The Whisper of Spring

“Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. “~Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” ~Robin Williams

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” ~ Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg

And here we are. Enjoying these moments of seeing the happy daffodils and crocus peering up through the newly fallen snow. Such a happy site. The past and present culminating at once.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.19.35 PM

Energetically, I personally don’t feel as wiped out from the hibernation we never really got due to the unusual winter season we endured. The days seemed longer, the climate certainly milder, the fear of slipping on black ice nearly non existent. I guess it’s a great time to be in New England. Embracing it, and letting go of my own expectations for that dramatic snow storm never experienced. Time to move on! Smell the flowers, embrace the buds sprouting on all of the bushes and trees. What a sight!


Spring time is also a time of year when we begin to feel stale from the colder months we have just endured. Color is the perfect antidote. Perhaps giving a room a new fresh coat of color can help, a new scarf, a rather juicy piece of new healing gemstone jewelry from Nymph. These are all ideas that will help elevate your soul, not to mention your look and mood. The piece above reflects one of my new Lariat Style Necklaces. I created this for versatility, ease, uniqueness, color and for the healing properties included in each little piece. These are all natural stones. Uncut, not tumbled, just their organic pure selves.


And there they are. Dancing with delight on their sterling silver chains. They are light, airy, colorful, healing and decorative while creating a statement. The blues are all Fluorite, the Autumnal tones are all various Garnets, and the clear facets are Herkimer Diamonds, the clear ascension stone. All of the above offer healing properties. You may check my Etsy site for details. Also please note. I am working on my own site, and hope to have it up and running soon. But I will share, building a web site is no picnic! It’s tedious and time consuming. I think the rewards will be worth it. I’ll have the ability to offer more than what Etsy limits me to sell. I just need to maintain patience through this along with the daily goals it takes to continue to roll out this site. Stay tuned.

I’d like to thank all that came to support Matsu during the LILITH Trunk Show last weekend. I realize many of you were dying to see this wonderful designer once again, and hadn’t since the Newbury Street location closed a few years back. Ironically, I was approached by another new designer that I discovered while at Coterie, scouting new ideas for fall. We will be holding a SHOSH NEW YORK Pop Up Shot at Matsu in April for 10 days only! Watch for details.  Spring stock  available to purchase.

IMG_2333The look is a bit more relaxed, looser, feminine with a little boy twist, silks, linen, cotton.

I am excited to share this collection with you and hope you can make it down Route 20 into Sudbury for a couple hours or a couple of minutes! Flexible hours enabling you to visit.

Happy Spring 2016! Until we meet again,

I remain yours in joy & style,


A Trio of Inspiring Journeys

What winter? This season has definitely made it easy for us to move around  in an uninhibited fashion. This rare weather has cooperated with us resulting in less fear around falling icicles or black ice, just to name a few. As a result of this mild winter I’ve been fortunate to experience the ease in traveling. No storms brewing to delay flights etc. The first journey, begins with the New York Gift Show Accent on Design, held in early February. People shop and scout replenishing their empty stores as a result of the Holiday mayhem. They are creating while re inventing their look for the season upcoming. The same holds true for those with e-commerce sites. It’s always a thrill to help these buyers and possibly inspire them to purchase items they may not have known existed before! This is a very creative period for us.

For this season,  we went with a malachite effect on the walls.  The deep green hues were applied in a way that gave the walls an authentic gemstone like effect.  This could  very well become our new signature color. We basically created a 4 day Pop Up shop. Then the tear down. The complete process is a lot of work, but very fun, stimulating  and inspiring – especially seeing  the buyer’s positive feedback. Our wares include hand-made brass table top utensils, seen below, several candle collections, skillfully crafted make up brushes, porcelain cell plates as seen on the top shelf in the rear of the booth, to name a few. I begin to wind down, and travel back to the Boston area once the show is over. Then the processing order time frame begins.
IMG_3587Three days later, I wind up in a place I have promised myself for years to attend. This year I did.

I found myself in 87 degree dry heat amidst the mystical gems of the Tucson Gem Show. The vibration and frequency from this show continues to resonate within me.  I think the crystals were performing their magic! I know I felt it! How could one not?

The single terminated crystal quartz  display below is one of millions shown. These are the most common type of crystal, with a single six-sided point at one end. They are used to charge the chakras or to disperse negative energy. Crystals remain extremely popular for their beauty and therapeutic healing properties. Clear quartz crystals hold the vibration of White Light. As we open our higher chakras we become receptive to that Light and to the crystals that embody it.

IMG_1130On my journey, the next discovery was such an unexpected find. As many of you may know, I have been incorporating Herkimer Diamonds into my collection of Nymph. They are diamond like, due to their natural facets and their clarity. How do they grow? I wondered. What does it look like?

