Celebrating Life after Loss

If you haven’t been here, it is inevitable that at some point you will be. I never thought my Mother would actually leave this plane called living. I had her my whole life. She was tired and her life journey was nearing the end. I felt it when she would take verbal inventory with me in conversations prior to her death about her mother creating beautiful frocks as a child with imported fabrics from Italy. All hand made. The best dressed child in her era. She grew up to be a very spicy lady with grace, elegance and style. It wasn’t until the 70’s that she began to paint. Her medium of choice was oils and acrylics. I now am the proud owner of many of her paintings. Her spirit lives on. I feel closer to her now than when she was dimly fading in this life as we know it. Below is one of her creations. She called it Pompeii. Having taken her talent rather for granted back in the 70’s, I can tell you, now I cherish it. This piece hangs in my home now.

Manifesting reality from a dream

My Mother’s death instilled a form of inner courage and confidence within me I didn’t realize I was capable of. One fine evening in July, three weeks before she passed –  I reverted back to a musician’s voice I discovered on a Claude Challe CD in 2008. I was still producing fashion shows at this point for Matsu. Little did I know how powerfully this man’s breathy, angelic voice would later influence me. I must have been the one to raise the views on You Tube by hundreds as I watched it on multiple occasions. In watching and listening to Jehro, I began to question, why? What was it about this music that brought me into my self? It triggered all of my-selves: my childhood self, my teenage-music major self, and my artiste adult self. I simply felt magical at the sound of his voice. So much so, I Googled his place of performance the following morning and made the discovery that I could take this mental fantasy that spoke so strongly to my heart and turn it into a reality. My desire to be in his presence-creative energy-was stronger than that of the fear of the unknown or doing nothing about it at all. Mom’s passing shone a new light on my life.

Fast forward. I woke up the following morning with a strong will to locate where Jehro was going to perform next. Voila! After some research, I found him on the program to perform on November 24 at Cabaret Sauvage.

I got tickets (with the assist of my fluent speaking French friend) since the ordering was all in French online. Bingo. Scored. Next, I contacted him through Messenger. I completely put myself out there. I shared with him my “vision” to fly to Paris to hear him. He responded and welcomed me. I was momentarily star struck just from receiving a response. A lovely one at that. He was flattered. I was shy and beginning to realize just what this push meant. It will be uncomfortable. I will be attempting to accomplish something very foreign and clearly beyond my own comfort zone. I had no choice but to push through. The initial contact was made in July. This is what you call serious planning!

Paris et moi

Within the very French “bordello style” musical venue and the dimly lit room, the stage comes alive with his talent, voice, guitars and drums. I was finally in the place I dreamed of since last summer. Meeting him backstage after the show was one of the most exciting moments I’ve experienced in my life. Submerged into another culture with all strangers in one small room, where he was the center of attention-having just completed a stellar concert. The Cabaret has many years of history. The decor was slightly raw but reminiscent of a dinner club.  The smoke filled circular room added ambience as the lighting changed colors throughout the evening. If you’d like to hear this magnificent magical voice click here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpZJ59CtlSc

And here we are. Back stage. I’m starstruck, and I think he’s over-the-top flattered. We continued on for the night along with his  bandmates into Bastille, sipping Bordeaux and Chartreuse until 4 am in the morning. This adventure will never be forgotten.

The original focus of my trip to Paris was to heighten all of my senses. Prior to meeting Jehro, I filled my afternoon with another sensory distraction: the art of creating perfume. The notes and composition of the scents are not unlike those of writing music or playing an instrument. The correlation was intense.

The Art of  Creating Scents

There were only 3 of us in this workshop, to my delight. I wound up creating a scent unlike my trademark woodsy patchouli, sandalwood and fig candle. I will always embrace the mood this aroma captures. This makes a wonderful holiday gift — for yourself or someone else! Below is a very accurate description from my press release:

Laced with the lush combination of wood, spice and fruit to create a sultry and rich, earthy aroma that will transport you to a mysterious and intoxicating faraway land. Awaken the allure within through this sultry flame… The power of scent has been used to relax the mind and clarify thoughts for hundreds of years. The soft, warm, smooth, and creamy arboreal scent of these oils evoke the warmth of the earth which grounds us and asks us to stay in the present, allowing other cares beyond our control to slip away. The heart and crown chakras expand and the root and sacral chakras align with the heart to release obsessions, insecurities and jealousies so we may live a fuller life.

