briefly to get food for herself as she warms these beatiful little jewels…. her non hatched babies in the shell. Brilliant.



I sign off now with the delight of knowing that Spring IS here, and we are all so happy that the weather will free our hears , aligning with Venus.

Should you desire an astrological check up ~ reading, please contact me at Matsu, and I will give you the number or contact information for a deeper understanding through Nikki Davis, my guest from the evening of Venus Rising. I have mentioned her in past blogs, just so you know.

Enjoy the light in the sky, and the rain. The alternative is snow, or fires, or drought… we are lucky each and every day. 


See you soon. Join us on Wednesday May 25, for what is next in our Event series. The evening focuses on the wonderfull designs and rare appearance of Susan Monosson. We hope to see you there. If you can't make it, don't hestiate to stop by and say hello. You will find me there nearly everyday. Calling for an appointment is also an option.

 I would love to see you.

Yours in joy,


Greeting the enchantment of Spring’s Rhapsodic Melody!


Spring : emerging from confinement through an outlet.;suggestion of abundance or ease of inception.

The season linking the transition of Winter and Summer.. as the temperature gradually climbs during the months of March, April and May. We wake to longer days of light, nearly 12 hours to be exact during this transition from hibernation to the awakening of our souls, and our lives. There is something to be said for darkness as it should soothe your souls, replenishing our inner well, but with the severity we all in New England have just persevered, I am certain we are now ready to celebrate the birth of this new season.


Rhapsody : an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm

Divine, I say ! All things pretty, fresh and free . That is the liberation that this season brings to me.

Sort of similar to the collection that Lily Bareth aka Lilith has portrayed in her current Spring/Summer Collection 2011.  Poetic, lyrical, dream like and fresh. Referencing the liberation of the 1930's era, Paris. the colorful collection is inspired by the Annees Folles era of Josephine Baker, as you can see her in the ad. I also shot the racks holding the collection at Matsu now. Very feminine and romantic, Lililth is easily adaptable to your existing wardrobe.. For a special occasion, or just simply to celebrate the welcoming of Spring celebration every day. Either way, you will feel rejuvinated and liberated by the pallet. Guaranteed.

As the winter months wane the anticipation of Spring is reflected through my creations of  newly designed Nymph.


The Etruscan influence is rather prominent for these current pieces. My heritage. The feeling of having been discovered in a mine, or underground and simply dug up from a clay like earth matter. The bracelets shown here are combinations of old world influencing my mind, and soul.  Unexpected combinations are created to design these fine wrist adornments. I have used rare stones, such as faceted deep jade combined with emeralds and gold, old bone used in conjunction with baroque pearls,  and antique gold accents. The diamond accents add richness and royalty to the bracelets. All are limited quantity if not one of a kind.


I felt like Peridot and Whiskey quartz, also known as bear quartz lent themselves to the pallet of the season. They accent anything with verve.

Peridot, a bit more common than the whiskey quartz, as most of us know is the Birthstone for August. The tones vary from fresh green with a little yellow tint, bottle green, and olive green. This stone emits a warm, friendly and happy energy bringing openess and acceptance.


The triple strand necklace has antique silver bead accents. One of a kind, I think it is slightly ethnic, but can be easily incorporated in any wardrobe. These tiny chips create an elegantly wearable  and comfortable piece.

The Whiskey quartz necklace has an accent strand of warm toned garnets. It being the smallest millimeter on the necklace. The unusual diamond focal bead is an unexpected combination, which I though brought uniqueness to this necklace. The antique silver clasp is my trademark, as are the little stones that dangle in the back of the neck at closure.  In some cases, the clasp can be turned around and visible from the front, or side as the stones that dangle add and ease of elegance.

Whiskey quartz brings clarity, balances energy and enhances self esteem. The rich hue obviously resembles the tone of fine whiskey.

Love is in the Earth. Love is in the air. This is the season to embrace more light, more warmth and the re birthing of nature. Watching it unfurl makes us slow down and smell, see and feel.


Inviting you all in to see the shifts my soul and mind has created  inside Matsu a new, and to play with me at 264 Newbury St. I welcome you in to see the new collections with different flavors than those of seasons past. Promise ! I look forward to see you all.

Yours in joy,