IMG_1077Here, above you can see a large chunk of Earth. The Herkimers have lodged themselves into the crevices of this mass. They are discreetly suspended within the crevice. I have an example of this at MATSU so you can actually see it with your own eyes. Herkimer Diamonds are raw quartz crystals mined in Herkimer, New York. Believed to be nearly 500 million years old, each stone naturally formed with eighteen facets, six sides and two points. The diverse crystal appears with a number of mystical inclusions, adding to their value and character. These stones are ascension stones. They can take you to the highest spiritual vibration possible while still being in your physical body. This stone energizes, enlivens and promotes creativity. Below I show a finished piece of jewelry as an example. From Earth to  body adornment. These beauties swing from 18k gold ear wires. They catch the light with every movement. These are available with many more styles on their way. If interested please contact me!


The grand finale for me was my acquaintance with this enormous gemstone. Cool to the touch, feeling a sense of security and magic all at the same time, as I hugged this beautiful rock.

IMG_1187Time to go. Heading North by car, it was impossible not to gain sight of the terrain. So different from the East Coast. Dryness, cacti and arid vegetation all over and forever it appeared.  I had the sense that John Wayne or Clint Eastwood were about to gallop out in front of my car on a horse being chased.  To my disappointment, this did not occur. Instead I feasted my eyes on all of the  new scenery and simply enveloped the vegetation. I knew Sedona was near, but it wasn’t until the car seriously approached these majestic mountains that I was completely awestruck. Looking like an oil painting, I had to pinch myself into reality. And, yes it was indeed real. This trip was so inspiring on many fronts. So much beauty, right here in the USA. Before I take you back to

IMG_1332           East Coast reality, please allow me to share this unique dining experience in Sedona. Driving by, my eye caught this amazing rustic structure. It sits high up on a mountain and if that isn’t enough.. the spectacular views from the veranda and dining room makes a creative canvass for the unusual them and menu. MARIPOSA;  A Latin inspired grill captivating nature surrounding the grounds as it also entices the stomach. It was truly a delicious experience. I strongly suggest you visit this or any of Lisa Dahl’s other dining establishments when in Sedona. You may click on the link for additional information. The food, views, service and hospitality was spectacular. I grew very fond of JB Mariposa’s Maître d’ rather quickly. His gracious demeanor and charm was just enough to inspire me to share this with you. Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.58.24 AM

And the view from the veranda.. Simply breathtaking!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 8.03.08 AM

Next up: Fashion Coterie. Market for Autumn/Winter 2017. Back to East Coast fun.


With arrivals beginning in late July, I chose the hues, shapes, textures and styles for the next season. Ordering 6 months out. I was so excited about the tones I saw. It’s been a while that deep midnight blue has appeared  in fashion. I was delighted to see it in the collections done  by most of the designers I was attracted to. You can expect seeing that tone again at MATSU, in combination with Ochre, Deep Green, Bordeaux, some bright shots of deep Pinks, and finally harmonizing all the tones a deep Charcoal Grey appears. Harmony! Look at the bevy of color below. These scarves are all designed in Paris, made in India. They each tell their own story.ImageOn the Nymph front, I would love to share one of my newest pieces. It’s a locket filled with diamonds! I’ve paired it on a simple sterling silver oxidized chain. The choices are 18 or 32″. A small garnet briolette is the “garnish” accent for this piece. It’s brand new, as I’ve just turned out another collection. Most of it is complete, just waiting for the weather to break so I can shoot outdoors. Do you like it ? It’s royal, rich and brings creativity and enhancing the new directions your goals are to take you.

IMG_8670What would my blog posts be if I didn’t add some nutrition? I made this last night. Salmon in Parchment. The flavors simply melded inside the parchment. Cooked at 375 for about 45 minutes. The original recipe from Martha called for leeks. I thinly sliced leeks, tiny red tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, added fresh tarragon, black Moroccan olives, salt, pepper , olive oil, drizzled white wine, sealed the paper with – staples, and voila! Delicious. All the flavors permeated together and the end result was simply amazing! Served with sautéed okra with garlic and shallots accompanied by wild rice. Yum!

IMG_1609 I started out with a shorter concept, but it kept growing. How can I leave anything out ? I can’t! My goal was to share my experiences with you, and I hope you enjoyed them. I look forward to hearing from you all!

Can’t wait to see you again in my shop once my abbreviated hours are revised. Until then feel free always to give me a call. I am happy to meet you at 92 Boston Post Road, in Sudbury. Here is my number. 617.510.6369

Yours in joy and style,


Summer Jubilee in July

Upon the start of  writing this blog post, I heard the soft pitter- patter  of  Summer’s rain, as it hit  the nearby ground and roof surfaces. It’s always a refreshing sense to hear, feel and see amidst the perpetual heat. Nature needs the water, as do our own bodies. As a result of rain, Earth is replenished, blooms flourish. I welcome the grey skies, it gives me permission to relax indoors and go about my chores what ever the bucket list of them is at that time. Sort of like an abbreviated snow day, during this wonderful sunny summer. Still, I feel the calm the rain brings, and simply love it among the misty skies of grey.  On this rainy day,I accidentally happened to have created this design with a water bottle. The little nuances nature provides. Serendipity.FullSizeRenderHad I not been fully present, I would have yanked the Poland Spring bubbly bottle off the counter of slate, placed it back into the fridge and missed this beauty. Note the clear reflections in the distinct shapes of water.