This scent has become an internal part of my DNA.  Yet I felt compelled to try another approach to my repertoire, as I approached the table in this very Parisian Parfum Studio.

What I chose from the  plethora of offerings was to go towards a more feminine scent. Hence, Pink Pepper became the star note, with a slightly more feminine note of rose, combined with incense. The interesting thing for me was experimenting with the ratios of these oils in order to fulfill the “vision” of my nose. The surrounding environment was held in the director’s perfume studio. Essentially it was beautiful apartment/flat with wonderful floral drapery grazing the ground over floor to ceiling windows. The ambience was inspiring and perhaps was what led me to the idea of adding rose into my mix; perhaps a bit unexpectedly, but with delight!

The interpretation of the art of the scent is extremely personal. The basis for a perfume or oil consists of a top, middle and base note. The art of the composition is also personal. Molecules are formed through nature and the combination of the chosen scents, have endless possibilities. The elements are composed of several categories such as: citrus, floral, fruity, green, oceanic, oriental, spicy and woody. If you know me, my tendency is towards the woods; deep, dark and mysterious.

This trip was beyond nurturing. I was completely in my element being exposed to such high style everywhere. I was also struck by the history and architecture, from the beautiful skyline to the cobblestone streets. Experiencing Paris at night is one of the most romantic and engaging scenes ever.  From this view I saw it all! This was truly a self-indulging affair which I can thank my Mother for. She gave me life and taught me how to live it to the fullest. In doing so, I learned to nurture myself, and those around me will deeply benefit.

The Nurturing Pearl

Shame on me! I admit. I stereotyped the majestic pearl. I thought they were preppy. I thought they were boring. I often thought they lacked complexity in healing properties offered.  It wasn’t until I cleaned out my Mom’s jewelry box along, with my sister, that I realized how healing these creatures from the Oyster are! My Mother had tons of pearls. Some costume, some real. Regardless, as I handled them in organizing the array that lay before us, they continued to ask to be fondled. Their round spherical smooth shapes were conducive to having a tranquil effect on my hands, then grew into my heart. After all, I had just lost my Mom 1.5 weeks prior to when I arrived down South to sift through her home. We started within her drawers and as I mentioned, her massive jewelry collections. This opportunity re-introduced me to the wisdom and beauty of the pearl.

Since I returned from Florida after this challenging yet necessary feat, I began visualizing pearls in my head- to the point that I am compelled to find some beauties and drill them, and create earrings first, so they would be on me at all times. I then somehow stumbled upon a collection of primitive looking baroque pearls ranging in colors, sizes and shapes. I made several long single strand necklaces to be worn as a talisman and an elegant accessory on the body. I even placed stacking roll-on bracelets into my collection with 18k gold bead accents on them as pictured below. The photos below depict several different pieces available in my Atelier and also in my online shop Nymph Jewels.

I have not been able to remove the sensual pearl earrings from my ears in months. There is indeed something beautiful about their simplicity and understated elegance that works with each and every other piece I wear. As far as the wardrobe goes, this too is a wonderful backdrop for any pearl necklace I decide to wear on any given day.

The mystery of the pearl runs deep. In Chinese culture, it is said that pearls fall to earth when dragons fight in the clouds. Dragons are often seen with a pearl in their mouth or claws- which is a symbol of immortality, luck and magic. Western lore, on the other hand, holds the pearl as the stone of Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon and wild magic. Worldwide, the magnificent pearl has been said to have the kind of legendary, mystical, restorative and healing powers that have fired imaginations for centuries. Pearls have been associated with the Moon and femininity, along with the fact they are grown underwater symbolizing emotions. Pearl energy represents innocence, purity and integrity. Due to their natural beauty, wearing the pearl is a natural attraction for bonding friendships and for love. From another standpoint, wearing the Pearl instills the bearer in accepting love, self love and nurturing. It’s no wonder they simply feel good to the eye and actual touch. There is no such thing as wearing too many pearls. They love one another and will love you for having chosen them to become part of your life.

