Hello Mother. Hello Child. Hello Lavish Earth of Green.

May is whizzing by. Mother’s Day has come and gone, but to me, May is the month of Motherhood. I was born from my Mother. I grew into a woman and now am a Mother. I am my daughter’s Mother. Sounds so weird putting it into words, but I look at my life and sometimes wonder…  how did I get here?  Just like David Burn’s words from Talking Heads. He nailed a very powerful thought in those 4 words!  Truth is, I still feel like a child. My parents were ultra strict with me. First born.  I couldn’t wait to depart from the family nest. My relationship with my Mom was hot and cold. I began rebelling at the age of 17, shortly before graduating high school.  I honestly thought I was done with it upon graduation, but little did I realize, it came with me once I entered the “art school” environment. In my glory. Free at last. Until I missed her food. I missed family meals. I missed the luxury of the washing machine and dryer at my finger tips.  At that time, my Mom wasn’t sure how to handle me. I had left the roost and was proud of it. Probably could have been a bit more humble, but I wear my emotions and thoughts on my sleeve. I’m still trying to hone in on that one. My daughter, on the other hand, wise beyond her years.

Born in another era. I always thought she was born at the age of 5. Needless to say, wiser than I growing up. I find myself consulting her at times due to her astute common sense. This I have now, but lacked  growing up due to feeling so much restraint. This is the notion of the child becoming the parent. So bizarre when you think of it, but it definitely happens. I am aware of falling into this trap, which will burden her prematurely. Being an only child, I can only imagine the scenarios she creates in her imagination about her Dad and I aging.  Goodness, Dava, keep it in perspective, I tell myself. But the fact remains, we become our parents. Then our children become us. They later become our caretakers, with a new sense of responsibility. This is called the circle of life. The seasons turn and evolve like clockwork as life goes on. Never once to forget how fragile. Because at the drop of a hat it can disappear. It’s crucial to remind yourself daily to appreciate what we have.

We are deeply emerged in the spring evolution and the buoyancy of how refreshing it is. I observe  the sun graze through the sky during the day, teasing its colorful light through the leaves. Each night as it sets, offering a bevy of colors such as a watermelon, cherry, paprika, mandarin, and  periwinkle if we’re lucky. Gazing off into the sunset — with the delicate silhouette of the branches of the  trees  casting  themselves against the colorful sky; such an inspiring feeling. It brings me deep within my soul and reminds me that the child resides within. She wants to play in this weather, but sometimes needs to be enticed to escape from her safe place. I want to dance naked in the rain and play. No space for any inhibitions here!


The beauty of the mist warrants such frivolity. It is very freeing and primal. No conditions. Letting go. Something about the rain, lately, that I find soothing.  I’ve referenced my love of rain in recent blog posts, and anyone in my life knows this to be a fact. As odd as it may seem. What I learned in creating this particular blog journey, is that I am a Pluviophile. Lover of rain; one who finds joy and peace of  mind during rainy and misty days and evenings. If we can practice this through meditation, or what ever spiritual practice what have you, the inner child will coddle you. Nurture you. This is where your true spirit lives. Getting in touch with her/him daily will unlock all sorts of pent-up, repressed thoughts and notions that can prevent you from growing and pursuing your life  purpose.  Naturally, the rain does this also. The rain is no longer a melancholy message to me. It induces inner peace and in that, enables me the freedom to weave my life into any form imaginable. All I have to do is stay out of my own way! Can you relate?

As the month of May progresses, the peak of spring is so easily recognizable. The grounds are saturated in luxuriant abundance of natural color, grateful to Mother Earth’s gift of rain, moisture and mist. The terrain is fresh and rich with lush, invigorating green hues. This is contagious. Nature produces fresh nutrients this time of the year. Asparagus and fiddleheads will pop into your mind immediately. However, when I was in Chicago for Mother’s Day, Aya and I ordered this amazing, yet simple appetizer at Ema. It features a Mediterranean inspired menu. We had Avocado & Sweet Pea, with jalapeno, lime, cilantro and mint. It felt like spring in each and every bite. Watermelon radish, an endive spear and sweet butter lettuce off set this dish of Spring. The combination, was unique yet simple and delicious.  I highly recommend this restaurant if you visit this great city.

The Greens of May

It’s no mystery why green is the color of the month of May, consequently offering its birthstone in a variety of new green tones. Traditionally it was Emerald. What I have since learned, is that there are more gemstones used for May birthstone now, more than ever.  A modern list of May birthstones have been assigned by gemology associations. My favorite is Chrysoprase. I’ve used these brilliant stones in the past, but not for a while. Ironically upon attending the latest Gem Show a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the brilliancy and aliveness of these stones. I scooped them up. I should say, they invited me to take them home. That’s the uniqueness of live creatures from earth. Yes. Gemstones are alive, hence the reason they hold many healing powers, and to some, magical ones. That’s what it can really feel like when you’ve met your match. Or when your Gemstone Match finds you!  The elements below are entering production.  They consist of 14mm faceted Chrysoprase rondelles, and 4mm faceted Peridot gemstones.  This brilliant stone appears to glow, in the dark and in the light of day.

Chrysoprase is said by the ancients to promote love and truth.  It also inspires hope to allow personal insights. It stimulates creativity and encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships. This stone attracts live, abundance and prosperity. It can aid in coping with depression and anxiety. Chrysoprase encourages deep meditative states, is calming and creates an open mind to new situations. It is a non-egotistical stone, casting the bearer to trust in life and what life offers.

The photo teaser directly above is in production now. The disc is Chalcedony base, tonal similar to Chrysoprase. The Diamond design sets on top with a pave ring surrounding the near 2″ disc. This brilliant piece will be available for purchase soon.

For immediate gratification, however the two necklaces above are currently in stock. They reflect a bit of earth combined with the brightly colored Chrysoprase gemstones. The choker has an 18k gold OM pendant and clasp. The other piece is a single 32″ strand consisting of Chrysoprase briolettes, Pyrite and Sandalwood. They wear beautifully together in harmony or alone.