I honestly don’t know what it is about water that  soothes so much. Gentle  harmony, perhaps?

The sounds of a waterfall, the beauty of the brook babbling over small and large rocks, the resonating tone of the ocean waves crashing down upon one another.  We are surrounded by these innate sounds and acts of nature.. which I  especially  notice not living in the city, any more. I find respite from these natural performances. I am not really sure how it is possible,  having type A personality, I can decompress so very quickly at the beach. It never fails to disappoint. Ever!

I share a photo from one of my several excursions this summer on the Plum. Plum Island, that is. It’s a smaller beach than the vast beauty at Crane, in Ipswich, but I rather fancy the intimacy here. The sand is darker and coarser. I leave completely rejuvenated. Always.IMG_8923It is unfortunate, however that the glory of the summer months on the North Shore is rather abbreviated from mid July to nearly mid August. Why?  Beasts of the North East. That’s why. What am I referring to? Greenheads. That’s what.  The ground of salt marsh is springy, sort of like walking on a lumpy trampoline. Water oozes through the tufts of matted grass. Apart from an occasional deer, assorted birds, turtles maybe an otter, the Greenheads dominate this territory. They are very hungry, and their main source of desire is the blood from humans. Not a pleasant situation. They are so determined and can make your vacation a nightmare. Nothing can keep them away. Deet which is one of the primary ingredients in bug spray won’t do the trick either. The stuff is bad enough for your skin, but honestly? It won’t work.Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.47.35Despite the beautiful intense emerald-green head stay away!  Time to head to the beaches on the South Shore. You have been warned.

On a delicious note: Look at the yummy treat I had the privilege of trying this weekend. Small  delectable chunks of parmesan and romano cheeses. Drizzled with honey, and sprinkled with fresh black pepper. Creating this dish is so easy, The longer it sits at room temperature, the more flavor with each bite. Serve with olives, and crusty Italian or French bread. Perhaps even a strawberry.IMG_9012It is such a joy experimenting with the flavors this season has to offer. Colorful berries are bursting with flavor. They just are ready to be picked and served. They really do want to “show off” their magnificent vividness right now. A very dear friend mentioned  of blackberries, and peaches. I took it upon myself to experiment with this colorful contrast and created a salad. I added baby arugula, mozzarella balls and fresh chives. Look at this beautiful bounty. I substituted white balsamic for red wine vinegar. IMG_9027A lovely, light, yet provocative vinaigrette.  Using Country Style Dijon, salt, pepper, and 1/3 cup olive oil that I had sautéed with fresh chopped shallots. These little devils simply swam in the olive oil on high, the moment they began to burst, I removed from the heat. In the mixer, goes the mustard, about 5 tablespoons of vinegar, salt, pepper, a dash of oregano. Then whisk in the olive oil permeated with shallots.IMG_9022 Doesn’t the golden color look inviting?  This salad dressing is light and can be used on a bevy of summer dishes.

The next photo reflects a tomato dish that I created last summer, and each time I make it, there is another revision. Cooking to me is rather like painting. It’s all about how I feel at that given moment, for what will predominate the dish. This one has oodles of chopped in half Cherub tomatoes in red and golden-yellow, chopped celery, chopped English cucumber, chopped fresh chives, capers, ground lemon rind from the whole lemon. The “dressing” is nothing but olive oil, once again with chopped garlic this time. I heat about 1/4 cup of olive oil, chop about 5 garlic cloves finely, and then heat it all. Once again, as the garlic begins to dance with the heat, in the pan, I pull from the burner. The results, I have discovered, are best when refrigerating upon finish, then pulling out about 30 minutes before you are ready to serve. Gorgeous!IMG_9033As we meander through mid summer, which I’d rather not end, find myself having to tolerate the sounds of the low humming compressor from all air conditioners everywhere I go. I don’t like them, use them or need it. I do look forward to air peace. The constant drone of the noise drives me utterly crazy. It fills my head with noise, and causes irritability. I  regretfully  admit.  Yes, perhaps that noise and the Greenheads are my biggest complaint about the summer months.  Hark! I peer outside my window in the evening, then run outdoors briefly to join the Fireflies. Any temporary discomfort I tune into,  fade as I dance amidst their magnificent symphonic light.  Mid Summer’s Night Dream: Fire Flies in July.Screenshot 2015-07-13 21.34.40