Pearls will always now bring my spirit and soul close to my Mom’s spirit. This is most likely why I have worn mine daily, and have been encompassing the pearls into the Nymph Collection. Never a trend, always in style. They are the true form of classic elegance. Thank you Mom! I love you and miss you. I know you are up there watching me. You’ve inspired me in this lifetime. I promise not to ignore any inner signs from the universe, or the cloud formation because I’ll instinctively know it is you.

Yours in joy,

A Trio of Inspiring Journeys

What winter? This season has definitely made it easy for us to move around  in an uninhibited fashion. This rare weather has cooperated with us resulting in less fear around falling icicles or black ice, just to name a few. As a result of this mild winter I’ve been fortunate to experience the ease in traveling. No storms brewing to delay flights etc. The first journey, begins with the New York Gift Show Accent on Design, held in early February. People shop and scout replenishing their empty stores as a result of the Holiday mayhem. They are creating while re inventing their look for the season upcoming. The same holds true for those with e-commerce sites. It’s always a thrill to help these buyers and possibly inspire them to purchase items they may not have known existed before! This is a very creative period for us.

For this season,  we went with a malachite effect on the walls.  The deep green hues were applied in a way that gave the walls an authentic gemstone like effect.  This could  very well become our new signature color. We basically created a 4 day Pop Up shop. Then the tear down. The complete process is a lot of work, but very fun, stimulating  and inspiring – especially seeing  the buyer’s positive feedback. Our wares include hand-made brass table top utensils, seen below, several candle collections, skillfully crafted make up brushes, porcelain cell plates as seen on the top shelf in the rear of the booth, to name a few. I begin to wind down, and travel back to the Boston area once the show is over. Then the processing order time frame begins.
IMG_3587Three days later, I wind up in a place I have promised myself for years to attend. This year I did.

I found myself in 87 degree dry heat amidst the mystical gems of the Tucson Gem Show. The vibration and frequency from this show continues to resonate within me.  I think the crystals were performing their magic! I know I felt it! How could one not?

The single terminated crystal quartz  display below is one of millions shown. These are the most common type of crystal, with a single six-sided point at one end. They are used to charge the chakras or to disperse negative energy. Crystals remain extremely popular for their beauty and therapeutic healing properties. Clear quartz crystals hold the vibration of White Light. As we open our higher chakras we become receptive to that Light and to the crystals that embody it.

IMG_1130On my journey, the next discovery was such an unexpected find. As many of you may know, I have been incorporating Herkimer Diamonds into my collection of Nymph. They are diamond like, due to their natural facets and their clarity. How do they grow? I wondered. What does it look like?

IMG_1077Here, above you can see a large chunk of Earth. The Herkimers have lodged themselves into the crevices of this mass. They are discreetly suspended within the crevice. I have an example of this at MATSU so you can actually see it with your own eyes. Herkimer Diamonds are raw quartz crystals mined in Herkimer, New York. Believed to be nearly 500 million years old, each stone naturally formed with eighteen facets, six sides and two points. The diverse crystal appears with a number of mystical inclusions, adding to their value and character. These stones are ascension stones. They can take you to the highest spiritual vibration possible while still being in your physical body. This stone energizes, enlivens and promotes creativity. Below I show a finished piece of jewelry as an example. From Earth to  body adornment. These beauties swing from 18k gold ear wires. They catch the light with every movement. These are available with many more styles on their way. If interested please contact me!


The grand finale for me was my acquaintance with this enormous gemstone. Cool to the touch, feeling a sense of security and magic all at the same time, as I hugged this beautiful rock.

