Beyond Temptation Event

What do you get when you combine Teuscher Chocolates & Too Timid The Romance Company with Matsu; life enriching style ?  Oodles of people teetering on the edge of their own untapped inhibitions.  Sub consciously seeking encouragement to take the leap into a place they don't dare speak about, act out or simply express ! An elegant evening with lots of ambience, fun and unexpected surprises. That's what !


This is what the evening on May 5th at Matsu was about.

Stephan from Teuscher Chocolates was generous in donating superb treats for the evening, and Chad from Too Timid set up his elegant array of Adult Toys. The Champagne and strawberries, flowing all evening.  I would like to express my appreciation to both men in their effort to make this event a success. I invite you to visit them both in their shops on Newbury Street nearby.



I would also like to thank my clientele for their support and enthusiasm which inspires me to continue seeking the enriching merchandise we are known for. I enjoy teaching you how to wear a scarf in a manner you may never of thought of in twisting, or placing around your neck, not to mention the variety of ways each individual piece of clothing can be worn and when.

Lastly, my appreciation goes to my staff of the night;  Aya, Diane, Saskia and Yasmin.

Without you all, this would not have occured. Thank you for  confidence and faith in me always.  It keeps me ticking everyday. I also thank those of you in my life that inspire me to push the unexpected and to live and love life to it's fullest always.

Truly, yours in joy,


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