I do look forward to crisp air.  In my industry, July is the last of relaxation, in a sense, since it’s the precursor to Autumn.  Several capsule collections will be in store by end of August, beginning September. I truly am excited about this. Woman can not survive on gems alone. They certainly help, however in more ways than just one. A verbal tease of what’s to come; Rich Edwardian Velvet from Lilith, Sexy embellished bags from Jamin Puech, architectural taffeta from Matthildur, deep jewel tones from Majestic, frivolity from Lunn, to name a few. The photo below represents a piece from Icelandic designer, Matthildur. Just love her wearable taffeta fabrics! Her designs and fabrics really are movement inspiring.Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.44

I’ve been busy designing jewelry this summer. In my past blog journey posts, I usually discuss the stone of the month, this one being Ruby; July’s birthstone. However, we all know how in love with rubies I am, but I felt the urge to share something new. Upon several personal requests from clients, I am pleased to announce an edition to Nymph: Herkimer Diamond earrings. See description below.Herkimer Diamond EarringsIMG_6718These earrings are suspended on an 18k gold ear wire. They measure approximately 1/2″. As stated above, no two are alike, but I have calibrated the pair to become one in harmony with each other.
Herkimer Diamonds are actually crystal quartz, but their facets unique. They imbue the sense of diamonds. These raw quartz crystals are mined exclusively in Herkimer County, NY. They are believed to be nearly 500 million years old, each stone has naturally formed with eighteen facets, six sides, and two points (double terminated). While they are not actually diamonds, they earned this nickname for their diamond-like shapes. The diverse crystals come with a number of mystical inclusions, which add to their value and character. Each stone is uniquely formed.  Herkimer Diamonds are ascension stones; they will take you to the highest spiritual vibration possible while still being in your physical body. This stone energizes, enlivens and promotes creativity. They enhance telepathy, and memory. Herkimer Diamond is a detoxification stone. If you click on the link above the photo, it will take you directly to the site to purchase. You can also find them at my shop, MATSU. Check Facebook for summer hour revisions. IMG_8828

The little lace frock shown above is a wonderful accessory to wear over just about anything. It’s cropped swing shape is flattering. I truly look forward to sharing the Capsule Collections I have on order, which will begin to appear late August. From Lilith, I fell in love with this Edwardian Blue Velvet series, Matthildur has  ( Icelandic designer formerly ELM )designed a charming collection of wearable clothing offering ease and elegance in taffeta, and jerseys. Fresh from France, Jamin Puech never comes short in their signature embellishment styles in handbags, Majestic brought back bordeaux, which thrills me. Just to name a few  designers  I can’t wait for you all to experience these lush fabrics and unique designs in person, in MATSU coming this Autumn.

Please feel free to call for a private showing. I am also happy to offer hosting a party for you and your intimate friends at the shop. We can create something unique. I will be offering events, this fall. Stay tuned.

Enjoy this beautiful weather.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey, designed for you!

Yours in joy,










Moving through the Spheres of Life.


The life we were given, and born into has somewhat got it's map. We are able to guide ourselves on the map, but take necessary turns and veering off when we wish. This often can lead us toward surprises and new beginnings. It is about taking a chance, and listening to your inner child, guardian angel, the devil, the divine spirit within, or just simple adventure. It is here where we learn and experience the unknown. It is also here where growth develops.

My journeys in life were rather predictable when I was running Eastern Accent – the store and then into Matsu. Each day was a delight, but still within a realm of what was occurring in that time span. Upon closing the store, so much weight was lifted from my shoulders, my heart and mind. More weight than I care to discuss in my blog journey, but trust me- it was still rather frightening. Not really having a plan in place, I had to find a way to welcome this period and surrender to the process that seeds were silently growing.


This was a time in my life that I had to completely turn it all over to the heavens, and just surrender. The period betwix and between closing doors and then waiting for others open, was the most difficult time of my life. It was like mourning the loss of something that you created from birth. That run was complete and done, though. No looking back. Just kept on placing one foot in front of the other. Self employment always keeps you alert and on your toes. Seeking opportunities and being steadfast in doing so, built stamina, life experience and knowledge. Searching for the tools in order to cope was frustrating at the time- but in retrospect, truly a place where I grew. Inspiration was medicine for me. 


Cooking, painting, yoga and traveling helped aid the weaknesses I felt during these months. My body collapsed, my mental state was week and simple frustration were delt with more often than I care to admit.

I practiced using the tools above to keep my heart out of the dark, and sometimes more ease with it than at other times, I just kept on placing one foot in front of another. Interesting products, designing and creating more Nymph pieces and lots of reading helped. Marketing and sales at Eastern Accent International gave me a voice , as does writing on my blog.

The company run by Masayuki Muramatsu is something that I am most familiar with, but my goal was to elevate it to the next level. Reaching more clientele on a National level was my personal challenge. I loved it. Now working on upgrading the website; we will be able to expand the audience. This will be my on going project and   We will be adding  new products,company profile and FaceBook Page.  One concern is that Eastern Accent International is for the trade- and  our goal and  wish is for  all of you to have access to these wonderfully edited and carefully chosen exquisite goods  that  have been imported.  ÉoÅ[ÉfÉBÅ[ÉyÅ[ÉpÅ[ÉiÉCÉtÅQ1


Birdie Paper knife is a sculpture for the desk top and also is a functional letter opener. Encourage the loosing art of writing as communication. This was the designer's mission in creating it. It also comes in Silver. $110. The colored variety are of plastic and are $12. each.     OR just contact me!