IMG_1187Time to go. Heading North by car, it was impossible not to gain sight of the terrain. So different from the East Coast. Dryness, cacti and arid vegetation all over and forever it appeared.  I had the sense that John Wayne or Clint Eastwood were about to gallop out in front of my car on a horse being chased.  To my disappointment, this did not occur. Instead I feasted my eyes on all of the  new scenery and simply enveloped the vegetation. I knew Sedona was near, but it wasn’t until the car seriously approached these majestic mountains that I was completely awestruck. Looking like an oil painting, I had to pinch myself into reality. And, yes it was indeed real. This trip was so inspiring on many fronts. So much beauty, right here in the USA. Before I take you back to

IMG_1332           East Coast reality, please allow me to share this unique dining experience in Sedona. Driving by, my eye caught this amazing rustic structure. It sits high up on a mountain and if that isn’t enough.. the spectacular views from the veranda and dining room makes a creative canvass for the unusual them and menu. MARIPOSA;  A Latin inspired grill captivating nature surrounding the grounds as it also entices the stomach. It was truly a delicious experience. I strongly suggest you visit this or any of Lisa Dahl’s other dining establishments when in Sedona. You may click on the link http://mariposasedona.com for additional information. The food, views, service and hospitality was spectacular. I grew very fond of JB Mariposa’s Maître d’ rather quickly. His gracious demeanor and charm was just enough to inspire me to share this with you. Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.58.24 AM

And the view from the veranda.. Simply breathtaking!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 8.03.08 AM

Next up: Fashion Coterie. Market for Autumn/Winter 2017. Back to East Coast fun.


With arrivals beginning in late July, I chose the hues, shapes, textures and styles for the next season. Ordering 6 months out. I was so excited about the tones I saw. It’s been a while that deep midnight blue has appeared  in fashion. I was delighted to see it in the collections done  by most of the designers I was attracted to. You can expect seeing that tone again at MATSU, in combination with Ochre, Deep Green, Bordeaux, some bright shots of deep Pinks, and finally harmonizing all the tones a deep Charcoal Grey appears. Harmony! Look at the bevy of color below. These scarves are all designed in Paris, made in India. They each tell their own story.ImageOn the Nymph front, I would love to share one of my newest pieces. It’s a locket filled with diamonds! I’ve paired it on a simple sterling silver oxidized chain. The choices are 18 or 32″. A small garnet briolette is the “garnish” accent for this piece. It’s brand new, as I’ve just turned out another collection. Most of it is complete, just waiting for the weather to break so I can shoot outdoors. Do you like it ? It’s royal, rich and brings creativity and enhancing the new directions your goals are to take you.

IMG_8670What would my blog posts be if I didn’t add some nutrition? I made this last night. Salmon in Parchment. The flavors simply melded inside the parchment. Cooked at 375 for about 45 minutes. The original recipe from Martha called for leeks. I thinly sliced leeks, tiny red tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, added fresh tarragon, black Moroccan olives, salt, pepper , olive oil, drizzled white wine, sealed the paper with – staples, and voila! Delicious. All the flavors permeated together and the end result was simply amazing! Served with sautéed okra with garlic and shallots accompanied by wild rice. Yum!

IMG_1609 I started out with a shorter concept, but it kept growing. How can I leave anything out ? I can’t! My goal was to share my experiences with you, and I hope you enjoyed them. I look forward to hearing from you all!

Can’t wait to see you again in my shop once my abbreviated hours are revised. Until then feel free always to give me a call. I am happy to meet you at 92 Boston Post Road, in Sudbury. Here is my number. 617.510.6369

Yours in joy and style,


Funny how life is. Just listen, and it will speak.

 The trials and tribulations of the season upon us, or me at least.

I get hit with 4 torn lower back ligaments. Not able to walk. Nor sleep. Nor sneeze. Sound familiar to any of you ???

Just think, and plan and dream. This is the time for me to be patient. This task comes to me as a test for my stamina, and ease to surrender. Being a doer, I now must simply be. Allowing the tissue to heal, and staying put and listening for what could be next.- in the life phase, that is.

