the Floridian Break

The Sunshine Florida offers along with the never ending clear weather is so rejuvinating to me. A state not that far, yet with the floozy air fares, making it difficult at times to travel. My family lives there now. My mom, dad , sister and brother. Sarasota, on the Gulf of Mexico. A wonderful place to visit, but living there full time from New England ? Don’t think so. The ocean is therapy for me. The sand, the sun and the water all rolled into one big burst of relaxation. I was there with my teenager and as she has grown, I find her company more and more stimulating, and fun. I am thankful for having her, and for the time we were able to share ,down south.  NOT to mention the sand, unlike anywhere else in the world… white powder..

Spring Treats. Jewelry and Food!

Matsupile2_wI think we all can really get a sense that
Spring is here. In celebration of this fresh season, I would like to
share with you 2 discoveries. One being the Natural Bracelets from
Lapland that I have hand selected and now have found a new home from
Sweden, to 259 Newbury Street, here in Boston, at MATSU.


The indigenous Sami (Laplanders) have lived in
Northern Scandinavia for 10,000 years. They led a nomadic life in the
mountains and forests, following their herd of domesticated reindeer ,
while hunting and fishing. Today, only 3,000 Sami have reindeer herding
as their livelihood. This culture is rich in languages, music and
handicraft.  The Sami have been embroidering with pewter wires on
leather for hundreds of years.Braids were added in the last century.
The materials are vegetable tanned reindeer leather, spun pewter wire
including some nickel and 4% silver. The closure is a shed reindeer
antler, and the soft leather has been sewn with synthetic sinew. The
bracelets are maintanence free, and the more piled on the wrist the

And for the next sensual experience….
through the stomach!  Apropo to this Spring Season, is the vegetable
category……….. Nothing even close to what we were fed in our
elementary school cafeterias .. Mine at least… right out the can !
Horror !  Us poor kids, and honestly….. my 17 year old in High schooler
has reported that lunch here in the year 2008 is not far from what I
experienced way back when…. ( nevermind)

The photos you see reflect the most beautiful
array of roasted vegetables… one photo is uncooked Butternut squash,
loaded with Vitamin A, and C, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. I
invite you to try your own combo, but mine in this photo includes
fennel, including the tops, crimini mushrooms, (baby portobello),
grape tomatoes, cubed eggplant, ( a good source of Vitamin C, Calcium,
phosphorus and potassium)

Dsc07231_2 The rule of thumb for me, and it seems to
work on EVERYTHING ( do know that I am sharing my secrets!) is to
combine all of the veggies listed above into a large bowl, and
generously pour olive oil, all over them, about 3 shallots, and 5
cloves of garlic, all minced.  Add by hand French sea salt, the real
course stuff, and black pepper.  Mix together with your hands, and then
pour into an oiled baking pan such as a cookie sheet, and mix all
together, spread them out and cook at 375 degrees, bake for about one
hour…. Excellent hot, and also room temperature… Tuscan style….
Should you have leftovers .. No problem. Mix with an electric mixer,
until it becomes thick and pasty, it becomes a wonderful topping for
your favorite pasa shape with a bit of shaved parmesan and Voila..
another delectible dinner   Enjoy.  Let me know how it turns out!!

This weather leaves me wondering how to dress with brightness and optimism on such damp and chilly days.

I am intrigued that it is still Winter, or so it seems. and we are in the begining of April.

How about you ?

Faliero Sarti scarves we have imported from Italy are the spice that can perk up your life, during this "holding pattern " we have going on here in the Boston Area……Luscious Grape, pale raspberry, warm ivory, and deeper tones of blues…. All natural colors that can create a spark for your wardrobe. Pastels are also available reminiscent of those traditional after dinner mints that we once knew.

Post Paris.

Dsc06652 Upon my return to the States, I find happiness and peace. I thrive on the prior departure from Boston. I allow my mind to open, accept and search for any new sign of adventure.  The unknowing of what possibilities lie ahead in another country, always tantalize me. This recent trip to Paris was short, but fulfilling nonetheless. The sights, the smells and the sounds were very inspiring. It is second nature for me to be so stimulated due to the richness of life I experience here, in the Boston Area. My subconscious goals remain the same and that is to trigger my own senses…… all 8 of them.  :).

Dsc07069 This trip energized me in many ways. Hearing new music, drinking red wines, selecting new merchandise for Now, and for Fall 08.  Here we are, barely reaching Spring… Long overdue, yet the nature of my industry is for casting ahead.In this case, for the upcoming Fall season, come my favorites, Jewel Tones.  Rich deep purples, reds, Fuchsia, Moss and Olive greens, and regal golds…. aah.. such a refreshing palette, especially after all of the subtle tonality of the clothing from the past seasons.