Life has taken a turn, and now that the sun is finally shining and the month of May has had it's nurturing from Mother Nature, the foliage is lush and green. The flowers are blooming. The birth of Spring is here.

Inspiration comes in all forms, and recognizing it is key. Brimfield is one place that I go to in search of something odd, something old, history and fun. This is inspiration. The item, the colors, the tones… one just never knows what lurks around the corner! IMG_2148

I found this item above. It has life.. to me. Time goes by. The photo below, I fell in love with, due to the saturated tones and the hand made feel of these yarns. I really love them. I see a sweater, fashion and then realized how much I honestly do miss what I did for 31 years. Retail. Inspiring people in their lives and the way they dress. First let's look at the tones here in these hand made yarns. IMG_2117 The one other thing I must show you is a before photo of the bone. As you can see, I am swinging myself towards jewels, clothing and accessories here, and about to make an announcement- if I could stop expressing long enough! Look at this pile of bone from Ethiopia ! Soon to be in the Nymph Collection.IMG_2132

Consequent to my retail absence and new developments during the aftermath of closing Matsu.. my creative mind led me back to do what I love the most… and that involves all of you. I am now styling the best way I know how- at Neiman Marcus, Boston. We can all play together again!

 I share with you, the excitement and fresh discovery of this  community of fashion, ready to wear, Couture, home accessories, mens , and a most vast variety of shoe collections ever.  

The jewelry department is beyond exquisite.-  We get to play and covet, sell and consume these gorgeous wares through out the entire store. Let's face it. I have a lot to learn. Understanding the nature of the beast, each secret that lies within each department I yearn to learn all about !

Come play… On your way to lunch, or home or just play hookie!

I look forward to seeing you at Neimans, Copley.

Yours in joy,



Behind the Scenes

 Hi there !  Welcome to my newest post. This one focuses on style, and achieving it through photography,movement, and colors using elements that are a part of the shell of the store.

This is a departure for me. I am about to share a real life experience, that I am grateful for. This photo shoot, taken place on June 8 at Matsu, included the collaboration of Avanti Hair Salon, Bob Packert Photography, Matsu ( me) and Aya.

Kate from Avanti approached me several weeks ago and expressed her desire to somehow combine hair and clothing.  Blown out style. ( no pun)  We originally planned on shooting on the roof, but we all would have burned up on this blistery hot day in June. Rather early for this intense heat, wouldn't you say ?

The goal was to show off the hair; styling by Troi Young. The other goal was to show off the clothing at Matsu while highlighting Nymph. My jewelry. Our mission was to portray style, using a very natural face, and natural light. We discovered subtle areas within Matsu that we walk by daily, but with new fresh eyes, the tall front window becomes the focal point for a wonderful backdrop. IMG_6225

We put Nara Paz's sequin and blush organza dress on Aya, and I piled smoky and rudilated quartz necklaces. This dress needed very little to accentuate it's elegance, so I kept the jewelry pallet as natural as I could. Aya wore baroque pearl earrings which are just faintly visible. Just what I wanted. IMG_6232

 What a gift, days before my 20 year old departs for California, we were able to coordinate ourselves on a day that lent itself to full fledged creativity ! Nara's dresses are elegant and very easy to wear. The fit is true to size, and her craftsmanship impeccable. The natural tones here allow the wearer to become the focus, in a naturally beautiful state.

The next series  of photos were taken in the front doorway of 264 Newbury St. The back ground blasted out using natural light. I pulled a fan out of the closet, so we could create movement of the poker straight hair, and the softness of Lilith's soft blue silk georgette dress. The ruffles around the neckline created such a contrast to the hair. What a wonderful mood here.  IMG_6255

  The moss aquamarine necklaces have a diamond. The long one held as a rosary has a gigantic Tahitian pearl, and hangs about 32". the other choker is larger smoky quartz rondelles with moss aqua teardrops hanging around it. This photo ( as all of them here was taken by me, as I am watching Bob honing his own craft.

I somehow captured the light as he did, but I am sure once we produce his photos, I will embarrass myself. 

The next series in the same outfit portray a rather haunting sense. Mystery. Quiet sensuality. Through the looking glass.  IMG_6264

 I walk through this door everyday to enter Matsu. Funny, how a vision is altered through the lens of a camera. Leave it to Bob, to have discovered this gorgeous piece of glass, that can become such a habit to the eye. Old, antique, beauty. IMG_6278

All of a sudden, I thought we should change it up, once again. Paprika silk charmeuse top designed by IIlia. I combined it with a tulle printed skirt from Lilith.  This series was shot in the blazing sun in the rear of Matsu. The contrast of the light and the paprika tone agains the deep teal velvet drapes is captivating. Visually just demanding attention. IMG_6268

Nymph again. Tons. Madiera citrines, whiskey quartz, topaz and diamonds. The look is over done to the point that the textures just become so elegant and desirable.