Here we are in this beautiful season. I hope I’ve tantalized you into discovering your purpose, opening your eyes and heart to the beauty of nature we are surrounded by, and inspired you to appreciate all of your loved ones, near and far.

Thank you for reading, until we meet again.

I remain, yours in joy


The Whisper of Spring

“Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. “~Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” ~Robin Williams

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” ~ Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg

And here we are. Enjoying these moments of seeing the happy daffodils and crocus peering up through the newly fallen snow. Such a happy site. The past and present culminating at once.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.19.35 PM

Energetically, I personally don’t feel as wiped out from the hibernation we never really got due to the unusual winter season we endured. The days seemed longer, the climate certainly milder, the fear of slipping on black ice nearly non existent. I guess it’s a great time to be in New England. Embracing it, and letting go of my own expectations for that dramatic snow storm never experienced. Time to move on! Smell the flowers, embrace the buds sprouting on all of the bushes and trees. What a sight!


Spring time is also a time of year when we begin to feel stale from the colder months we have just endured. Color is the perfect antidote. Perhaps giving a room a new fresh coat of color can help, a new scarf, a rather juicy piece of new healing gemstone jewelry from Nymph. These are all ideas that will help elevate your soul, not to mention your look and mood. The piece above reflects one of my new Lariat Style Necklaces. I created this for versatility, ease, uniqueness, color and for the healing properties included in each little piece. These are all natural stones. Uncut, not tumbled, just their organic pure selves.


And there they are. Dancing with delight on their sterling silver chains. They are light, airy, colorful, healing and decorative while creating a statement. The blues are all Fluorite, the Autumnal tones are all various Garnets, and the clear facets are Herkimer Diamonds, the clear ascension stone. All of the above offer healing properties. You may check my Etsy site for details. Also please note. I am working on my own site, and hope to have it up and running soon. But I will share, building a web site is no picnic! It’s tedious and time consuming. I think the rewards will be worth it. I’ll have the ability to offer more than what Etsy limits me to sell. I just need to maintain patience through this along with the daily goals it takes to continue to roll out this site. Stay tuned.

I’d like to thank all that came to support Matsu during the LILITH Trunk Show last weekend. I realize many of you were dying to see this wonderful designer once again, and hadn’t since the Newbury Street location closed a few years back. Ironically, I was approached by another new designer that I discovered while at Coterie, scouting new ideas for fall. We will be holding a SHOSH NEW YORK Pop Up Shot at Matsu in April for 10 days only! Watch for details.  Spring stock  available to purchase.

IMG_2333The look is a bit more relaxed, looser, feminine with a little boy twist, silks, linen, cotton.

I am excited to share this collection with you and hope you can make it down Route 20 into Sudbury for a couple hours or a couple of minutes! Flexible hours enabling you to visit.

Happy Spring 2016! Until we meet again,

I remain yours in joy & style,


The Treasures of Autumn

The light of day has altered considerably this month. I see darkness dip into the evening earlier and earlier. The true onset of autumn, begins, exposing what the following months will portray.IMG_0088 Crisper days approach, as we begin to notice the vivid reds, oranges, and golds of autumn and how they naturally paint the lingering trees. The leaves begin to fall on the ground, leaving trails of intense colors behind. The sounds of walking through the leaves is so reminiscent of child hood, sparking a sense of freedom from within.  Having the privilege of enjoying these nuances the treasures found and discovered during this season  can be inspiring and invigorating. These are places where creativity has the opportunity to emerge. The photo above and below are a real place, taken as the sun begins to set. The little white shape barely visible beneath is a swan. Her white feathers creating such a graceful contrast to the vivid tones in nature.IMG_0107Color is always around us. It has many psychological effects on our moods, emotions, attitude and behavior. Two main  categories of how this works is simple. Warm and cool colors.  The tones you see in the photo above can spark emotions ranging from warmth and passion, to possible hostility and anger. These warm tones of oranges, reds, yellows and gold are stimulating colors.IMG_0094 These colors are often associated with food and have the ability to enhance your appetite. The colors of fall, as intense as they can be, are so welcoming as the temperatures drop. Wearing these tones also help us to mentally stay warm despite waking to 41 degree temperatures in the morning. Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 12.05.50 PMAs I mentioned wearing these colors, the similarity in nature and my necklace are obvious!  I created this multi strand necklace using  hessionite garnet strands  and contrasted it with rich olive wood. Sort of like the bark from the trees and the leaves dangling gracefully as they await their turn to drop to the ground, covering what previously lies there. See the combination below. Earthy, with a touch of glamour and warmth.IMG_7152Triple strand necklace with 2 Hessionite Garnet strands, ranging from deep brick, to  golden-yellow tones. The olive wood off sets the gemstones by adding density, earth and grounding to this piece. Sterling silver vintage beads are dispersed throughout the deep rich wood. This marvelous oval pendant culminates all of the tones in this necklace. Measuring about 2″ in length, the healing properties of this Pietersite stone pendant connects you to your own internal guidance system, aiding in life’s changes.IMG_7149Pietersite. Tempest stone holding the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven by linking the spiritual realm with everyday living, dispelling illusion and assisting in the recognition of the beauty of the soul. Pietersite offers a mixture of both warm as well as cooler tones within the stone, and this one above is clearly the warmer version, keeping on trend with the subject in this blog journey; Autumnal tones. The necklace is  available at my shop, MATSU. Come on in and try it on!

Transitioning into my next topic, please allow me to  present another autumnal vision. Starshaped moss as the bed, with  vivid leaves lying on top of a natural state of beauty. Those brightly colored leaves are dancing on the moss.



