A fashionable Friday and delicious weekend

La Primavera. Fashion. Fundraiser. Fun. That is exactly what Friday evening , June 19 was. This benefit was to draw proceeds for Room to Grow; and indeed it did. A fashion show with 5 top Boston shops, all portraying their own individual looks for each.  In order of appearance: Stel's, Portobello Road, Stil, Crossing Main, and Matsu. From Stel's high powered women in men's wear looks, Portobello Road in  a chic bohemian mode, Stil always fun with color, Crossing Main portrayed a white beaching collection, and lastly, Matsu… Playful, sultry, and powerful shapes showing the mixed combinations on the models from Comme des Garcons, Lilith, and Nirva Couture. All in the matter of what seemed like a mila second. Strutting to the music and having fun. That was my mission . All for a wonderful cause.


The venue was at District on Lincoln Street in the Leather District.  Fantastic.  For me, it was an evening out, filled with lots of women wearing all sorts of colorful clothing and high heels. Me ?  High heels check.  My color for the night ?  Not black, but navy. A flirty little number from Comme des Garcons adorned with what I thought to be teasing those that came across my path through out the evening: 2 brand new pieces from Lisa Jenks.  Do any of you remember her ? She evolved back in the late 80s.. A true designer. Not someone that "wants to be a jewelry designer" as I find happening today. But a truly talented one with integrity, complex engineered pieces that are absolutely going to be available to you for the life time once you own one of her pieces.


I have been "consulting" Lisa on different levels of her newly designed collection. All of which carries the Lisa Jenks tribal flavor, as many of you may or may not remember her by. This time around, however, her pieces still with ample body express a primal yet feminine aura. Imagine that combination. I will be announcing the collection once it is at Matsu. Possibly even with a previewing of it. The pricing will be reasonable, adapting to these times, and also to compliment the statements in fashion today. I can not wait to share the pieces with you and to get your feed back.  Please watch for the E mail blast I will be creating to re introduce Lisa Jenks and her new work. I would say in about 1 month's time, or in early August. Please let me know what you think. I always welcome feedback. Your thoughts are inspiring and helpful.


During this June Drizzle, as we all know, unique weather we are having. What else can one say about it?  There is nothing we can do. Other than try to relish in it. Imagine our inner souls being replenished. Just as all the rain is nurturing the earth we stand on.


This weekend as rainy as it was, peace for me was discovered by cooking. This was so therapeutic. I needed to celebrate the Summer Solstice, the 21st being the longest day of light for the year. My homage to this was my retreat to the kitchen. I haven't been that inspired to cook in a while until this weekend. Last night's meal consisted of sauteed asparagus, yellow summer squash, shitake mushrooms, and shrimp.  The main element pulling this combination together were wild mushroom stuffed ravioli.  Yum.  The fresh pasta bar at Whole Foods in Framingham is one to definitely see. They have a wonderful array of different styles of freshly made pasta. Rather than boiling, I also sauteed the ravioli. What a flavor they have when you approach cooking them in this manner.  Oddly unique… Delicious.


Fresh figs and baby romaine leaves finished off this meal. The dressing of lightly sauteed shallots in olive oil then adding a rich aged balsamic was just what was needed to balance the greens, the fresh figs and the entire meal..   I am thrilled to share this with you.   Oh, this was paired with a wonderful St. Emillion Bordeau…   Deep and rich. A wonderful compliment to this meal.  


Enjoy the clouds ; the alternative could be snow. Hopefully the sun will appear soon. Otherwise, just enjoy each day as though it was your last.   Hope to see you soon. Our semi annual summer sale is beginning on June 26th.   Time to indulge !  IF you are on needing an excuse, that is, if not come in anyway and splurge. It really does feel good.


Yours in spirit,


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