To ask for guidance and listen very very closely for answers. They may not appear as I expect. That is one trick in moving ahead. Not really a trick, but certainly a treat. There are lessons when things don't go as expected, or as we wish. I was near "crippled" last weekend. I thought I over stretched in a yoga class. I few to Los Angeles in this state. The plane does not cooperate. I had no idea how much worse the pain would get until I arrived at my destination. IMG_1826

So thoroughly excited to see my little 21 year old. All grown up and taking care of her Mom and Dad. Driving around the city of angels as though she always lived there. She has grown naturally accustomed to all of the nuances of the city, including being in the car for way too long. Another back hindrance for me- another test of my tolerance. IMG_1835

We managed to escape to Southern California and saw sights unseen by us. The beaches were beautiful. Even in the pain I was in, I managed to mentally escape. The air was brisk, the sound of the waves crashing was so soothing. What is it about the sea?  The vastness. The limitlessness. Just truly amazing. The most unusual thing were the noises were heard from the sea. Low and behold- we followed the sounds and wound up staring endlessly at the :  piles of sea lions, which we thought were adorable, but later learned that they were a complete menace and parked themselves also, on the Yacht Dock, creating a barrier for those boat owners to actually enter their boats. How unfortunate.  IMG_1849

This trip to LA was not as mentally invigorating as I anticipated- due to my condition, but none the less, the difference in terrain, climate and driving skills ha ha one endures out there clearly added to his adventure.

April brings Spring, the birds and new beginnings. This season as beautiful as it is, still has a chill in the air.

Not quite ready for 85 degree weather yet, although we had that tease a few weeks ago. I found myself inspired to shoot oodles of photos of Nymph jewels for my website and for Etsy. I love shooting when the sun is setting and the natural light is caught on the surface of the stones. I have posted many photos on Face Book, Pinterest and also the Etsy Site. The Birthstone for April is the Diamond. Those brilliant little "tears from the angels" above, an often used  reference.  Available in many forms, I portray 2 versions here of which are for sale through the Etsy site, or you may contact me through my blog. IMG_8016
 These little diamond slices are intricately placed in 18k gold settings. The ear wires are also 18k. Very sweet. the are about $585- from memory. I also have an emerald jade bracelet with a diamond focal bead. One of the first I ever created- I love the vintage tone of these green spheres mixed with the Victorian diamond bead setting. This bracelet is $485. IMG_8093
 Love this shot ! Love the bracelet. Diamond is the symbol for purity. It's pure white light can help you to bring your life into a cohesive whole. It bonds relationships. It also is an amplifier of energy. The diamond clears emotional and mental pain ( how about physical ??? haha). Reduces fear and brings about new beginnings. ( what this month's blog post is all about ) It is a highly creative stone, stimulating imagination and inventiveness. 

I sign off on this blog post wishing you all a wonderful Passover, Easter or which ever it is you celebrate and if neither- certainly, Happy Spring!

I welcome your comments, and also feel free to email me at Dava@davamuramatsu.com with any questions, or queries.

Until I write and share again, I wish you all a wonderful Spring!


Yours in joy,


Parisian sights Edition II


Hello to you all !  I just was dying to continue my Parisian post, but honestly couldn't motivate myself with the skies so relentlessly gray and dark. Rain pouring each and every second of the day since late last week.



I awaken this morning with daylight. The skies are blue, and the air is crisp. The tulips no doubt are so happy. And here I am speaking for the sake of saturating my own thoughts, and hopefully teasing yours. !



The photos reflect a spark that triggered my curiosity.  Otherwise it's simple. They inspired me. The juxtaposition of colors, or tradition with non traditional style. The city of lights is re known for the energy, and when I am in it, I try to absorb, all of the sights like a sponge. I often feel like a little girl in a candy store.. I share with you my sights.




What's next ? I will revert back to what is hot, and what is necessary for your Spring/Summer must haves. All… available at Matsu.  But for now ?  Let's just delve into my life as I see it, in Paris.  I hope something in any of the photos inspire you !  I want to hear from you.

Yours in joy,


From France to Florida


Traveling amazes me. You never know what you will learn, experience or find. The sense of adventure is always a surprise. I like that. Traveling with your mind wide open enables this to happen.