Yes, you wanted me to replicate my perfume, but instead, after a 4.5 month study, research and experimenting, I am proud and pleased to present:  ‘d a v a ‘.  the Candle.  See the freshly poured production in the photo directly below. Next step: packaging. Can not wait to share the end product with you!IMG_0915This project has been one  major creative feat. From the unusual mixture,  balancing the layers of these components,  deciding on the color of the end product, and the packaging. Distributed through Eastern Accent, available in fine boutiques and salons throughout the United States, available for shipping to you directly from MATSU. $58.00 each, 60 hour burn time. Pure soy candle. They will be in store in time for late Autumn and the Holidays. Just another treasure in the day of the life of beauty.

I will be hosting a special Tarot Event next Sunday, October 18. See invite below. This is a unique opportunity which I am happy to share, and yes it too is an Autumnal treasure.Please contact me with any questions, or Diane Fraser to set up an appointment.     Matsu.TarotCardReading2Matsu.TarotCardReading2

It’s the little treasures in life that keep sparks in our heart, and vigor in our step.Please enjoy this  colorful season as nature offers her warm palette of  hues and scents.

Lastly,  are you feeling like you have nothing to wear? Closet filled with items but nothing seems to feel good on, or goes with anything else?Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 2.59.05 PM

The best way to really prepare yourself and your  wardrobe for this and the upcoming season is by having your wardrobe and closet edited. Yes, it’s confronting. Yes it’s tedious. Yes it is necessary. Yes, it is liberating. Once you decide, you won’t understand why you waited so long! Best money invested ever. I guarantee it. No job is too big. Please contact me for further information. My cell is 617.510.6369. or simply email me. dava@davamuramatsu.com

Enjoy this colorful season while nature performs.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at MATSU soon.

Yours in warmth & joy,


Harvesting the Senses

Hello everyone! As summer winds down, the time is right to observe a slight chill approaching, shorter days and lots of bounty in the food arena. This time of year gives us the opportunity to squeeze in outdoor activities, as we enjoy the lazy hazy hot sizzling summer days dwindle. We have had a glorious Summer, weather wise, certainly no shortage of Vitamin D! These past few days, however, have delivered an edge, with the skies opening right up. The over due down pour is so refreshing. I was able to capture the rain drops on my windshield yesterday, delighted with the results. Not exactly sure what it is that allows concentration to come easier when 
IMG_9535the sky reveals clouds, mist, fog and rain rather than the relentless blaring sun. But it does. The time will be here again soon enough, so for now we celebrate the harvest abound. I start with something I can’t recall ever seeing until this trip to Russo’s in Watertown. Such fun! The rich colors are so inviting. What I did withIMG_9531these orange plum tomatoes, is slice and saute’ in olive oil, several cloves of chopped garlic, fresh basil, salt and pepper. It made a wonderful rustic “sauce” served over fresh pasta. Simple. The next recipe I’ve been making several times a week just because tomatoes are addicting this time of year. IMG_5871The photo above reflects a baby heirloom tomato medley, chopped English cucumber, small amount of chopped celery for more texture, capers, lime, cilantro. The “dressing” is nothing but 1/4 cup of olive oil heated with chopped garlic, and my new twist is adding shallot also. It gives the dish a rounder flavor. Squeeze the lime on the vegetables while the heated oil does its thing; run outside to my herb garden, and slice a big bunch of cilantro with scissors; slice it all over the bright contents in the bowl. By now,the
 chopped shallots and garlic  pop from the heat in the oil. Let it sit for a few minutes. Add crushed salt and pepper, then pour the oil mixture over the contents in the bowl.. Using salad servers, mix it well. refrigerate. Then pull out at meal time, and snip some fresh chives over it. Delicious!

Late summer boasts Harvesting, and appropriately named, I have concluded my latest collection of jewelry from Nymph. Allow me to introduce HARVEST.ImageThe Moody Blues sang “as the reds, browns, golds of Autumn lie in the gutter dead”; I add greens to this mixture. This collection is not shy of bold color nor pendants. They all feel like talisman to me. Your body will find comfort in these shapes and tones as the energy  speaks to the heart and  root chakras. Above you can see how much I enjoy shooting the gemstones on natural elements usually found in the woods behind my place of dwelling. Some of the pendants are adorned further using the halo treatment of diamonds surrounding the large gemstones.  Above, you’ll see aventurine, hessionite garnet in a couple of pieces ( very autumnal ), tanzanite mixed with citrine, african turquoise mixed with olive wood, holding a very large faceted topaz drop, triple strands of 31″ long brass and sterling silver giving way to the most magnificent rutilated quartz ever and in the center bottom row, is a newly learned stone for me Pietersite- it’s held with hessionite garnet and olive wood. Pietersite is known as the stone of vision. It is also a stone that resembles a thunderstorm bringing cleansing energy to aid one to create change.  Pietersite is known to help make an energetic connection to one’s deeper spiritual inner self. All of the pieces above and any of them from my collection speaks messages, sings tunes, and enlightens the mind and heart. Once you touch – you’ll see exactly what I mean. All are on display now for you to play with at MATSU, 92 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, Ma. 01776. Just call for an appointment. My hours will be back to normal after this coming weekend. Everyone is somewhere, other than here. Traffic differs so much to that of Newbury St back when!

 I’d like to complete my post this month with two “events”. The first is by introducing something I’ve been asked to replicate now for years… I did it. In the form of a Candle.! My signature scent will now be available in the form of a soy base candle, poured here in the US., hand packaged in Sudbury, and brought into your life.  60 hour burn time. $58. Available late September. DAVA.Candle1‘d a v a ‘ as appropriately named, you’ll discover once you smell this amazing scent. As described on the box; Hints of sandalwood, exotic spice and fresh air collide to create a rich and earthy fragrance conjuring a sensual and meditative state of mind.  

On September 20th, I’ll be holding my first event this Autumn. BOOK SIGNING< READING & SPIRITED DISCUSSION at Matsu, among all of the new merchandise in for fall! If you’d like to read this Memoir written by Diane Fraser, I’ll have it in store for purchase or you can go to Amazon. Growing Up Super Heroes. You will never take anything for granted in your life again. This book is very powerful, and I promise Sunday, September 20th will also be insightful. 11-4. 92 Boston Post Road.