Dsc07032 This is a great time of year to invite the current tones of Spring into your lives… don’t know how? Visit the produce department at Whole Foods….. Any one of them…. The colors of artichokes and asparagus are enough to want me to paint a wall….. (of course, for those not having been in Matsu recently, you will be delighted to see our newest shot of invigoration…. a new tone on all walls).  On a more personal note, are you stuck? Overwhelmed? Not knowing where and how to begin ? I encourage you to come into Matsu, and try on new silhouettes, new colors, and of course……. Hire me !!! Did you know that was an option ???  You owe it to yourself, to have a closet filled with only treasures you love.  Close your eyes, and choose.. It really is possible.. It is liberating not only for you, once it is completed, but also for me.  Immediate gratification……  I promise.

Dsc06978 If you are unable to fly away, I hope you find inspiration here and now. You will see some of my experiences here, and upon visiting Matsu, you will find many products including clothing, jewelry, candles and our olive oil soaps – exclusive to Matsu, hand carried by me, from Paris.



Pre Paris

Good day to you all.  Any of you reading this. As I actually am practicing on this blog for the time being, until my Web site is back up and running in a fresh, newly revised and designed format. The site will allow for more interaction between all of you, and Me !

I am in preparation stages right now to leave for Paris later this afternoon. I never want to leave my home environment, and dread packing… Especially when I wish to pack light, yet have choices at the same time. Rather counter ~ productive. I know that flying into another country different climate, and clearly submerged in not only my only style sense, but that of the City of Lights as well !

I fly to see Comme Des Garcons in the flesh, maybe even see Rei Kawakubo, the designer. That appointment as tedious as it is usually takes about 4 hours, maybe a bit less or more, depending on the complexity of her collection for the upcomming Fall Winter 08 Season.

None the less everything changes there, my taste buds seem even more acute, as do my senses.  I lookforward to sharing my trip with you all, shortly after my return.

Until then, breathe spring, think Yellow !

see you soon,

Bon Voyage,


slowly, but surely Spring is on the way

Writing on the evening  of an eclipse and full moon, the daylight is lingering longer each day. The air, still cold and the wind making it even worse.

The trickling in of clothing in lighter weight fabrics, as well as lighter in tones. The darkness is a place for all of us to grow, like a flower. But at this time of year I think we all look forward to the longer days and warmer weather.  There are a few " tricks" to introducing this feeling into the psche, and I am not going to suggest the electric beach, but……. hark ! A fresh haircut !  The time is right to experiment with a style that you may have secretly desired, but never dared before !  I speak from experience.  I am liberated as a result… I just cut mine off late this afternoon…. Not with out shedding a few tears,  what do we hold onto?  Very interesting. Did you get the key word here ?  Liberated with a capital L.   Try it . I dare you !!!

Should you prefer to wait till the sun is a bit warmer, then I dare you to come into Matsu and try a few pieces from the begining of the Spring 08 Collection of Comme des Garcons.  Absolutely wearable, NOW.

That would be a great way to introduce the lightness we are about to approach with Spring comming..  I also can clearly suggest purchasing a semi precious stone strung practically invisably on cord.. VERY simple… but light and just the right spark… You could even layer it with a Heather Moore necklace once you start that little addictive treat that I mentioned the other day…

Live a litte.  Spend a little and laugh alot. If it feels good, just do it.  I am just here for inspiration and guidance.

See you soon… let me know who sees the first Robin !



Heather Moore

Upon Meeting this new designer, I was drawn to the concept, the bold shapes and the personalization of this line of Jewlery.  One can add, on at anytime, and create an individual look that becomes an extension of your personality, and another form of self expression, if you will.

I think this gives the customer an opportunity to "paint" or create a look that suits her or his lifestyle. Your choice of initials, names, or words, and the font as well as choosing the shape of the discs combined with the stones of your choice will definately create a statement that can be very inspirational. The looks you choose can be clean, traditional or Gypsy like..  Which ever look suits you, the whole process can be deleriously addicting.

Here, you will see some samples, and of course there are more at Matsu.  Mixing metals such as
Sterling Silver and yellow gold show variety and create a very exciting combination. 

The colors can be grouped in tones, or just all mixed up like the rainbow.. Tourmalines, Rubies, emeralds, Crystals, pearls,  just to name a few.

Just in time for Mother’s day, or any day.  Special orders are easy and quick. The turn around time about 2 weeks.

See you soon, come on in and play !



Living life to it’s fullest with the 5 sense foundation

As time goes by, living life becomes more expressive than earlier years………Social Awareness, rather than focusing on the external, internal soul is the integral portion of what is riveting and what can create the drive…………..  Nourishment, with deep color tones, and noting the antioxidants as you eat, or drink can only influence the outcome of one’s well being.

My expression is noted by what I choose to wear daily, and eat, drink and exercises daily….