 This is what I chose to share with you, from our behind the scenes photo shoot. I was so proud to be a part of this day, and to style, play and be in the company of such talent. Bob, I thank you again, and Troi ? always a pleasure to see your heart pumped as you do what you do best.

Kate, I thank you for bringing the concept to me, and Yes, I am proud of my little girl. It was such fun working with you all.

Stay tuned for more.

Yours in joy,


Greeting the enchantment of Spring’s Rhapsodic Melody!


Spring : emerging from confinement through an outlet.;suggestion of abundance or ease of inception.

The season linking the transition of Winter and Summer.. as the temperature gradually climbs during the months of March, April and May. We wake to longer days of light, nearly 12 hours to be exact during this transition from hibernation to the awakening of our souls, and our lives. There is something to be said for darkness as it should soothe your souls, replenishing our inner well, but with the severity we all in New England have just persevered, I am certain we are now ready to celebrate the birth of this new season.


Rhapsody : an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm

Divine, I say ! All things pretty, fresh and free . That is the liberation that this season brings to me.

Sort of similar to the collection that Lily Bareth aka Lilith has portrayed in her current Spring/Summer Collection 2011.  Poetic, lyrical, dream like and fresh. Referencing the liberation of the 1930's era, Paris. the colorful collection is inspired by the Annees Folles era of Josephine Baker, as you can see her in the ad. I also shot the racks holding the collection at Matsu now. Very feminine and romantic, Lililth is easily adaptable to your existing wardrobe.. For a special occasion, or just simply to celebrate the welcoming of Spring celebration every day. Either way, you will feel rejuvinated and liberated by the pallet. Guaranteed.

As the winter months wane the anticipation of Spring is reflected through my creations of  newly designed Nymph.


The Etruscan influence is rather prominent for these current pieces. My heritage. The feeling of having been discovered in a mine, or underground and simply dug up from a clay like earth matter. The bracelets shown here are combinations of old world influencing my mind, and soul.  Unexpected combinations are created to design these fine wrist adornments. I have used rare stones, such as faceted deep jade combined with emeralds and gold, old bone used in conjunction with baroque pearls,  and antique gold accents. The diamond accents add richness and royalty to the bracelets. All are limited quantity if not one of a kind.


I felt like Peridot and Whiskey quartz, also known as bear quartz lent themselves to the pallet of the season. They accent anything with verve.

Peridot, a bit more common than the whiskey quartz, as most of us know is the Birthstone for August. The tones vary from fresh green with a little yellow tint, bottle green, and olive green. This stone emits a warm, friendly and happy energy bringing openess and acceptance.


The triple strand necklace has antique silver bead accents. One of a kind, I think it is slightly ethnic, but can be easily incorporated in any wardrobe. These tiny chips create an elegantly wearable  and comfortable piece.

The Whiskey quartz necklace has an accent strand of warm toned garnets. It being the smallest millimeter on the necklace. The unusual diamond focal bead is an unexpected combination, which I though brought uniqueness to this necklace. The antique silver clasp is my trademark, as are the little stones that dangle in the back of the neck at closure.  In some cases, the clasp can be turned around and visible from the front, or side as the stones that dangle add and ease of elegance.

Whiskey quartz brings clarity, balances energy and enhances self esteem. The rich hue obviously resembles the tone of fine whiskey.

Love is in the Earth. Love is in the air. This is the season to embrace more light, more warmth and the re birthing of nature. Watching it unfurl makes us slow down and smell, see and feel.


Inviting you all in to see the shifts my soul and mind has created  inside Matsu a new, and to play with me at 264 Newbury St. I welcome you in to see the new collections with different flavors than those of seasons past. Promise ! I look forward to see you all.

Yours in joy,


Awakening the Senses.. Opening doors to Spring with Scenes from Paris


Hi everyone ! It feels great to be back here. Here in the United States, and here on my blog page. As many of you may read in my brief post last week, I had been dormant some what and also fighting a near bronchial type flu.

 I am back from Paris and in the clear health wise.  January, February and now March.  Time to wake up ! Time to come out of hibernation. Time to smell the roses. Maybe a trip to see Alice in Wonderland would be a great trigger ! Visually so stimulating. The colors, the sounds, the "Madness" and the Caterpillar…. nearly my favorite. How many of you remember Grace Slick with the Jefferson Airplane singing "Go as Alice !"  The song resonated in my mind the whole time I watched this utterly fantastic movie.  What a wonderful  transition from Paris back to Boston. A little visual tool to aid in my withdrawls from the sights and sounds of a city so awake despite the season. Alice in Wonderland jolted my heart and mind. It was just want I needed after the trip. Now as I ease on in back to my life here in Boston, I reflect on my trip.