Thank you for joining me on this journey. I look forward to seeing you in store and at this event very soon.

Yours in joy and style,


The Sparkle & Splendor of April

April flutters into the wings of change. With it, spring arrives, along with a bevy of other natural things we anxiously await. Such as flooding daylight, flowers, birds chirping, bees buzzing and bugs singing. Nature awakes, and so do our souls.  Did you know that the word April means to open or bud,in Latin? This month we all re awaken from our long deep sleep. Here comes my photo of the Pussy Willow. A sure sign of hope and optimism of all the nature to come.

IMG_7241_2April is tricky. It’s warm, then we feel like we have reverted back to hibernation as the rain sets in, but it is indeed a slow positive climb upward! Drops of rain bring a meditative state of mind, cleansing of the inner spirit, and overall relaxed feeling to embrace what is.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 9.19.06 PMThose born in April can celebrate not only their birthdays, but their birthstone! Everyone wants one. Everyone would love to receive one. What are they?  Diamonds. Their optical properties are simple. It’s all about the 4 Cs.. the carat, cut, color, and clarity. But I am not selling diamonds here, exactly. I am here to share the healing properties, and some of the pave ( paved) diamond jewels from Nymph.  I love this abstract photo directly below.

Screenshot 2015-04-14 18.51.59This April birthstone, the Diamond, is a symbol of purity. It bonds relationships bringing love and clarity into partnership. We can talk about the husband and wife bonding over this stone, and the longevity of relationship and it being the sign of commitment, that is, on the traditional level and it is so.  Diamond has been a symbol of wealth for thousands of years and is one of the stones creating manifestation, and attracting abundance. Traditionally, the photo below personifies this cut of the magical Diamond.

Screenshot 2015-04-14 18.58.03There is no doubt, that diamonds have been a wealth symbol for thousands of years. Like it or not. It is an amplifier of energy, and one of the very few stones that doesn’t need  recharging. It increases the energy of what ever it comes into contact with. Diamonds clear emotional and mental pain. It reduces fear, and brings about new beginnings. May I simply circle back to what APRIL is all about. New beginnings! Like it or not. Letting go of what’s not working in your life. Don’t fear. Letting go allows for the New to enter what ever that may be. It’s the unknown that freezes us most of the time, I kid you not.


Starburst? Sunburst? Pave (paved) diamonds rule this triple strand Green Tourmaline adornment. The symbol recognizes its glory and shows it off here, in a splendid form.  It is rich, regal and stately. The Diamonds show off the wonderful celestial shape, as the earthy green tourmalines  imbue their hues and tones in the light.

Below are 12mm pave diamond discs, delightfully dangling from 18k gold ear wires. These splendid stones shine in the dark, dazzle the eye and will make all women happy to be alive, if given as a gift.

IMG_3976One more unique show and tell here with the following photograph. I LOVE these!  Just another variety of the coveted diamond.. Diamond Slices!

IMG_2926 Natural diamonds slices offer a very clear view of their inclusions, telling a “story” about each one. Associated with romance and love, these little stones reflect white light and are highly clearing. Dear April born people! You are so lucky to have diamonds as your birthstone! Nymph now resides full-time at MATSU. I invite you to come in and feed your eyes on the beauty that resonates here. Anytime, call me for an appointment if the hours don’t merge with yours. I would love to hear from you. Our Opening Celebration will be on Sunday, May 17, from 11-5, with lite bites and bubbly offered. You may also schedule an appointment with Master Astrologer-Psychic, Jill Jardine or Master Tarot Reader, Diane Fraser. Sign up is simple. Please watch your inbox for another invitation.

IMG_7919_2I now depart from this blog session asking you for one small thing! Please visit my IndiGoGo Crowd Funding campaign. Simply click the link below to see what it’s all about, and to help me meet my goal! I am 30% there. Funding will help further my healing knowledge with Gemstones, to better help you and any obstacles that may have risen in your life, or any other barriers. Together we can make a difference. Just by wearing precious and semi precious stones on the body will help heal the soul!  Thank you in advance.


Happy Spring!

Yours in joy,


A day in Pompeii. A day in Nature.

I certainly got a taste of what happened August 24,AD 79 ; the day Mt. Vesuvius erupted! IMG_1211

The Museum of Science in Boston features over 250 priceless artifacts in this compelling exhibit portraying the  life and death of this once thriving city- Pompeii. This exhibit is rich with facts, frescoes, bronze and marble statuaries,gold coins and other dazzling examples of ancient Roman artistry.

What I learned on this day, was how a volcano, as disruptive as it can be, can  also preserve. I mean, I sort of knew it, but never saw it. This made it all so much more real for me.

I especially enjoyed viewing the   exhibits depicting  how sophisticated and enriched they were back then by the jewelry, cosmetic jars and the actual tools that were used to cleanse the body; prior to soap. The  gold worn was so deep in tone and the shapes rather primitive. The piees reveal their love of jewelry. IMG_1286

The elegance they created so long ago- I find so inspiring! I am sure to be influenced by this in my own Nymph creations as a result. I loved the cosmetic jars- some tin, some bronze. IMG_1292

The tools they used to cleanse their bodies are called strigiles. In the era before soap, Romans cleansed by applying a mixtyure of oil and gritty pumice, then used a strigil to scrape it off- much like shaving with a blunt edge. A dip in a warm bath would rinse away any remaining grime.  Sounds weird but the graceful shapes make the cleansing process such an art. IMG_1295

On a more macabre side of things, I honestly could not peel my eyes away from the body casts of the vicitims of the volcano. Most of the citizens evacuated before the blast, but those fleeing to the waterfront were killed and frozen in time. IMG_1255

 The body casts are made of polyester resin from the original molds of the citizens in their final moments. The bodies of people and animals were smothered by ash and had disintegrated, leaving cavities in the hardened ash. IMG_1266

The preservation process by the archeologists poured liquid plaster into the voids creating the detailed casts of lives in their last moments.  This exhibit just awe struck me. I will post some photos, which could be disturbing to some. I am sorry, but just find this whole thing compelling. IMG_1263

I am sharing and writing about this because I was so moved. I mentally observed what struck me, and began to figure out why.  My life's journey is a product of past influences. My Italian  heritage spoke to me as I experienced the exhibits. Some disturbing, some beautiful. For the love of the Romans, and history I feel and acknowledge to this day, how fortunate we are to have such amazing references to relate ourselves to as personally as we wish. IMG_1306

The romans love art, shapes, vases, urns, containers a games. This may be the innate love of how I began my career over 30 years ago. With products. Fine gifts, jewelry and the like. This excursion filled me and with it I bring my experience to you. The urns above are carved alabaster and blown glass.