I have just returned from Paris, buying scouting and searching for new trends, classics and staples such as music and wine. This was for the Spring 2010 fashion and accessory market.
Yellow door

My photos will explain some of my experiences and discoveries. I invite you to take a virtual stroll through my weekend in Paris ! I am thrilled to share this with all of you. It gives you some secret insights into what stimulates me and the origin of my frolic-ky mindset . Play. I sometimes don't know when to stop. Not a bad place to be when I think about how I allow myself this mental emotional and soulful freedom ! Think of the alternative. Being locked up inside.  NO !  Never !  Artichokes


I am between one trip and nearly ready for the next, being tomorrow. I am flying to Sarasota with my bags overstuffed with all sorts of finds such as stones, diamonds, wood and relics. These components are what will become the next edition of my jewelry line Nymph. Stay tuned folks. You will be seeing the next series of photos, and the jewelry will be available  by the weekend of October 16 Th. There will be a party kick off preview showing at Boldfacers studio at Fort Point Channel !  Check their website for details. Hat

Pink tightsgirl

I am altering my blog releases beginning this week. I will send out a tiny e mail blast announcing each release. I hope you enjoy reading  and receiving the news. This is a new strategy. I was asked to send an awareness e mail out to drive people to the blog since they would never know otherwise what is happening. 2botys

Many have asked me why I am no longer at Matsu full time, and anyone in business knows what kind of effort and energy, not to mention stamina it takes to run a business and keep it fresh all the time. My wonderful staff supports me, and this has given me an opportunity to generate other delightful things and projects, such as Nymph, for you. I am grateful to everyone supporting me in this.I hope you enjoy these photos. Stay tuned for what's next. Yours in joy and spirit, Dava

The old and the new.

I often catch myself teetering to and fro with how searching, scouting and discovering plays into my life and career. The hunt. The adventure around it all. Merchandise, furniture, scarves, jewelry. They all serve a purpose, but my deepest commitment is to share, spread and stage what I find onto the plateau of retail.  The real goal is to tap into people's hearts as well as their spirit.

I am consistently inspired to seek. Despite my state of mind, or the physical state I am in, which covers New York, New Hampshire and Vermont most recently. I am drawn to beautiful things both old and new.


What this teaches me is bringing a style, a flair and an appeal to the collection that is housed at Matsu. The choice is key. The editing is the most challenging part of scouting, shopping, seeking and discovering. The choices that result in this creative process I would like to think are what  motivates and also inspires our clientele to keep coming in for more.  The feeling  experienced along with the haunting scents create the ambiance and the memory., I would like to think this; the culmination of  where the old and the new merge is the result of what triggers the senses of anyone that walks in the front door, hopefully. There is such a feeling of achievement once the decision to choose an item is made. Most likely, because of the heap it was discovered in, or the condition of it. My imagination is stimulated because I can really feel the possibility of success and the potential pieces have. Removing them from their original environment and creating a new one is the key sharing it's potential. I am speaking of a chair that may have been hiding in a large pile of junk, or a cashmere scarf that is hanging with another 40 colors. Just the mere choice of discovering one piece in the mass is what I consider to be the most rewarding feeling. Then to share it on a larger scale, makes me feel so good, and then to have that spread into the lives of many, is so rewarding.


These are just some of the thoughts that trickle through my mind,and I share the process of how one gets merchandise to the state that it is discovered in by you, at Matsu.  I include some of my recent discoveries, and the state they were found it. It is astonishing how the before and the after transcend.


I hope you are all curious now, and will indeed visit us soon ! This makes my heart and mind smile, I am here sharing it with you, and hope you experience it too !

Yours in joy,


Life after Florida with Spring approaching

Whew !!!   Just the break  I needed.  Well deserved, and grateful for it.

The visit to Sarasota, was an early in the season one, or late  depending on where you reside. For us New Englanders, late in the winter season, just when we begin to wake up from the long hybernation. Long dark cold days, nesting and nurturing the soul. Roasted foods, soups and stews. Comfort food. Soothing our lives indoors. That is what winter brings to my mind. 