I returned Monday night. The weather in Paris was freaky cold. Chilled to the bone each day. By foot, walking along the river bank, with the wind chill, it  must have been around 30 degrees. Unlike the weather experienced here in Boston. Very unusual. Very cold. However I was on foot more than usual this trip. This allowed me to capture scenes I usually may not have seen. I was not inside a closed windowed car. I was on the ground. On the stone foundation that lie beneath my feet. My eyes darted like a little child in a candy shop for the first time. The sights of Paris are just in fact that … Eye candy. I seemed to have been attracted to the architecture nearly more than anything thing this trip. I was also attracted to the colors of the buildings, the bistros the grounds, the landscape, the sky.  This intoxicating City of Light.


In my travels this time around.. I captured many scenes in this realm. A bit less oh shall we say materialistic and fashion oriented than in past trips; although I was in Paris discovering, and seeking collections for Matsu. The Comme des Garcons collection was carefully edited for Autumn 2010. This took 5 hours in one show room. The Pandemonium in the small room that housed Rei Kawakubo's Com Com line was an absolute challenge. You have dozens of buyers from all over the world at once in the showroom which is in a gorgeous building from the outside… Show me an ugly building in Paris…. impossible ! 


 The room where the buying is done is not at all conducive to hold the capacity of people nor all of the energy spinning around…in it. To notice the murmur of all the foreign languages at once: German, Italian, Swedish, French. It was such a wonderful experience for my ears, to have the ability to hear low tone of the voices all humming at once… with maintaining my acute focus to on the collection by  combing, choosing and creating  the look that Matsu will portray for Fall. 


You will see a few photos here from the presentation of the collection,  please note the overtones of the colors nearly everyone is in. Dark blues, blacks.. and mixtures of them both. I always feel so accomplished when done. It is probably the most difficult collection to buy, just because of the overall chaotic energy flying around the room. I am proud and pleased with what is coming in. I always wish that the season I am buying for was not that far away… It is such an oxymoron,  because here as you read in my blog title, I am really inspired by the awakening of Spring. Talking about winter clothing… Luckily we have the summer ahead of us. These two seasons travel too fast anyway ! So, being in the moment here is necessary… In order to maximize one's life. staying in the present. Just breathe. Believe and Receive what is out there !



I have posted photos of these wonderful doors, and also some of the Comme des Garcons experience.



I have more topics to discuss, but since this combination is a little odd, I thought this would be enough for you all to digest. Stay tuned for more… Sooner than later. I will continue my Paris post with in the week. For now, soak this up and I hope you enjoy each and every word and photograph. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or answers…..

Until then,

I remain open and welcome awakening of the senses that Spring brings !


Yours in joy,

Dava .

February 2010


The holidays are over. The new year is here. The amount of light grows in the sky daily. Optimism. Glee. Joy. Valentine's day on the way.

Our bodies and minds still in hibernation mode. Just a glimpse of Spring poking through the clouds. Quince fills the front window at Matsu. The little baby blossoms seemingly so happy to be popping out of their bud stage. This shows positivity and hope for the next season to be creeping into our sub concious slowly, but surely.


The first collections to arrive are from Comme des Garcons. The collection the season showing up style by style are a reflection of fabrics that have been drenched in the richest tones of deep ink. Not blue, not black… an intense combination of both !  Rei Kawakabo does it again. Her fabric choices, though not inexpensive by any means, are cut like a boy, but the feminine quality of the textures shouts out with the juxtaposition of her style. In all senses of the word. See here 2 looks with the same blouse, evoking femininity for sure; paired with a pair of pants and also a very sculptural skirt. It is all in the cut, the shape and the form. This is what you pay for when purchasing a piece from Comme des Garcons.  The colors are mostly ink this season. A rich mixture of blue and black.


Lilith and Elm are a bit shy in showing up delivery wise this season but knowing that the frivolity and flirtiness of both collections that are on their way, will be welcomed and received with excitement… Hopefully before I return to New York City the end of the month, and Paris in early March to buy, select and choose for the next season to arrive.  Fall/Winter 2010.  Seems like it is so far away, as we are just beginning to flirt with the notion of Spring/Summer 2010.  First things first ! Until then, we play with the happenings in the store, with the new jewelry from Nymph, and the luxury of the affordable sweaters from Inhabit. Many styles slightly reminiscent of 1980's shapes with a contemporary flair.


On a side note, I just finished shooting my Nymph collection on Tuesday. I will be publishing photos of the pieces, but not until the next blog posting. I am working on the press release with photos first. ( with the exception of 2 necklaces reflected here).