Back from the past and into the reality of an autumnal Sunday, I begin to look around me at the natural beauty that I have admidtedly taken for granted and wish no longer to do so. Nature. How riveting. IMG_1321

The grace of the swan. The natural beauty of the water, and the reflections in it, to me is breathtaking. In order to get a closer look and experience, bread is thrown to the magnifcent swan- and like magic, he comes. IMG_1329

 and so do his friends. IMG_1340

What a way to end a day. An educational one, a moving one and a peaceful one.

I hope you enjoyed the excursion I took you on. Stay tuned for what is next !

Yours in joy,


What is a birthstone ?

For some reason or another, my curiosity with gem stones began in grade school.

My science projects related to geology. I thought that was going to be my major as I got older.  As  I grew, however.. it was  in the musical realm ( learning clarinet in 4th grade)  playing this wood wind instrument and piano most of my life; that  I then adopted the notion of a music career rather than science. After all… I had an in house musical tutor…teaching me the Clarinet( my Dad), and for Piano ?? a Nun !  Didn't matter… I wasn't allowed to leave my house until my 1 hour practice time was done.  EVERY DAY. I hated it !  Of course, this style of discipline I now resepect, thanks Mom and Dad !

As I grew older my fascination with the art department in high school had my curiosity peaked so high that I found myself in  advertising and fashion design classes !  This led me to Paier School of Art in New Haven, Ct. learning all about color, compostion, painting, perspective, anatomy drawing, water colors, layout and advertising.  Who knew ??? I wind up in retail, and several years later ? designing jewelry.  I then realized I was getting back to my initial roots ! Geology. The study of stones. IMG_6600

What interests me so deeply, is the energies I see and feel when looking or touching the stones and their meanings. The easiest way to learn about them, in the begining ( and I am still learning ) was through the symbolic relationship of the stone with the coordinating birth month.  Or calendar month. This knowledge gave me a foundation in which to learn the qualites of the specific stones associated with each month.

I also use the Birthstone chart to teach my staff members an easy way to begin to have a personal relationship with stones, stemming from their own birthstone. It worked. 

Historically there are several charts listing the birthstones, depending on the era.. My point of reference is the Modern Birthstone Chart. Most of you may already know them, but just in case her they are:  January: Garnet, February: Amethyst, March: Aquamarine, April: Diamond, May: Emerald, June: Pearl, July: Ruby, August: Peridot, September: Sapphire, October: Opal, November: Topaz or Citrine, December:Turquoise.

A Birthstone is a gift of a preceious material- mainly gemstones that symbolizes the month of  birth based on the Gregorian Calendar.

Honestly ? from that origin we have now capitalized on the theory to create a motive for people for gift giving at  Birthdays etc. 

This particular blog post introduces several things. I am going to describe the Birthstone of this month of August, show you some new Nymph, and include the new link for my new On Line Store…. long time coming. In the store, not only am I selling the jewelry, but also within the descriptions, am providing information about  healing properties of the stones, and some ideas of how to wear them, along with  what colors work with each given piece. Peridot: IMG_6645

Periodot, is the Birthstone of August. It's brilliant green hue can light up a room. The faceted little chunks used above in this hand knotted necklace need nothing else. They are so brilliant on their own, adding a diamond or any other focal bead or accent will minimize the beauty of the Peridot, in my opinion. 

This stone can range in colors from yellowish green to bright lime. The occlusions in the piece above add value and a sense of antiquity.  The Romans called this stone the evening emerald and believed it had magical powers to cure depression. In heart matters, this stone is used to help dreams become a reality, specifically with the purpose of drawing a new lover to you.  I read that Napoleon once gave Josephine a peridot as a symbol of his undying love and admiration. How romantic ! 

This stone radiates with enthusiasm and is also strongly associated with yang energy and the sun itself. The vibrational aspect through the lightness and beauty of peridot, brings to mind new beginnings. Interestingly enough this stone's energy is both subtle and light-some might call it a rather sophisticated energy.   Peridot was also believed to keep away evil spirits.IMG_6708

 Periodot is a powerful cleanser. Releasing and neutralizing toxins on all levels. It purifies the subtle and physical bodies, and the mind. It opens, cleanses, and activates the heart and solar plexus chakras ( energy channels in the body ) and assists in releasing negative and old "baggage" we tend to harbor and carry. Not healthy. This stone can sharpen the mind, and open it to new levels of awareness.  IMG_6700

That's the history of the Peridot.

I have included 3 pieces of Nymph from the new upcomming Roman edition to be released in about 2 weeks at Matsu.

The bracelet above is  a convenient roll on style along with a ruby ( passion stone ) drop. It is $230. 2 pieces available.

The earrings above this photo are $85 a pair. Only 2 pairs available.

The necklace in the first shot is 19" long, has a sterling oxidized clasp and an unusual citrine accent at the clasp. This museum quality piece is one of a kind at $885.  All of the stones above were limited in availability, but I just could not hold myself back when I found them. They were inviting and eye opening to me. Juicy, brilliant and rich. 

I am planning on holding a Nymph Trunk Show at Matsu later this month. If you are on my email list, you will get an invite. If not ? sign up !

I am also announcing the opening of my long sought after On Line Store for Nymph.