The early part ?  That would be how the Floridians consider their climate at the moment. My  daughter and I … obviously from the North; few of the only ones on the beach. Who cares?  The visit was all about life cycles, my dad ailing, my mom struggling and Aya and I visiting.  My attempt to nurture my family came through by cooking for us all, and during the day trying to soak up the sun, sea, sand and sky. Ahh…    Such a relief from the winter we are all experiencing, and I know we are all done with it. !

 How do we prepare for this upcoming over due Spring ?  Think Spring ! Colors, lighter clothing, longer days. The food shifts to more greens, Seasonal  artichokes, asparagus, arugula, yum.


New pieces for our wardrobe. Adorning our bodies. Yes. The newly arrived Lilith  Spring collection pictured here. The clothing tones look like the buds in the spring on the trees, and their shapes like poetry on a page.  We welcome you to come into Matsu.  We know you're out there.  Slowly emerging from the winter slumber.  Enliven your soul, visit us soon.

yours, in joy,

dava muramatsu

Paris, Here After

 I love the feeling that I have once returning from this flight from Paris to Boston. Aka… Jet Lag. What it does is heightens my awareness due to my body and eyes opening at 5 am. Rather than allowing my mind to race, I act on the thoughts that are generating as I lie in bed. 


 Paris always has an inspiring effect on me, and depending on my state of mind, where I take the thoughts are often spontaneous. There is something about the City of Lights that energizes me from the inside out, from my Psyche to my heart.  My mission is always to bring some of this back here, to Boston through thoughts, words, feelings emotions, photographs and then generate the creative end through the merchandise and flowers in my life and at Matsu.


This is all about what inspires me, and since I am so easily seduced by anything that triggers MY senses, my goal is to trigger yours as well. Don't be afraid. I know, to some it is scary, but don't be.  Anyway we are approaching Halloween, and if nothing else, that alone can give you permission to experience the world through these words.  I experienced many adventures, but would like to edit some and share them with you here.  I spent Friday evening at dusk ,photographing some of the Aero space exhibition on the Concorde, and near the American Embassy. The black bat like looking American spy air craft especially caught my eye. I found it sensual in shape, and no wonder, it was designed to hover and hide in the sky. Just look at this ! It looks like matte rubber! I have never known myself to particularly enjoy airplanes, but this just blew me away. The other photo is a French Fighter Jet. Just look at the nose of this gorgeous piece of machinery !

On to Buddha Bar. Yes, a tourist attraction, I know but I may as well share my secret here.  I met the DJ, Sam Poppat about 4 years ago at the first Buddha Bar to have opened. I walked right up to his booth.. ( courageous ) Tall very dark, Indian, and intimidating… Little did I know at that moment how this aquaintance would alter my mind in music for a long time. He was the producer of the 8th edition of the world reknown music CD series, and as the talk of opening in New York City, came about , he traveled there to DJ. It was here that we began this dialog that I understood, and absolutely became enthralled with his music style, choices and the energy of the music. He then cut several CDs for me, and this past weekend, one more. I can honestly say that his style, and  flavor of  music just sends my heart spinning. At Matsu, this music is often played, and my newest addition has yet to be released here. I am enclosing a shot of Sam Sipping Bordeaux at midnight in Paris is like drinking water here. Healthy, and clean. So, shortly thereafter, I departed back out doors in to the city that never sleeps.  And, being there I barely did as well.

The Spring Summer Collection 09, of Comme des Garcons was carefully chosen and edited for my wonderful clientele on Friday morning. More romantic than I have seen in the past seasons, and my selection will be available come this March. Soft fluid light weight velvets in rich bordeaux and Charcoal greys, as well as sensuous silk chiffons. I was pleasantly surprised, Rei Kawakabo's look is usually very graphic, heavy and often a bit stiff, therefore in working with it from season to season, I  place you all in my mind, and myself as well in forecasting What would I like to wear next Spring ? what is fresh ? what feels good ! and there you have it.