NYMPH white necklace

However, to pacify you for the time being, I have found a cluster of bangles…. very much in feel like the bakelight from years past. These, however, very rich in color are very affordable. They are $45 each, and each one creates such a bold statement. My jewelry collection, for Spring/Summer still has pieces with some delicacy to them, but primarily they appear bolder, chunkier and brighter. A true accessory. Actually, I will show you the bracelets here and 2 necklaces that are very bold, nearly unlike anything I have executed, but I find the white jade extremely fresh, and with the touches of turquoise in there with them, the visual makes me think of the sea.


February is the month of Aquarius.  This is a good month to dream. Dreaming is healthy and inspires actions that come from our hidden psyche. I am dreaming of a farm house near Tuscany right now, with a 60 minute drive to the sea.  Sounds out of the question, but we all know to be careful what one wishes for as the Universe just might provide that dream come true !

Keep dreaming. See you soon.

Yours in joy,


Halloween whisks by, welcome November

On this 10th day of November. This month is flying right by. Thank goodness we can all see in the morning now! I share my thoughts about this autumn month. As we approach Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for. Health, creativity and the willingness to share so much with you. Halloween has passed, but I must include a couple photos of the creatures that I lived with for over one month. I have a very creative person in my life that loves staging sets. In this case, crazy monster like clowns. Many were creeped out by them, I myself felt so fortunate to be able to have them in such close proximity to my living quarters… Enjoy the photos, along with my Halloween costume photos.  




This blog allows me to express, and now on a more serious note and in the realm of Fashion, I share with you an essay written by me and I have been waiting to be able to release it. The title is How to Wear Black. (and feel colorful inside) There are tips in this and clues and just a little guidance in this color that we all wear, some of us too much, or incorrectly.. Yes, I can be the police in this… please feel free to share your thoughts with me.  I really welcome it. The photos of the mannequins are now dressed in this manner at Matsu.  Have fun, stay warm, and enjoy the time of year when candle burning is a must.  It conjures the feelings of sensuality and inspires a dull room to become bright with new feeling.  Our candles at Matsu are just $35. each, and they burn beautifully.. Try our new Merlot scent, and the Siberian fir…. many to choose from. Hope to see you soon !


Yours, In joy,

dava muramatsu

The Fashion show, a magical evening in Weston, October 14.


To those unaware of the evening of taste, fashion and food. I write to describe the evening and hopefully entice.

On October 14 th, Matsu was invited to hold an event at Off Center in Weston. Yes, a bit off the beaten path of Newbury St, but what a delightful experience. The night focused on the stimulating the senses. My absolute favorite thing, and with a captured audience…  even better !  The owners of this fine little cafe known for their French / Mediterranean style home cooked foods, paired with Italian wines donatedby Il Cappriccio of Waltham.  All combined under the stars on this balmy October evening, we presented a collection of clothing, jewelry and accessories to those there to play.

My message was to engage and give yourself permission to frolic, from within. In this day and age of disturbance, media wise and news wise… we have only ourselves to stimulate, and create a haven of satisfaction,  and to honor what we do have to be grateful for. Not enough of us allow this playfulness to rise out of the inner soul… It is so important. More than many would like to admit. Therefore, I created and produced this show to entice, seduce and stimulate all the senses…. Below I show 3 photos of the event, beginning with my 17 year old who skipped ballet to work this show. She is casually wearing a beautiful washed wool black coat, with an ombre dyed hem. the skirt, a rich navy is ruffled and made from wool gabardine. under the coat she wears a scoop neck micro fiber top from Majestic, for Matsu. Our private label luxurious line of tops. Please note the sneaks. The coat and skirt… Comme des Garcons.

Next we have Saskia, proudly wearing rich plums, and touches of  magenta. Her extra long sweater duster and pants are designed by lilith bareth,  the french designer known for her romantic fashion sense, with her line, better known as Lilith. A staple at Matsu. She is carrying a wonderful olive leather tote.I thought the turban…. scarf actually, was a fantastic touch.


Lastly, you will see my daughter Aya, grabbing my hand, as we parade through the intimate crowd after the show and I proudly present my models and staff, whom without I could never have pulled this all off. Their constant faith, belief and support is so inspiring, that I just keep going forward.


Aya is wearing an adorable little tulle dress designed by Rozae Nichols. We also have skirts in the same tulle and lightly sequined fabric… An easy thing to wear.  and for Me…….. A sassy Majestic Turtle neck,,, who would think a turtle neck could be ??? think Audrey Hepburn.. and a wonder Scarlet Tutu Classic romantic length. I paired the Scarlet with robin's egg blue tights.  Love the combo…. hope you do too..  Enjoy these photos, and please come into Matsu so you can play, and pick up a complimentary essay I wrote on How to wear black and feel colorful, from the inside out !!!

Enjoy, and don't restrain yourself from playing.  Sick of your closet  and what is in it ? preventing a frolicking moment in time getting dressed ? I am for hire.  The best investment ever. Let's go through what you have been holding on to… for that "special occasion" that never transpired.  We are all guilty.

See you soon. Let the warm October air stimulate you.

Yours, in Joy,