I appreciate any spreading of the word to your friends, family or lovers 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog. If you would like to know more, hear more or have any suggestions, please let me know !

Happy Birthday to all Leos ,who share this brilliant Peridot stone !

Yours in joy,


Spring is in the air.


Tonight I am hosting an event off the beaten path. I know that retail word often carries a negative connotation. Negative, in that any one owning a retail store, in the financial and economic environment we now are enduring, are more or less so fulfilled to have people, potential customers enter their environment. I have commented several times about the shift in this industry, and how much more difficult it is now than say back in the 1980's, for sure and also the 90s. Even in the beginning of 2000, the flavor of the beast was much sweeter.


As most of you know, I was asked to leave my prior location of 12 years . My landlord wanted me to relinquish Matsu, as we all knew it at 259 Newbury St. I was initially devastated, but instead, I creatively decided to turn this negative .. or so I thought at the time.. situation around, into an opportunity. I should have recognized that the universe was supporting me right from the start. The charming space I now occupy at 264 Newbury Street was empty and waiting for me. How fortunate. Being open to this, even with the in opportune timing…. Christmas, to be exact… I had 2 choices. Close for good, or dive forward. Obviously, I am here to tell you, I am moving forward. Sometimes  briskly, sometimes gingerly. Nonetheless, I am open and now welcoming Spring on Newbury St.

I have created a series of events for you all to enjoy. Yes, my motive is driving traffic to the new sacred space. My temple. More feminine, more me.

What a better a subject than that to have an influence of Venus ? Each planet symbolizes a part of our personality. Venus is our expression of love, desire, beauty and our deepest feminine nature. Venus is how we relate and how we attract and what we adorn in order to do so. When the Venus part of you is fulfilled, your heart feels it and is also happy !

This event ( now 2 evenings ago ) was a bonding time. The discussion  we shared of this ecstatic part of our nature, showed us a way to emerge with a deeper understanding of our heart's  journey through these joyful realms.  I learned why, personally being surrounded by beauty is second nature to me, and my journey is really to open up my space and share what I have learned through the years with anyone that steps through the door of Matsu, at this new location. I promise that you will feel as though you , too, have stepped into a seemingly sacred space, gallery/salon like.. oriented.

The scent, the ambience and the merchandise all coincide with Venus. I am not shy in self expression, seemingly yet deep down, the modesty I hold and the actual demureness is indeed evident once you step a bit deeper in conversation with me.



I invite you to come in and see what I mean. I also wish to inform you that we are very proud of the new collections, and here I show off some of the fabulous pieces designed by Calleen Cordero. All make right here, in the US.. Los Angeles to be exact. Her bags and her sandals have a tinge of rock'n roll with a touch of sophistication and pizazz ~ 


We have 3 styles of sandals in house right now and more on the way… ONCE the weather breaks, our toes will be screaming to be let loose. Sort of a freeing once we see the sunshine. It is coming. this prolonged rain really, is just a form of inner well replenishment. Easier to deal with and accept at some times than others.


Everything is so lush right now, and the tulips are saluting the sky. The lilacs are begining to wan down, leaving space for the Iris to shine. The peonies are about to poke through their tight little buds. What a magnificent time of year ! Just to remind me of the rebirth that Spring symbolically represents, I have the splendid opportunity to observe a robin out side my door, sitting on her eggs. I would lOVE to see the little babies hatch. I captured her nest, as she departed briefly to get food for herself as she warms these beatiful little jewels…. her non hatched babies in the shell. Brilliant.



I sign off now with the delight of knowing that Spring IS here, and we are all so happy that the weather will free our hears , aligning with Venus.

Should you desire an astrological check up ~ reading, please contact me at Matsu, and I will give you the number or contact information for a deeper understanding through Nikki Davis, my guest from the evening of Venus Rising. I have mentioned her in past blogs, just so you know.

Enjoy the light in the sky, and the rain. The alternative is snow, or fires, or drought… we are lucky each and every day. 


See you soon. Join us on Wednesday May 25, for what is next in our Event series. The evening focuses on the wonderfull designs and rare appearance of Susan Monosson. We hope to see you there. If you can't make it, don't hestiate to stop by and say hello. You will find me there nearly everyday. Calling for an appointment is also an option.

 I would love to see you.

Yours in joy,


What’s happening at Matsu ? Spring has Sprung


The first of the "salon series" event took place on Friday and Saturday, March 25 and 26.It was a delight to host Dominique from Lilith.  We played and taught those who came in with pieces from their wardrobe that were "lonely". It was so much fun to generate new ideas on the spot.


Melissa came in late Friday afternoon with 2 Lilith pieces she purchased  a couple seasons ago. Her goal was to have them reworked so that she would feel both comfortable and stylish. One always thinks they would never forget why they  purchased a certain look, or piece, but once you return back to your own environment it is nearly inevitable ! We created over 5 looks for her using very little in addition to what she  brought, keeping it simple. She managed to achieve her initial goal for the evening. I then showed her new styles that we just received  in the store.  She walked out with beaming in a totally new silhouette and decked out in all deep navy blue. The styles we now have and the price points are unlike anything ever before. I think it is freeing, and also liberating to allow this sort of vulnerability. 

Many of us wear the same shapes and colors. Most of the time being not necessarily the best for our body shape, nor for our own personalities. Laziness sets in. Or, just too casual an approach to dressing daily. I see this all the time.

I worked with a woman and her wardrobe a few weeks ago, after receiving the call. She was aware enough to realize she probably had the "bones" in her closet, but was stale at creating new looks. And she was right. I worked with her for a coule hours and not only was she totally inspired, but it felt so good for me to be able to leave a menu book with her of all sorts of combinations of professional looks, as well as more relaxed looks for her to wear daily. These "menus" were written as ideas and concepts for her to refer back to once I left. I know she found it extremely helpful. This was a better and more sensible investment than going out shopping needlessly for something new to wear.