On Saturday evening, my last in Paris, the annual White Night was held. The museums in Paris are open all night long. I did not attend, but will say the energy in the air was so high, and buzzing. I was treated to a wonderful dinner by Chan Luu, the designer known for her multi wrap bracelets that nearly everyone owns, and if not, should.. Dinner was divine, down an obscure street in the Left Bank. Italian food. I had calamari, served in it's black sauce absolutely like a fanatasy. ( for foodies ). This dinner was proceeded by a strut in the Jardin de Tuilleires. You will see the photo taken of me running around in a scarlet TuTu. yes, my favorite.. brings out the child in me.  All I wish to do is play, while wearing one.  They dared me to wear it, so I did.  You know, when in Paris.. anything goes.  So I did.  Another highlight.  It was sad to have the evening come to a close, but with all of my discoveries, including my re visit to the designer, Jamin Puech for Spring….. what an adventure that showroom alone. The theme, folks was Africa.  Gorgeous bags… take a closer look.  This collection is due in Matsu in March.


So, as I reflect, my trip was divine, and now I am here back in Boston and am working on the creation of our next fashion show, Taste. Held in Weston this coming Tuesday at Off Center. The inspiration from my prior trip certainly a boost to this production. Hope you can make it. It will have an Autumn theme, and I will be showing over 18 looks. With Hair and Makeup a focus as well.

That's it for now.  Can't wait to see you all.

Yours, In Joy,


Pre Paris, End of September

Hello, to you all !   Those following my blog can experience the travel of time through the senses.  I am preparing for my up coming Paris trip. The seasons departure is this Wednesday, October 1st.  In Prep, I look around and see the terrain surrounding us begin to brown, age, and reflect the little chill we have experienced so far. The leaves colors will only become vivid as the Chill appears.  We have not yet had that, only rains and warm weather.  No new coats yet.  They are arriving at MATSU, and the sweaters and scarves that we seem to love to wrap our bodies up with also await the cooler weather.

This season welcomes the harvest, with apples, pumpkins, squash, and fresh figs.  I am still excited about slicing the figs and treating them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I  included them with fresh baked salmon the other night. What an unexpected treat!


This blog session will be short and sweet as I prepare to explore the banks again of Paris, and visit the shows. I will be searching for treats for you all for Spring 09, this trip. I mainly go to buy the collection very carefully with you in mind, of Comme des Garcons.  I am open to other goodies I may find, a fabulous bottle of wine or two.

Stay tuned, and for now  I invite you into MATSU. It is truly warm and juicy in the environment. Both visually and realistically.

Reunion, Rejoice


The absence of my presence in my blogging is the result of new experiences, great weather and just life.  Sorry about this. I am back to share, and to apologize for the long silence. It was this past April that I last wrote.

Welcome back! and as this Glorious Summer moves around us, along with the wonderful abundance of Vitamin D in the sky. Time to Rejoice. As we have gone through the months of Aires, Taurus, Gemini , Cancer and approaching Leo, we begin to feel the slight hint of fall in the air….. Not yet. although the full moon this past Friday sets the tempo of the times to come.

I urge you all to celebrate the Summer Weather in your hearts and soul. Soaking up the heat is stimulating and internally inspirational, as we should use this to replenish our "inner wells".


I am going to share a few photos of my Summer Trip , my first, to North Carolina.  Nothing too fancy, certainly not an area of sophistication. Just down right earthy beautiful vegetation, lots of mountains and an occasional relic. In celebration of my sister's 50th this July, I traveled to Black Mountain and into Asheville.  Somewhat, to me a time warp. It made me realize and truly appreciate the North East. … Yes, folks, The Boston Area.  The metropolis of the North East…… by comparison, that is.  Not necessarily a trip worth making for the food, nor any creative inspiration other than the terrain.  Mountain climbing was fun, great excercize, but the rhythm down yonder was something to adjust to, and by my return, I had. Delighted to arrive back in Boston, however. 
I will include some photos here.

On another note, MATSU ( one of my sanctuaries  ) is celebrating the closing of one season and transitions into another with final markdowns on all Sale Merchandise. Creating new feelings for the up coming seasons.  New jewelry arriving as well clothing. You will be seeing some new products on our e mail blasts, so stay tuned. !

I commit to sharing my experiences with you weekly.  No more lapses !! Promise.