I may have mentioned this service that I offer in past blogs, but being spring and all, this timing is key for a new approach to your life. I can be hired by the hour, do not charge for travel time, and would love more than anything to help liberate your closet, as well as helping you be inspired in your daily life.What a way to become stimulated, from the inside out. It shows. It may be personally confrontational, but as LuLu Lemon Athletica states : DO SOMETHING THAT SCARES YOU EVERYDAY!


Next up: The event hosting author Laura Munson ! An evening of self empowerment and networking at Matsu. Last Thursday, Laura came to Matsu. I was thrilled to meet her, and we all listened, shared and spoke about key points in our own lives that we rather challenging. Laura's book is a memoir. Her life and the challenges she faced once her husband came home out of the blue and claimed his love for her was no more. Or may never have been. Imagine.  Depending on just how you hear these words, can lay out a landscape of your future, and how one will interpret it. It was all about finding and realizing happiness from with ones self, and not being trapped by others. Not depending on others to find this inner glee. The book is still for sale at Matsu, for $15. We will have them through the weekend. IF you haven't read this best selling New York Times Memoir, I suggest you purchase it and read it now. We live only once, and we should live our lives to the best of our ability. Sometimes we need a little push, and that's fine. That is what I am here for.! Stimulation, and to get you balanced. IF I can't help, I am in touch with people that can.

Often, once you open up as you enter this newly appointed environment that exudes sensuality and calm, I observe women opening up. All that is said and shared is strictly confidential. I am not here to discuss, I am stating that it could be that one feels low, or bored, or lacking the inner luster of a new relationship, with another or frankly with themselves. I listen, and can offer help. It can be as simple as needing to wear a specific stone, like citrine, that is cleansing and protects, it may mean one's adrenals are out of whack as mine were, in which case I can suggest a specific Bach Botanical Flower Essence to take. It may also mean that you need to be "re-set" and I would then direct you to Nikki Davis for an astrology session. This will determine your character and give you a sense of direction if you are feeling lost in the woods, so to speak. Nikki's studio is on Walnut St. in Newton. Her phone 3 is 617 332 0890. I know I have mentioned her before and have sent women and men too, for that matter to her. But this time wanted to introduce her and share her information in the event you feel any or all of my words here are ringing a bell in your head. She will be my guest for an evening of astrology in May on Tuesday the 17th. Please RSVP for this. The evening is free, with a unique shopping opportunity before we begin, so please mark your calendars !


This coming weekend, I will host jewelry designer, Priya Himatsingka. Her minimal elegance and precision of design are  reflected in all of her pieces with an expansive price point.  Priya's jewelry range from everyday casual to contemporary formal. Each piece is hand made, inviting the wearer to enjoy the playful sophistication every time it's worn.

The collection will be on view from 3~7 on Friday, and 11~4 on Saturday, April 22 and 23.  You will receive a 10% discount off any piece(s) you choose to purchase during this show.


Next Wednesday is the launch of women's clothing designer Nara Paz. Cocktail reception held on Wednesday from 4~8. The designer will be on hand to tailor or custom fit any pieces you may need altered. This is the first Trunk Show of this nature to be held at Matsu, in my new location. I am excited as I will be portraying a style of clothing unlike anything, I have displayed before. Nara's talent for acute detail is mind blowing, and her craftsmanship can be seen and felt in each and every piece. At a glance, her collection appears to be a bit fancy, but once I began to try each piece on, I conjured up way to apply the dresses to everyday life. You will see. Nothing ever looks as good on the body as on the hanger… EVER ! So, I hope you will come in and play with us on Wednesday, April 27. If you are unable to make it, her collection will be available through the weekend, and select pieces there after. We are offering special pricing for purchase the evening of the 27, and throughout that weekend. Hope you can take advantage of this unusual opportunity.


Next in line,which I will briefly describe as I will definately hone in on as the timing gets closer…  May 11 Nirva Trunk Show  Nirva's colorful collection for Spring Summer 2011 will be at Matsu for sale, as well as a pre sell for her Fall Winter  Collection, which I am so excited to have the opportunity to show it at Matsu. I actually have not seen it yet, but know how amazing the collections will be.  Again, we will be offering a special pricing structure during out event.

Save the date, May 17 Astrologer and "witch"… Wizard  Nikki Davis will be with us. She is a remarkable body worker, and astrologer. I use the 2 Wwords loosely. She is captivating, and very sensitive. Has an innate talent to depict what goes on in our brains, and through the stars can more or less "re~set"  our paths.  Absolutely an amazing evening this will be. Shopping first, then We will all sit around and listen, share and talk.


May 25  Susan Monosson Trunk Show.  A rare appearance by Susan, and her amazing wares. Sift through her collections.  Each unique piece tells a story, and her history with many of you collectors, that know her  will allow another opportunity to add to your existing pieces or begin a new look.  The limited -edition juxtapositions of precious and non precious stones. I am thrilled to host Susan as she proudly shows us all what she has done over the years and of most recent.


June 2 Donna Veverka Trunk Show. Donna is new to my life. I discovered her recently at a craft show. Her sculptures of jewelry blew me away. The gothic and renaissance history and architecture inspire her elegantly wearable and slightly edgy jewerly collection.  In conjunction with Donna's collection on this evening, I THwill also have a rare opportunity to host a Concierge Event. This has been years in the making, and the stars lined up just right ! What an exciting time.

Spring. Re birth. Re invention. Re creation. All under one roof. Matsu 264 Newbury St. Boston, Ma.

This blog is more of an announcement. I have left my personal self aside for a different approach. I am simply gaining the strength I lost through my moves and  trying to weather my business and life during this horrible horrible weather, and economical climate. Keep moving ahead. ! That is my mantra. Meditation, yoga, lots of escarole, artichokes and asparagus. This is what keeps me going ! Oh… wait. Red Bordeaux.  Can't forget that !

See you all soon, I hope. Lots to choose from. Do something that scares you. I dare you. The feeling of empowerment once you achieve that, is amazing.

Share with me, I would love to hear from you.

Yours in joy,


Inevitable Change

Change…. to make form, nature , content, future course etc. different from what is or what it would be if left alone. 2. to transform or convert 3. to become different.

Friends, clients, and fans !  The Harvest season brings abundance. The last splattering of warmth from the summer appears as an undertone as the past season disappears.

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 150

It bows out gracefully allowing for the depth of the Autumn season to appear. During this time, we experience the Harvest Moon, as we did on September 22, 2010. This night was the turning point of the seasons. Summer becomes Fall. We anticipate the golden browns, reds and oranges of the leaves turning once the chill finally hits the air at night. We welcome sweaters. We can't wait. Seasonal change is inevitable. In honor of such, we created a party.

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 031

The Magic of Matsu celebration held on September 26, 2010 had it's begining stages planned back in June. We decided it would be a great celebration and acknowlegement of our presence at 259 Newbury St. for years. ( Yesterday, I learn that it was 12 years………… not 15 as I was lead to believe. ) and so we celebrated 12 Years of Style, in reality. The evening was filled with fashion, libations, balloons, Chris Yerlig the Mime, Jordan the DJ ( also known as my HYP yoga instructor) Ginger de Vegh,"my" photograher, oodles of cases of Pop Chips, and the focus on the Women's Lunch Place . All in all, the crowd was pleased, we were graced with some very iconic people such as the presence of Marilyn Reisman. I was honored to have all of you here at Matsu.

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 110

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 126

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 188

The night came with charm, ambience , enchantment and " The Announcement".

I thought about this long and hard. I had an inkling last summer when my current landlord mentioned that he was toying with the idea of opening a breakfast space for his Guest House where Matsu is currently housed. I was shocked, and dismissed the notion all in that one afternoon. That was early last July. I carried around the idea sub conciously, I suppose. Went about my business as usual, with my at that time "magical manager" whom to this day I respect for all he brought to my business, Christopher.

However, the climate of the street changed. the climate of the customers changed. The expectations needed to change … everything needed to change, but I tried to hold on. I felt that the evening of our 12 year celebration ( again a mistake announcing it 15 years.. my apologies)  would be a pivot point in the season.

It wasn't. Reality set in. I was relieved after telling the crowd that I was going to loose my space. My manager didn't even know until days before. No wonder he was dealing with me as such a freak. I was.

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 190

Disturbed by it all.  Scared. Something uncontrollable. Very disarming. Very challenging. I realized that retail is not what it was back in 1980 when I first opened Eastern Accent, housed on the corner of Fairfield and Newbury St.  I also came to reality with what is right now, and that everything differs from when I agreed to hire him. Everything was different back in 2006. What I regret the most is, that I didn't keep my own finger on the pulse of the business in a manner that the climax could be avoided.

.The Change was inevitable. We all saw it. We just didn't speak it. I had to process wrapping my mind around the task at hand. It took a long while, and I questioned myself each and every step of the way. I approached the situation as gracefully as my nerves allowed. Letting something go in one's life is the most difficult thing in the world. I was scared  but with courage and placing one foot in front of the other, faith sets in. .and pray we all flourish as a result. 

  I had to make a change, not only for me, but for everyone.. I surrender to my own life and the beauty in it. I will become my own leader once again. Things will change. I must welcome what comes this direction. Consequently, Matsu will move forward.

I have decided to remain open. I will change many strategies within Matsu. The lesson in all of this is for us all to keep our minds and hearts open. See the subtle signs or warnings. Little clues. They are there. It is matter of learning to decipher. It can take a while, especially if hidden by fog. Nevermind… especially if one is in denial. It is a seemingly safe place to land your mind, but definately not realistic. That is the difference. I have had to get so real with everything and ride this wave. See the wave, welcome the wave." Just get light, Dava ,and let it flow. " That is my new mantra. Welcome what is inevitable with arms and eyes wide open. Ride the wave. Let it take you. I know, easy to say, but I have to hear the words, feel the words, be the words and just know that was seems really difficult right now , too shall change.  Surrender to it. Just be. Breathe.

The annoucement of my new location will come in time. But right now, I am planning strategies for today.

Let's not forget the holiday season is next, and we all want to acknowlege the people in our lives. Some we love, some we don't but just remember.. there will always be a lesson learned with each and every acquaintance. Often also a relfection of one's self. Whether we like it or not.

 Change is inevitable.

We might as well embrace it !

I thank you all who showed their support at our Magic of Matsu Celebration and congratulate all of the winners of the raffle. The women representing the Women's lunch place were very honored and delighted by the outcome of the donations and the raffles for the evening.

The Magic of Matsu evening. Sept 26 019

Below, I offer the list of winners before I sign off from this post. I also wish to take the time to thank my beautiful models who donated their services and charm for this wonderful evening. Cathleen , Lisa and Victoria. Thank you for gracing our party with your beauty and our clothing ! I would also like to express my appreciation for all of the business that have donated in honor of our event.
The list of donators and winners are as follows.:

LA VOILE $50 Gift Certificate ( 2) Tracey Aguier and Ka Wong

SOUTH END FORMAGGIO $100 Gift Certificate : Gabriel G.


HYP STUDIO 10 class pass : Natalie Green

ZAFTIG'S DELI $50 Gift Certifiate ;Liz Carafian

BOSTON CENTER $300 Gift Certificate : Sarah Wong

SWEET Dozen Cupcakes: Meg Young

POST ROAD LIQUORS 2 bottles of wine : Syblilla Smith

BOSTON OLIVE OIL CO. GIft Basket : Jim Hannon

BARNES AND NOBLE 3 Coffee table books : Lisa L, Holly Shuman, Terry Mann


 IRON FAIRIES Gift Grouping (2) Betty Riaz, Jenn Squires

M0851 Leather Messenger bag Vivian Li


NYMPH NECKLACE PAIR : Kristen Yarranton

Congratulations to all of you winners !

See you all soon, I hope. Invite change. Do not resist it. It is inevtiable !

Yours in joy and style,